Gladiatrix System


My world is different from your world. Ever since the mystical nanomachines were discovered during the end of World War II, our timeline has diverged to a new age called the Cyber Mystics. Ever since then, these mystical nanomachines have become performance-boosting drugs that are used to create supersoldiers from different parts of the world.

However, theres a catch. These people who possess the mystical nanomachines in their blood cannot be controlled by their own. These nanomachines only recognize a system administrator and the command cards that were created by an ancient extinct civilization. Unless a system administrator authorized the use of cyber magic, the person with the nanomachines is nothing but a normal human being.

Thats where the Kaisers and Gladiators come in. Gladiators are these supersoldiers injected with the mystical nanomachines while the Kaisers serve as the system administrator to control their cyber magic powers using the Command Cards.

Nowadays, the world is generally peaceful so there is no longer a need for supersoldiers. The mystical nanomachines are now used for more peaceful purposes like medicine, engineering, and entertainment. Gladiators and Kaisers take part in Battle Fiestas in which they earn fame and wealth.

Earning fame and wealth was my original plan. Just after my eighteenth birthday, I immediately took the Kaiser Examinations in the South East Asian Branch. I barely passed the examinations, but that doesn matter as Im not a full-fledged Kaiser.

Correction: Not a full-fledged. I may have an ID of a Kaiser, but I can call myself one not unless I find a Gladiator who will fight with me in the colosseum.

That big problem of mine mainly came from my personality. I, Elzane Chaldeas, am an introverted person beyond repair. Im not good-looking, not smart, and not athletic either. I was never friendly to anyone.

My hobby is locking up inside my room while I play games and watch Battle Fiestas on the internet all day long. In school, Im just a silent guy who loves to live in his own world. Of course, I will never find a Gladiator at this rate.

Theres also this one big problem that hinders my dream of participating in a Battle Fiesta. I just received a call from my mother this evening, right after the Battle Fiesta Championship.

”Hey, Elzane! Where are you? Come home quick! ” My mom said in an imperative tone.

”Im still at the colosseum, mom. Is it an emergency? ” I answered back.

”Yes! You have to get your ass over here quick! The President of Treenity Innovations is here! ” My mom shouted through the phone.

Treenity Innovations was once a multi-million dollar company that focuses on creating electronic gadgets, exoskeletons, and robotic prosthetics using mystical nanomachines. The corporation has been leasing some of my family-owned warehouses in the province, so it makes sense that the corporation would communicate to us.

”…But why the president? ” I asked.

We may be a client and a business partner, but the corporation also leases other warehouses from other business organizations. If Treenity Innovations is one giant machine, my family is just a tiny cog inside it.

”We are signing a new business deal, so hurry up! We need you here! ” My mom said.

”Why am I needed there? And why should I care about your new business deal? Just do what you want and keep me out of it. ” I said irritatingly.

”You don get it, do you? You need to sign these marriage papers! ”

”Sign what!? ” I cried.

”The marriage contract! We will turn to big shots if you marry the presidents daughter! ” My mother said.

”W-Why are you telling me this now!? ” I howled.

”Because we never told you! And even if we did, you
e gonna protest and reject it anyway! ”

I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists. Im trembling out of anger and irritation. I hate it when my own freedom was taken away from me, more so if it was my parents who did so.

”I can marry yet! I still have dreams to fulfill! ” I cried once again.

”What dreams, participating in those barbaric Battle Fiestas? Elzane, if you want fame and money, just marry the presidents daughter! ” My mom scolded me.

Truth to be told, fame and money are not my main purpose in becoming a Kaiser. I want to feel the thrill of the battle, the rush of adrenaline, the surge of my blood through my veins, and the pumping of my heart. I could say that its a feeling akin to being in love.

”I don need this, ” I answered as I hung up and put my phone back in my pocket. I knew it was no use arguing with my mother. Hearing her nag through the phone won change anything.

I went to the highway and hired a cab. Ill just say that Ill reject the marriage proposal once I get home.

As soon as I got my butt in the back seat of the taxi, I heard the headlines on the radio station.

”Another CyberDemon attack has been reported by the police in the northern Saltside City. Sources suggest that five construction workers died last night. ”

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