Chapter 68 – I'm Here


Yu Wanrou put on a jacket for Tang Yu and offered to help her daughter walk.
However, Tang Yu refused the offer.
She did not receive any injuries to her legs, and she wasn't so delicate that she couldn't walk without help.

Wang Zhen didn't expect Tang Yu to come over.
When she saw the girl's sickly complexion, her nose grew stuffy against her will.
Then, she looked at Yu Wanrou reproachfully and said, “Little Yu still hasn't recovered, so why are you letting her walk around?”

In response, Yu Wanrou helplessly shook her head and wryly smiled, saying, “I couldn't stop her.”

Hearing these words, Wang Zhen immediately understood what had happened.
Originally, she had wanted to keep Tang Yu in the dark, at least until her daughter was done undergoing surgeries, before telling Tang Yu that “An-An is fine.” Otherwise, if Tang Yu were to learn about her daughter's current situation, the girl would be ridden with guilt.

Both girls were victims of this incident.
Neither was at fault, so they shouldn't have to shoulder any blame.

“I…” Tang Yu hesitated to speak as she looked at Wang Zhen.

“She wants to see An-An,” Yu Wanrou said on her daughter's behalf while soothingly rubbing her daughter on the head.

Wang Zhen couldn't bear to turn down Tang Yu's request, so she quietly stepped aside and made room for Tang Yu by the intensive care unit's window.

Tang Yu left faint marks on the glass window with her fingertips as she looked into the intensive care unit, her gaze seemingly trying to tell the person inside the ward: “I'm here.
I'm here to see you.”

Yin Zhao-an looked much worse than Tang Yu expected, her complexion deathly pale, her body emaciated, and her originally long and narrow eyes now deeply sunken.
No longer did she look beautiful.
Even her favorite short hair had been shaved.
Once Yin Zhao-an regained consciousness, she would most likely be very saddened by her appearance.

A tissue appeared in Tang Yu's vision.
Turning around, Tang Yu found the doctor from last night standing beside her, gesturing for her to take the tissue in his hand.

It turned out that, before she realized it, tears were already running down her face.

Gao Rang put one hand into his pocket and pursed his lips.
He sincerely wished he could stop coming across crying visitors whenever he walked down this corridor, especially when these visitors were children.
At the same time, he reminded himself to carry tissues on him more often.

“Don't stay out for too long.
The weather recently has been cold and moist.” Gao Rang did not reprimand Tang Yu for leaving her ward while still recuperating from her own injuries.
Instead, he gently offered the girl a reminder before taking his leave.

As if on cue, a chilly breeze blew past Yu Wanrou at this time, causing her to shudder.
Quietly approaching her daughter from behind, she said, “Let's go back first and return some other time.”

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Wang Zhen agreed with Yu Wanrou, saying, “You need to rest and recuperate from your injuries first, Little Yu.
Come back to visit An-An only after you've recovered a little more, okay?”

Tang Yu hesitated for a moment before quietly nodding.

Fang Ling came to the hospital as soon as she finished school.
Although Mother Fang had said it wasn't a good idea to visit a recovering patient at night, Fang Ling insisted on visiting Tang Yu, angrily saying to her mother: “I'm going to see a friend, not a patient!” Then, she ran out of the house all by herself.

Seeing this, Mother Fang could only sigh and signal her son with her gaze.
Meanwhile, Fang Lang got her mother's message and followed his younger sister to the hospital.

When Fang Ling arrived in Tang Yu's ward, her spirited personality dispelled the depressing atmosphere in the ward in no time.
Even Yu Wanrou, who had been feeling harrowed all this time, couldn't help but reveal a rare sincere smile as she watched Fang Ling interact with Tang Yu.

Although Tang Yu's tongue no longer impaired her speech, it still hurt to speak, so she kept quiet and warmly smiled as she listened to Fang Ling rambling on about random things.
Fang Ling would go from talking about the school system in one moment to talking about people she recently met in the next moment, doing an excellent job at keeping a lively atmosphere in the ward.

Meanwhile, Fang Lang sat on a nearby sofa and quietly read a book on economics, occasionally chiming in when the conversation allowed him.

However, no matter how insensitive Fang Ling was, she still knew what to say and what not to say.
For example, not once did she bring up Yin Zhao-an's name throughout the entire night.

Yin Zhao-an's name had seemingly become a switch of sadness.
Once this switch was turned on, it would be impossible to turn it off.
So, Fang Ling deliberately avoided mentioning this name throughout her mostly one-sided conversation with Tang Yu.
When Fang Lang noticed Fang Ling's considerate behavior, he couldn't help but secretly praise his little sister for her growth.

“My big brother lied to me.
He said he would ignore Meng Lu, yet he still went and danced with her,” Fang Ling suddenly said.
After saying so, she even turned around to glare at her elder brother.

Fang Lang nearly had a stroke when he heard Fang Ling's words.
And to think he had praised her for becoming more mature just a second ago!

“I didn't have a choice.
Otherwise, what was I supposed to do? Refuse to attend the ball?” Fang Lang argued as he put down his book.
“If I refused to go, you would have had to attend in my place.
Don't forget that the Meng family's young master is still thinking of you.”

Fang Ling inexplicably blushed when she heard the mention of “the Meng family's young master.” Even her speech had started to stutter as she said, “W-Why are you bringing him up? Didn't he leave to study abroad already…”

Tang Yu looked at Fang Ling somewhat enviously.
Judging by her friend's reaction, she should have met with that person already.

Fang Ling would live a very happy life.
At the very least, before Tang Yu left that world, the aforementioned Young Master Meng remained wholeheartedly devoted to Fang Ling.
Meanwhile, it was impossible for one not to notice when a person was wholeheartedly treating one with love and kindness.
Tang Yu believed that Fang Ling must have also noticed Young Master Meng's devotion, hence she had eventually chosen to reciprocate his feelings.

After taking a look at the time, Yu Wanrou kindly reminded, “You two should return home now.
It's not safe to go home too late at night.
You can come again tomorrow if you have time.”

The clock hands were currently at a right angle.
When Fang Ling realized this, she hit herself on the head and said, “I didn't realize it was so late already.
I'm sorry for disturbing Tang Yu's rest, Auntie.”

In response, Yu Wanrou shook her head and gratefully said, “No, thank you for accompanying Little Yu.
It is thanks to your company that Little Yu can be so happy.”

Yu Wanrou wasn't lying.
Since Tang Yu was hospitalized until now, this was the first time Yu Wanrou had seen her daughter showing an expression that wasn't of sadness or guilt.

“I'll come again tomorrow, then!” Fang Ling happily said before bidding goodbye to Tang Yu.
Then, just as she was about to leave, she suddenly thought of something as she leaned into Tang Yu's ear and said, “I'll bring my Switch for you tomorrow.”

Tang Yu helplessly smiled in response.
Unfortunately, she didn't hear anything Fang Ling had just said to her as the silly girl had whispered into her deaf right ear…

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