The way Zhao Yu addressed her was a form of address Tang Yu hadn't heard for a long time, and the memories it brought back caused her expression to change a little.
However, Tang Yu quickly sorted out her emotions and reverted to her usual harmless appearance.
Then, she asked in a low voice, “Do you need something?”

Zhao Yu nervously swallowed his saliva.
After hesitating to speak a few times, he eventually found the courage to ask, “I…I want to ask, what is your relationship with Zhao-an?”

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Tang Yu quietly lowered her gaze, a layer of haze covering her clear pupils.


Zhao Yu wasn't satisfied with this answer.
If Yin Zhao-an and Tang Yu were only friends, yet Yin Zhao-an was already willing to put her life at risk for Tang Yu, what would his relationship with Yin Zhao-an be considered?

“Haven't you noticed that the way you two get along is too strange?” Zhao Yu asked.

Tang Yu didn't want to debate this pointless question with Zhao Yu.
After all, she couldn't possibly tell him, “Yin Zhao-an is mine, and she likes only me, so give up on her,” right?

“I don't think there's anything strange,” Tang Yu said before embracing her textbooks and walking away.

Failing to get a proper answer, Zhao Yu subconsciously reached out and grabbed Tang Yu's arm, saying, “Hold on a second…”


The books in Tang Yu's arms fell and scattered all over the floor, the brand-new covers getting a few scratches from the rough floor.
The corners of the books also became wrinkled.

“Bastard! What are you doing?!”

An angry voice suddenly came from nearby.
Then, before Tang Yu could crouch down to pick up her books, she saw Zhao Yu getting sent to the floor by a punch to the face.

When Tang Yu heard the sound made by the punch, she knew that Wen Tao did not hold back any of his strength.
In only an instant, the corner of Zhao Yu's face became swollen, with a streak of blood oozing out.

Zhao Yu gasped.
He could feel a sharp pain coming from his arm, and he could also see his forearm swelling up at a rate visible to the naked eye.

“Stop this instant!”

As soon as Tang Yu recovered from her initial surprise, she promptly rushed over to pull Wen Tao away, the latter still looking to continue his assault on Zhao Yu.

Wen Tao was still incensed.
Although he didn't continue physically attacking Zhao Yu for fear of injuring Tang Yu, he pointed at Zhao Yu and yelled, “After harassing my Big Bro, you come to harass my sister-in-law?! Are you a professional at tearing couples apart?!”

“Shut your mouth!” Tang Yu commanded, a deep frown on her face.
Then, after pushing Wen Tao aside, she went over to help Zhao Yu up from the ground while saying to Wen Tao, “I'll take him to the hospital.
You pick up my books and help me apply for leave from my teacher.”

Wen Tao couldn't help but feel aggrieved in this situation.
Even though he was clearly doing a good deed, Tang Yu had chosen to berate him.
Not to mention, he didn't even punch Zhao Yu with the intent to kill, so he couldn't help but feel that Zhao Yu's pained reaction was an overreaction.

“His arm has swelled up.
He probably has a bone fracture.”

Before anyone realized it, Li Beining had appeared next to them and calmly analyzed Zhao Yu's condition, his words scaring the wits out of Wen Tao.

TL Notes:

The “bone fracture” here is a reference to Chapter 61, where Li Beining previously said “50% discount(五折 – wǔ zhé)”, but Wen Tao misheard it as “bone fracture (骨折 – gǔ zhé).”

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