Gladiatrix System


[Battle Start]

The crowd cheered once they heard the electronic announcer give the signal. A loud buzzer rang and reverberated in the coliseum, and it was soon mixed with the audiences excited shouts.

This is the Battle Fiesta Championship, where the best of the best Kaisers and Gladiators compete for the Ultimate Grail. The first clash of their blades already made an echoing clang.

In this final battle, a twenty-five-year-old man with brown hair and green eyes is the challenger Kaiser. He is accompanied by his trusted Gladiatrix which is a snow-white woman with silver hair and azure blue eyes. She is wielding a glass-like sword and wearing a white gown.

On the other side of the battlefield is the Kaiser Champion: a tall slender man with long black hair. He has a composed posture that makes him look and act like a real noble. His Gladiator is a middle-aged buffed man with a golden mane.

The Gladiator Champion looked like your classical gladiator: he has no clothes on his upper body that exposes his hairy hard abs. He also has dark crimson horns that resemble a gazelles.

It was quite a shock for everyone, for the snow-white Gladiatrix matched the Gladiator Champions strength. They swung their swords left and right, their blades clashing and making sparks every time.

”Im quite impressed that a beautiful woman can match my Gladiators strength! But lets see if you can still keep up! ” The Kaiser Champion shouted.

The Kaiser Champion revealed his Kaiser Gauntlet on his left hand and five hologram cards appeared floating. With his right hand, he swiped one of the hologram cards and revealed it to the opponent!

”Activate Equip Card! Giga Hammer! ”

The Gladiator Champion raised his right hand and cybernetic codes appeared in the shape of a giant war hammer. In just a fraction of a second, the codes materialized into a real weapon that is as big as the huge muscular gladiator who is wielding it.

”Uwooogh! ” The Gladiator Champion charged toward his opponent!

The challenger Kaiser also revealed his cybernetic gauntlet and drew out one of the five cards on his side. He revealed it and shouted: ”Activate Counter Card: Photon Guard! ”

Just before the war hammer hit the silver-haired gladiatrix, a floating shield made out of light emerged and blocked the attack! The photon guard cracked upon impact, and then it exploded into a blinding flash of light!

”Gah! ” The giant Gladiator cried as he covered his eyes due to temporary blindness!

The challenger Kaiser didn end there. He snatched another card from his remaining four and shouted once again!

”Im not finished yet! Activate Skill Card: Quick Strike! ”

The silver-haired gladiatrix made a step back, and her crystal sword was filled with white light. With a kick in the ground, she charged forward with instantaneous speed!

”Yaaah! ”

There was a white streak. It was so fast that nobody was able to see how the sword slash was executed. The Gladiator Champion failed to block the attack and he just realized that he was hit on his midriff. Not even the Kaiser Champion was fast enough to activate a command card.

”… ”

The silver-haired gladiatrix calmly closed her eyes and swiped her sword in the thin air. Then, the Gladiator Champion collapsed.

”J-Just a single strike? Impossible! ” The Kaiser Champion cried.

”The battle is not over yet! Direct attack ” The handsome challenger Kaiser spread out his hand pointing at the champion!

With a single command, the silver-haired gladiatrix charged toward the opponent kaiser with all her speed. But since theres a lot of distance to cover, the Kaiser Champion is still able to activate a command card!

”Activate Counter Card! Reflector Shield! ”

A gigantic mirror materialized right in front of the silver-haired gladiatrix just before she could deliver the final blow. It was too late to stop her attack at this point, and she was bound to strike the Reflector Shield that the opponent deployed!

”Fool! Reflector Shield will make you eat your attack! ” The Kaiser Champion grinned.

However, the challenger Kaiser will not let his Gladiatrix get hurt! He swiped one more card and revealed it to the opponent!

”Activate Counter Card: Counter Negate! ”

From the tip of the finger of the challenger Kaiser, a swift lightning bolt was created. The lightning bolt traveled at the speed of light and destroyed the Reflector Shield that was protecting the Kaiser Champion.

”What the!? ” The Kaiser Champion cried.

”Counter Negate is a command card that destroys any activated counter card! Now that your Reflector Shield is gone, my Gladiatrix is now free to attack you! ”

The Kaiser Champions eyes went wide open due to shock. The enemy Gladiatrix is just a meter away from him! But, if he can still activate a command card, even for the last time-

”I won let you! Haaah! ” The silver-haired Gladiatrix swiped her sword straight to the Kaiser Champions chest just before he could activate another card! It was a clean hit!

”Aaaah! ” The champion cried as he was put to the ground. The sword slash he just took maybe non-lethal, but it was enough to push him towards the edge of the arena!

[Battle Ended]

[We have a new Champion!]

There was a long beeping buzzer that echoed inside the coliseum. The crowd cheered once again as they saw the magnificent end of the battle.

Everybody was thrilled as they witnessed the birth of the new Kaiser and Gladiatrix Champion. The audience celebrated by singing songs, crying shouts, and opening a bottle of champagne.

I was one of those people who celebrated. I was so hyped that all I could do is to just cry tears of joy. Im exhilarated that one day, I will be performing in this very colosseum as a Kaiser, and maybe become a champion one day. I looked at my Kaiser Gauntlet full of hope and clenched my fists.

”Ill become a great Kaiser like him, ” I muttered to myself.

However, there is one problem:

I do not have a Gladiator to fight for me yet.

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