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So, right after my parents left me alone, I went back to my bed for another five minutes. But since my brain is already wide awake, I never really got a blink of sleep. I decided to move on and prepared to visit my betrothed.

I wore my best polo shirt and colored jeans, together with my two-year-old topsider shoes. I also did an extra effort to comb my hair upwards to add some stylish points. Ill be meeting my crush, so its natural that she should see the best side of me.

I rode the bus and landed on a small suburban street on the western side of Saltside City. According to the internet maps, this place is called Treenity Village. I also looked at the village gate and double-confirmed the exact place.

Right at the gate is a hill with a huge tree. Just below the old pine tree, a girl is waiting for me. She is wearing a cute plain pink dress, and she also has a flower ornament with a red ribbon above her left ear. Her long dark gray hair danced as the wind blew.

It was such a lovely sight.

If I were to continue my introverted habits, I would just watch her from the distance. But I know that Im already a few minutes late, so Im quite embarrassed to keep her waiting. I approached her uphill, stepping on the soft green grass.

The girl noticed my presence and glanced at me. Her eyes widened in shock as if she didn recognize me at first. But when Im a few steps away, her adorable face brightened.

”Good morning, Mister Elzane. ”

”G-Good morning, Miss Raynevere. Im sorry Im late. ” I forced a laugh as I scratched my head.

”No, its okay. The sunny breeze on this hill is quite refreshing so I didn realize that Ive been waiting for an hour already. ” Raynevere replied with a genuine smile.

Wait, shes been waiting for me for an hour already!? I thought Im just a few minutes!? Whose time is wrong here? I just got dumbstruck for the second time in the morning, and now I can prevent my jaw from dropping!

”So, shall we go now? My grandfather is excited to meet you. ” Raynevere asked with a curtsy. Damn, shes so formal and elegant. Makes me want to ask why am I engaged to such a beautiful woman.

”L-lets go. Please, lead the way. ” I bowed.

Raynevere started walking and I followed her steps. After a minute, she decided to slow down and matched my pace. She tilted her head and looked at my face.

”I didn recognize that its Mister Elzane whos approaching from the gate until Mister Elzane got closer, ” Raynevere said.

”Why? Is it because my clothes are terrible? ” I laughed.

”N-No! Not at all! Your dress is awesome! Its just that the Mister Elzane right now is far different from the Mister Elzane I used to know from school! ” Raynevere nervously tried to cheer me up.

”You know me!? I didn think that someone popular like you would notice a nobody like me. ” I scratched my head with both of my hands.

”Eh? So you thought I was that heartless? Im so sad… ” Raynevere gave a puppy-teary stare.

”N-No, thats not what I meant! I just thought that nobody would ever look at an introverted guy like me. ” I cried to reason out.

”Ive already known you ever since we came to the same high school, Mister Elzane. ” Raynevere chuckled.

”W-What? ”

I wanted to ask more but then I saw the columns of houses right in front of me. This village is more like a subdivision for rich club members, as each house has its own respective wide grassy area. This place is more like America, except that the houses are made of bricks and wood that resemble ancient medieval Britain.

”Ill introduce you first to my Grandpa. ” Raynevere excitedly pointed at the core of the subdivision.

At the center of the village not far from here, is an old but well-maintained three-story mansion with the same medieval style. As my betrothed continued to walk forward, I followed her lead.

The thought of her grandfather boggles my mind. What if hes a monster? I heard that hes the one responsible for the development of Treenity Innovations. Hes the founder of the said multi-million dollar company. An introverted nerd like me will never mix with those kinds of people!

Raynevere opened door after door, and we climbed the stairs until we reached the main office of the Treenity House. Inside the said office is a gallery of various old paintings that indicate the ancient elves and Roman gods. At the center of the main office is a grand wooden table with golden ornaments.

And there he is the man, the myth, and the legend. The old tuxedo man with silver hair judged me from head to toe with his purple eyes. At his table is a nameplate: Don Gawainus Treenity. His mouth may be covered by his gray mustache, but I can make out that hes speaking whenever he moves his jaw.

”Raynevere, is this little shit your fiance? ”

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