Chapter 74 – Sister-In-Law?

“What is it?”

“Help me take care of Tang-Tang.”

“Tang-who?” Wen Tao asked in confusion.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, Yin Zhao-an held back her anger as she said, “Your sister-in-law.”

“Oh, you mean Sister-in-law? Why didn't you say so? No problem.
Leave it to me.
I'll make sure nobody bullies her.”

“Also…” Yin Zhao-an hesitated to continue for a moment.
Then, as if she was entrusting Wen Tao with a heavy responsibility, she said, “Make sure she has her meals on time.
Do not let her skip any meals.”

“Why?” This was the first time Wen Tao was asked to keep an eye on someone's eating habits, so he couldn't help but be puzzled.

“Because she has a weak stomach.”

When Tang Yu arrived home, she couldn't help but be stunned by the house's unfamiliar furnishings.
She even wondered if she had stepped into the wrong home for a moment.

Originally, the house was decorated with a minimalistic style in mind.
Now, on top of the addition of many green plants, all of the house's furniture had been replaced with European-style furniture.
These changes combined gave the house a livelier appearance.

“Doesn't our house look brand new, Little Yu?” Yu Wanrou asked as she looked at her creation in excitement and satisfaction.

“…It must have cost a lot of money, right?”

The corners of Yu Wanrou's mouth froze, and she couldn't help but rub the tip of her nose in embarrassment.
She was quite distressed when she had to throw away all of the house's previous furniture.
After all, although the previous furniture had already been used for a few years, everything still looked as good as new.


As the old saying goes, different environments offered different moods.
When she thought about this, she no longer hesitated to replace the house's furniture.

“Wealth is but a worldly possession,” Yu Wanrou concluded.

“We are buying peace of mind with money,” Tang Zhengyang added.

Tang Yu sighed at her parents' reckless spending.

Yu Wanrou had thrown away basically everything Tang Yu had used at the hospital, so Tang Yu only had to carry a mostly empty backpack upstairs to her bedroom.

The bedroom curtains were drawn, the thick fabric they were made out of preventing any sunlight from entering the room.
With some doubts, Tang Yu turned on the lights, causing a warm yellow light to flood the room.

Her bedroom had previously used simple incandescent light bulbs for lighting.
Now, it had become a room full of stars.

Her mother had replaced the incandescent bulbs with LEDs shaped like stars, and these star-shaped LEDs covered the entire ceiling.
There was even a moon-shaped LED in the middle of the ceiling.

Tang Yu subconsciously pushed the light switch next to the one she had just pushed.
Immediately, the star-shaped LEDs went off, and the moon-shaped LED illuminated every corner of the room with white light.

Every detail of the room revealed the designer's well intentions.
When Tang Yu saw the changes done to her room, warmth rose from the bottom of her heart, warming her limbs and bones.

However, when Tang Yu opened the cabinet to check what was inside, she got a headache when she saw that it was empty.
She honestly felt that her mother had gone a little too far with “out with the old, in with the new.”

While hospitalized, Tang Yu received a brand new Switch from Fang Ling.
Unfortunately, the day Fang Ling brought the console over just happened to be when Yin Zhao-an was undergoing her last surgery.
Fang Ling naturally knew that the last thing she should do was try to invite Tang Yu to play games with her, so she left the Switch in Tang Yu's ward and obediently returned home with Fang Lang.

Tang Yu had no idea when or if she would ever have a use for the Switch.
But after hesitating for a moment, she decided to put it in the second drawer of her bedside table.

Yu Wanrou continued adding new things to the house for the next few days.
She even bought a white and blue antique ceramic vase and placed it in the living room.
However, she chose not to put anything in it, using it solely as decoration.

Aside from household decorations, Yu Wanrou also bought several sets of pajamas for Tang Yu that were loose and comfortable.
Currently, Tang Yu was wearing one of those pajamas, and the one she chose for today was a pink set with a lop-eared cartoon rabbit printed on the shirt.

“That looks comfortable to wear,” Yu Wanrou commented as she happily looked at Tang Yu, sitting cross-legged on the sofa while reading a book.

“Mhm, it's comfortable,” Tang Yu said before letting out a helpless sigh.
Aside from a few nice-looking down jackets, all of her clothes had perished at the hands of her mother.
At this time, she didn't even have any clothes she could wear outside the house.

“I want to go out, Mommy.”

Yu Wanrou raised an eyebrow when she heard her daughter's words.
Then, she asked, “While wearing this?”

Search for the original.

“No…” Tang Yu palmed her face for a moment.
Then, her gaze dropped as she said, “I promised An-An I would visit her.”


Yu Wanrou quickly realized her mistake.
Although she had visited the hospital multiple times even after Tang Yu was discharged, not once did she bring Tang Yu with her.

Of course, Yu Wanrou wasn't trying to keep the two girls from meeting each other.
It was just that Tang Yu had lost too much blood from her ear injury, and her complexion had yet to recover even until now.
So, preferably, she would like Tang Yu to stay home as much as possible to recuperate.

“I'll find time to go with you.
The new clothes I ordered for you should also be arriving tomorrow,” Yu Wanrou said with a warm smile.

Thank you, Mommy.”

“No problem.”

Yin Zhao-an was bored out of her mind as she lay in her hospital bed, her eyes nearly staring holes into the ceiling.
She had nothing to do except sit up and lie down every day.
At this point, she was so bored that she started doing random mathematical calculations in her mind.

At this time, Wang Zhen came into the ward with a freshly filled water bottle and said, “An-An, your friend is here to see you.”

A look of joy instantly appeared on Yin Zhao-an's face when she heard her mother's words.
However, when she saw who it was, she was beyond disappointed.

Wen Tao caught the rapid change in Yin Zhao-an's expression.
Feeling a little peeved, he placed a bunch of things on the bedside table and said, “Are you so unhappy to see me? I know, I know.
I know that you only have Sister-in-law in your heart.”

“Sister-in-law?” Wang Zhen's head vigilantly snapped toward Wen Tao.

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