Chapter 63 – I'll Be Wherever You Are At

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Yin Zhao-an dropped her purchases and dashed out of the supermarket, just in time to see a black SUV starting up across the street and driving away.
The driver's seat's window slowly rose as the car drove away, but Yin Zhao-an still spotted the familiar black gentleman's hat through the gap.

“Dammit!” Yin Zhao-an furiously cursed.
Immediately, she snatched a motorcycle left idle by the roadside and desperately honked for the pedestrians crossing the street to get out of the way.

When Yin Zhao-an saw the black SUV moving farther away, she pulled out her phone with one hand and called Yu Wanrou's number.
Then, as soon as the call connected, Yin Zhao-an shouted, “Call the police! Tang-Tang got kidnapped!” 4887

The pedestrians on the street all heard Yin Zhao-an's shout, and they promptly moved out of the way for fear of getting run over.

As the road was no longer crowded, Yin Zhao-an hung up the phone and frantically accelerated, allowing her to spot the black SUV turning at a junction.
However, before she could catch up to the car, the traffic light at the junction turned red.

Yin Zhao-an initially wanted to ignore the traffic light, but the stream of cars coming from the other side of the junction stopped her from doing so.
After hitting the brakes out of frustration, she used this opportunity to call the police.
She had made sure to burn the black SUV's license plate in her mind before it could disappear into the corner, so she provided the police with a clear description of the car and its heading.

“Miss, please do not act rashly and pay attention to your safety.”

The operator on the other end of the phone could hear the anxiety in Yin Zhao-an's voice, so he urged her to calm down.

However, Yin Zhao-an ignored the advice and calmly said, “Remember to track my phone.
Wherever I am will be where the kidnapper is at.”

In the control room of a certain police station, the sound of a roaring engine mixed with the whistling wind coming from a telephone handset.
These sounds continued for several seconds before disappearing.
Then, silence enveloped the room.

After the call ended, the operator responsible for answering Yin Zhao-an's call turned to look at a man with a stern expression for orders.

“Immediately notify all toll booths.
Do not let this car get away, no matter what.
All technicians are to track and locate this car.
Everyone else, mobilize immediately.”


“Chief!” At this time, a young officer ran into the control room and stopped the people about to leave.
Then, while gasping for air, the young officer said, “SWAT is already on the move.
The person kidnapped is the vice captain's daughter.”

Yu Wanrou's eyes were already swollen from crying.
Currently, she was in Wang Zhen's home at the behest of her husband.

When Yu Wanrou received Yin Zhao-an's call, she felt as if she had just been dropped into an icy cavern, her hands trembling to the point where she had difficulty holding onto her phone.

When Yu Wanrou heard the word “kidnapped,” she instantly remembered the words her husband's captain had said to her.
Although she had taken those words to heart and stayed on alert initially, she had grown complacent after several years of peace.
As a result, she never imagined such a situation would happen today.
At the same time, she subconsciously dialed the number the captain had given to her.

“You mustn't act rashly.
Old Tang will bring Little Yu back safely.
For both of their sakes, you must stay put, okay? If you collapse, who will take care of Little Yu?” Wang Zhen said in an attempt to appease Yu Wanrou.

Wang Zhen was similarly devastated by this situation.
She never thought such a situation would happen right before her eyes.
She also never imagined her daughter would recklessly chase after the outlaw!

“It's all my fault… If I had prepared those things beforehand, we would've never needed to go to the supermarket….and we would've never come across that person… It's all my fault…” Yu Wanrou said while sobbing uncontrollably.

Wang Zhen strongly disagreed with Yu Wanrou's words.
Immediately, she grabbed Yu Wanrou by the shoulders and said, “If that's how you want to think about things, then you should also blame me for this matter.
If I had dragged our children along, they would have never run away by themselves, and they would have never given any opportunities to that person.”

Yu Wanrou did not know what to say in response, and all she could do was shake her head to refute her friend's words.
However, Wang Zhen was also right in that her duty now was to keep herself safe while waiting for good news to come.

“Are you nervous, Old Tang?” Captain Lu worriedly asked as he looked at Tang Zhengyang.

“I've been expecting this day for a long time.
I've been prepared since the day that person escaped.
I won't let him get away again this time!” Tang Zhengyang said as he tightly gripped his firearm, his taut jawline clearly indicating his anger.

“The signal stopped moving!” a team member at the back of the tactical vehicle suddenly shouted.
“They're in an abandoned industrial park on the outskirts!”

Captain Lu slammed at the back of his seat when he heard his subordinate's words, cursing, “Cunning bastard!”

“What do we do about the other girl? She has likely gone after the criminal, but we don't know her exact location.
What if she also gets caught…”

These words immediately caused the atmosphere in the vehicle to grow heavier.

After working his wrists a little, Captain Lu said, “Find and secure the other girl first.
Make sure she is safe.”

Inside an abandoned factory, a man wearing a black gentleman's hat crouched down in front of a girl who had just started to recover from anesthesia, the girl bound by ropes as she lay on the cold, hard ground.

Tang Yu was in dismay when she came to her senses.
She only knew that the second turning point would center around her mother.
She didn't think that the butterfly effect would change things so drastically.
The timeline was messed up, and even the event's protagonist was changed.

The man took off his gentleman's hat, revealing an inconspicuous face marked by a dark-red birthmark.
The birthmark covered the man's entire left eye, giving him an extraordinarily appalling look.

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“Tang Yu…”

The man's voice was hoarse, and his eyes were slightly narrowed.
He looked like a venomous snake staring at its prey as he scrutinized Tang Yu with his icy gaze.

After sliding his coarse fingers across Tang Yu's face and leaving behind a red mark on Tang Yu's delicate skin, the man asked, “Do you know who I am?”

The man leaned forward a little.
Tang Yu tried to back away, but the man grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head up.
Then, with the smell of tobacco coming out of his mouth, the man said, “You can call me Lone Wolf.”

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