Chapter 5 – Panic

Autumn Dubbing Club.

Tap Water [Lead Actor] Has Tang-Tang not contacted you yet?

Silent Rain [Planner] Not yet.
I can't get in touch with her for some reason.

Ding Ding Dang Dang [Post Production] What should we do? The live broadcast room has already exploded.
Good Medicine is about to crumble to the pressure.

Ah Cha [Qin He] Someone's already started to spread rumors about Sweet Sugar! Look, quickly!

Subsequently, Ah Cha sent a screenshot into the group chat, the image showing a barrage of heated comments.

Lord Changling's Baseball Cap: I'm betting Sweet Sugar is getting arrogant after playing a role in a few big IPs.
So many of us have taken time out of our day to come here, yet she decides not to show up just because she feels like it.

Little Dolphin: That's right, that's right.
What does she think of us hundreds of thousands of fans? Does she think she's the main heroine of a novel? Does she think we'll spoil her?

Warm Cup of Sugar: You guys shut up.
Something must have come up for Lord Sugar.
Also, stop including other fans in your words.
Not everybody's like you.

Silent Rain sat silently in front of her computer and rubbed her face irritably, her originally pinkish cheeks ravaged to the point of becoming red.

At this time, a message notification appeared at the bottom right corner of the screen.
It was a message from Good Medicine.

Good Medicine: Still nothing, Little Rain? I've sung four songs already.
At this rate, wouldn't this broadcast end up as my one-man performance?

Silent Rain: Sorry, sorry.
I still can't get in touch with Sweet Sugar.
She's already half an hour late.
I'm guessing tonight's birthday party is a no-go…

Good Medicine: Let's wait a little longer, then.
We'll have the guests come on first.

Silent Rain: I guess we have no other choice.

Yin Zhao-an sat on the sofa in a daze.
It was raining heavily outside, the dampness of the weather chilling her body.

Yin Zhao-an hadn't eaten lunch yet, so she ordered a food delivery.
However, even though the food looked delicious, she didn't have an appetite, packing the food and throwing it aside after taking only two bites.
She originally thought Tang Yu would come home to make dinner, but Tang Yu never came home even until eight in the evening.

Yin Zhao-an was greatly confused.
Even if Tang Yu was throwing a tantrum, shouldn't this be enough already? She was neither coming home nor picking up her phone.
Since when did Tang Yu become so rebellious?

The doorbell rang.
Yin Zhao-an sprang out of the sofa without even putting on her house slippers and dashed for the door.

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When Yin Zhao-an opened the door, a delivery guy covered in rainwater and wearing a customary smile entered her view.
While holding up the exquisite box, the delivery guy said, “Hello.
Are you Miss Tang? Here is the cake you ordered.
Please sign for it!”


After signing the receipt and accepting the cake with trembling hands, Yin Zhao-an stood fr…

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