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I was taken aback by Rayneveres sudden question. Her purple eyes gave me an abandoned puppy vibe that compels me never to hurt her feelings. Never mind that, I think shes going to cry!

”O-Of course, Im not against the idea of marrying you, ” I said with reddish cheeks.

I tried to avert my gaze but I could not shift my eyes from Rayneveres bright smile. She softly clapped and pressed her face towards mine.

”Im so happy to hear that! Ill be in your care from now on, Mister Elzane! ”

And just like that, I became engaged to one of the wealthiest girls in the country. The corporation president and his lovely daughter went home with smiles on their faces as if they had won the lottery.

I went to my bed after that and started to think about my plans.

I know that I ate my words in rejecting the arranged marriage scheme by my parents, but I just turned tails when I realized that my betrothed is my campus crush. Ill be more than happy to marry her, but the main problem persists:

I won be able to find a Gladiator at this rate.

The two families are doing this marriage thing for business purposes. Since Im the first son of my parents, Im expected to have a bright future. I must have been disappointing them due to my recent exams, so maybe they already planned this arranged marriage from the start.

Ive heard from the internet forums that marriage is a mans burial. They said that once you get to marry your other half, you have to bid farewell to your dreams as your goals will shift for the better of your new family. Married people tend to work to the bone to fulfill their needs.

That means no more hobbies for me. My Kaiser license will now only serve as an identification card and nothing else. I will never have the time to look for a Gladiator, and instead, Ill be spending more of my time with my wife and their business.

It also feels bad for me to reject the marriage arrangement. I mean, yeah, my parents gave me clothes on my back, a roof over my head, and food on my side of the table. They might be controlling my life, but marriage is a good deal in many ways. Canceling it for the sake of my arbaric hobby would be childish.

Well, Ill just look at the good side. At least I will be marrying my crush. Weve never really talked to each other, but I heard shes kind. If Im lucky, maybe shes kind enough to allow me to continue my hobbies. Maybe she can recommend someone to be my Gladiator too.

Just thinking about all these sudden happenings stressed me out. I can believe that my entire fate changed in just one evening.

It was past midnight when I calmed myself to sleep.


”Wake up, Elzane! ”

The next morning, my mother woke me up too early. I wanted to protest because its summer break and theres no school for at least a couple of weeks. However, my mother has a different purpose in mind.

”Uh… ” I raised my head and had a small glimpse of my untidy room. I wiped my stale saliva from my lip and rubbed my eyes.

My mother was standing right at the doorstep, already dressed as a baroque noble. I also saw my father fixing his necktie and coat in the background.

”Elzane, well be going to meet the Treenity Innovations board members. We
e gonna talk about the plans for your wedding day. ” My mother said.

”You guys are rushing these marriage matters as if its your wedding, ” I muttered.

”Its not only us who will do all the work, Elzane. You need to get out and touch some grass too. ” My mother scolded.

”I do get out sometimes. ” I reasoned out.

”Only to watch in the colosseum and buy some soda in the convenience store! You should do some outdoor activities! That is why we scheduled a date for Raynevere and you! ”

”W-What!? ”

”Elzane, the president invited you to meet with his daughter in their family village. The whole Treenity House wants to meet you since you are the son of their business partner. ” My dad said in a deep voice.

”Ill send you the address on your phone and go there yourself. Don keep the presidents daughter waiting! And mind your manners on her relatives presence! Also, fill your Doppel bag with spare clothes as they wanted you to spend the night there! ”

Just after my mom nagged, they shut the door closed, leaving the confused me stunned.

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