“Why don't you give me a kiss, Tang-Tang? The pain will go away once you kiss me.”

“Can't you behave seriously for once?” Tang Yu cursed under her breath before turning away and laying back on her bed.

Having expected such a reaction from Tang Yu, Yin Zhao-an faintly smiled.
In doing so, though, she accidentally moved her injured facial muscles, which caused her to experience another bout of pain.

As the sound of breathing gradually stabilized in the ward, Yin Zhao-an suddenly felt a gentle kiss falling on her gauze-wrapped forehead.
Then, the shadow covering her face vanished, and rustling sounds came from the bed next to hers.

Yin Zhao-an, who was only resting with her eyes closed, was shocked by this pleasant surprise.
At the same time, countless fireworks went off in her mind, and her heartbeat grew so chaotic that she could even hear it through her ears.

When Yu Wanrou came by with three sets of breakfast, the two girls had yet to wake up.
So, after quietly placing the breakfast on the bedside table, she hunched over to help rearrange her sleeping daughter's quilt.

Before Yu Wanrou could let go of the quilt, Tang Yu woke up from her slumber.
Meanwhile, the first thing she did after waking up was to subconsciously look at the neighboring bed.

“Good morning, Mommy,” Tang Yu greeted her mother as she sat up on the bed and blinked her slightly dry eyes.
When she spoke, she made sure to keep her voice as low as possible.

Wang Zhen just so happened to have come out of the bathroom.
Seeing this, Yu Wanrou handed a breakfast set to Wang Zhen and said, “I brought breakfast for you all.
Eat it while it's hot.” After saying so, she looked at the still-slumbering Yin Zhao-an and asked, “Should we wake her?”

After drying her face with a tissue, Wang Zhen shook her head and said, “Nevermind.
She probably didn't sleep well last night, so let her sleep a little longer.
I'll warm up her breakfast when she wakes up later.”

“That works too.”

After Tang Yu washed up in Yin Zhao-an's ward, she followed her mother back to her original ward.
Then, she sat in the corridor outside, eating her breakfast while her mother helped her pack her belongings.

Quite a number of patients had already woken up at this point and were walking along the corridor accompanied by their family members.
Some looked like they were making their way to the courtyard outside to bask in the sun, while some were just stretching their muscles in the corridor.

“Yo, good morning,” a young doctor with messy hair and a face full of vitality greeted Tang Yu.

“Good morning, Doctor Gao,” Tang Yu responded, nodding her head.

“I remember that you can be discharged today, right?” Gao Rang asked as he reached out to brush the hair on the side of Tang Yu's right ear, only for Tang Yu to avoid his hand before he could do so.

“Ah, sorry, sorry.
I was just trying to take a look at your wound,” Gao Rang hurriedly apologized and explained himself when he realized the inappropriateness of his actions.
He subconsciously regarded Tang Yu as a child, forgetting that she was already a big girl with her own thoughts.

“The wound on your ear might scar.
If you are concerned about appearances, you can use your hair to block it, but…” Gao Rang stroked his chin as he looked at the short hair around Tang Yu's right ear.
What he meant to say was that it was a pity that Tang Yu's hair was trimmed when she was undergoing surgery for her ear and that it would take some time before Tang Yu could carry out his suggestion.

“Doctor Gao.”


“It's going to be eight o'clock soon.”

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