Chapter 84 – Jailed

The moment Tang Yu entered the cafeteria with Wen Tao, she could hear gasps coming from all around her, followed by a bunch of hushed discussions.

Wen Tao was in an irritable mood right now.
Ignoring the abnormalities around him, he made his way to the disinfection cabinet to get two sets of tableware.
Then, after passing a set to Tang Yu, he walked over to the food counter to select what he wanted.

Tang Yu could already tell that there would be a new version of the “love-hate entanglement” rumors surrounding her tomorrow.
But…she had no intention of clarifying the situation.
If these rumors could reach Yin Zhao-an's ears…then things should get interesting.

When Wen Tao saw that Tang Yu ordered only two dishes, he bought a bowl of crock pot soup for her using his own meal card.
He had promised his Big Bro to take care of his Sister-in-law, so he naturally had to make good on his promise, right?

After finding a seat at the corner of the cafeteria, Wen Tao quickly wolfed down his meal and wiped his mouth.
Then, after sorting through the words in his mind, he said, “Li Beining is in jail.”

“Cough, cough…” Tang Yu choked on her food, completely caught off guard by this revelation.

Wen Tao swiftly handed a tissue paper to Tang Yu, his unfazed expression and swiftness of his response showing that he had more or less expected Tang Yu to have such a reaction.

“From what I heard, that bastard went to the guidance director and outright stated that he had hospitalized one of our school's students.
The guidance director was given a scare at the time,” Wen Tao said, laughing helplessly after speaking up to this point.
“That bastard's simply crazy.
Afterward, the guidance director contacted Zhao Yu's parents, but both his parents said that they didn't have the time to come over.
It really makes you wonder whether they actually gave birth to him.”

“Then? What happened next?” Tang Yu had already finished her meal, and she sipped her soup while curiously listening to Wen Tao's story.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

“Afterward, the guidance director decided to let the police handle this matter.
So, the police came and took Li Beining away.
I heard they're going to keep him locked up for a few days.”

“Oh…” Tang Yu lowered her gaze with a pondering look.
“What about you? What plans do you have?”

Scratching his head, Wen Tao said with a troubled expression, “I…was originally going to turn myself in, but Li Beining sent a text message to threaten me…”

“What did he write?”

“He…” Wen Tao opened and closed his mouth several times, but he simply couldn't find it within himself to reveal what Li Beining said.
Ultimately, he chose not to reveal Li Beining's threat and simply said, “It's best if you don't know about it, Big Sis Tang.
The way boys speak is too vulgar, so I don't want to pollute your ears.”

“…I see.” Tang Yu blinked her eyes, more or less able to guess the contents of the threat.
Then, she nodded in realization and sank her head into her bowl of soup to hide her expression.

“I'll just think of this as me owing him one.
I'll also pay for Zhao Yu's medical expenses, so tell Zhao Yu not to go to Li Beining.
Owing him a favor is already more than enough.
I don't want to owe him money on top of that.”

I'll tell him that when I visit him next time.”

Father Zhao didn't think much of the incident involving his son this time.
In his opinion, boys should be masculine.
So, when he first learned that his son had gotten involved in a fight with someone, he honestly felt a little relieved.
After all, his son had always behaved submissively, and the boy was nothing like him.

Of course, it was still necessary to teach the person who bullied his son a lesson.

Zhao Yu stayed in the hospital for a few days, during which the police came to him for questioning.

Wen Tao, the culprit behind Zhao Yu's hospitalization, also visited Zhao Yu several times.
However, not once did he show up without a look of hostility on his face.

“I might be in the wrong this time, but you should think carefully about whether your behavior is appropriate.
Can you not see the relationship between my Big Bro Zhao and Big Sis Tang?” Wen Tao said with a frown on his face and his hands stuck in his trouser pockets.

Staring at the steam coming out of the cup of warm beverage in his hands, Zhao Yu asked, “I'm pursuing the person I like.
What is wrong with that?”

Zhao Yu's question put Wen Tao into a bind.
He knew that reason was not on his side.
He also knew that he couldn't outspeak the sanctimonious bastard before him.
So, he bluntly said, “You have done nothing wrong, but I believe you won't be the one to stand next to my Big Bro at the end of the day.
I advise you not to take yourself too seriously.
Otherwise, you'll be the only one who's feeling sad in the end.”

After saying so, Wen Tao inexplicably shuddered and got goosebumps.
Thinking that he might have overstayed his welcome, he quickly said, “Anyway, I'm leaving.
Also, I've already credited the hospital expenses to your card.”

Wen Tao turned around to leave as soon as he finished speaking, only to be given a scare by the gloomy-looking doctor standing by the door.

The eyes behind the gold-rimmed glasses shone coldly, looking like the eyes of a lone wolf that had locked its sights on its mortal enemy.

Wen Tao nervously swallowed his saliva.
Then, after awkwardly smiling at the doctor, he hurriedly fled out of the ward.
However, even after entering the corridor, he could still feel Gao Rang's cold gaze on him, causing him to break into a cold sweat.

What rotten luck! Why do I keep bumping into that strange doctor whenever I come here?! Those eyes definitely belong to a killer! Wen Tao mentally cursed.
At the same time, he uttered a silent prayer for Zhao Yu.
It must be a terrible experience to have to deal with such a scary doctor all day, every day.

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