Chapter 54 – I Was Just Passing By

When the sun was starting to make its presence known to the land, Yu Wanrou quietly snuck into her daughter's room to close the curtains and turn off the alarm clock.
Her daughter had just concluded an important phase of her life, so she felt the girl deserved a little more rest.

After making sure nothing would disturb Tang Yu's rest, Yu Wanrou went downstairs to cook some lotus seed congee.
With the help of a pressure cooker, it took no time before a fragrant aroma filled the kitchen.

Once satisfied with her work, Yu Wanrou removed her apron and sat in the living room.
Then, she habitually turned on an international news channel and watched the current morning news.
Although the language was Russian, she had no trouble understanding the words.

However, not long after Yu Wanrou turned on the TV, knocking sounds came from the front door.

Yu Wanrou paused for a second when she heard the knocks.
Then, her gaze sharpened as she walked over to check the doorbell monitor by the door.

Once Yu Wanrou saw who it was outside the door, though, she promptly retracted her stern expression and opened the door to let the other party in.

“An-An? What brings you here so early in the morning?” Yu Wanrou asked, feeling a little surprised by Yin Zhao-an's visit.

After greeting Yu Wanrou, Yin Zhao-an revealed a cute expression and said, “I just happened to pass by on my morning jog, so I thought to visit Tang-Tang.”

“You haven't had breakfast yet, right? I'll prepare some for you.
Little Yu is still asleep,” Yu Wanrou said with a warm smile as she left for the kitchen to prepare a bowl of congee.

Thank you, Auntie,” Yin Zhao-an responded, gladly accepting the offer.
There was no way she could turn down the offer after smelling the fragrant aroma of lotus seed congee wafting through the air.

After finishing the congee in a few big gulps, Yin Zhao-an tactfully brought the bowl into the kitchen and washed it.

Yu Wanrou panicked a little at this sight.
After all, how could she let a guest do the dishes? Unfortunately, she was already too late to do anything when she made this discovery.

“Auntie, I want to go up and check in on Tang-Tang.
I won't disturb her rest.”

With how endearing Yin Zhao-an was, there was no way Yu Wanrou could bear to turn down the girl's request, so she said, “Go ahead.”

After receiving permission, Yin Zhao-an quietly walked upstairs and opened the door to Tang Yu's room.

The curtains were drawn, so the room was a little dark.
After getting a whiff of the faint fragrance lingering in the air, Yin Zhao-an looked at the bed and saw a swell on it.
Even without guessing, she could tell that it was Tang Yu.

Carefully, Yin Zhao-an slid over to Tang Yu's bed.
The floor was covered with a soft woolen carpet, so it didn't feel cold even when she sat on it.

Search for the original.

Looking at Tang Yu from up close, Yin Zhao-an found that her Tang-Tang slept very well, the quilt remaining snuggly wrapped around her body.
She also noted that her Tang-Tang had long eyelashes that cast a faint shadow over her eyes.

When Yin Zhao-an moved her gaze lower and saw Tang Yu's delicate lips rhythmically opening and closing slightly, she suddenly remembered the faint milky scent she got from Tang Yu's lips that night.
More importantly, she remembered the soft, jelly-like sensation of those lips.

Her heart growing restless, Yin Zhao-an gradually switched to a kneeling position and closed the distance between her and Tang Yu bit by bit.

They were very close, so close that she could feel her Tang-Tang's shallow breaths and smell that familiar milky scent…

Unable to help herself, Yin Zhao-an reached out with a finger and gently touched those lips, finding that they were, sure enough, soft like jelly…

At this moment, Yin Zhao-an had completely forgotten what she had promised Yu Wanrou before coming upstairs.
The only thing on her mind right now was the defenseless Tang-Tang before her.

However, Yin Zhao-an had seemingly applied a little too much force with her fingers as her touch caused Tang Yu to feel an itch on her lips.
Then, Tang Yu subconsciously licked her lower lip and opened her eyes in a daze.

Yin Zhao-an promptly backed away the instant Tang Yu stuck out her tongue, but the soft tip of Tang Yu's tongue still touched the tip of her finger.
As a result, Yin Zhao-an was momentarily at a loss on what to do with her “fortunate” finger, her hand stiffening to the point where it felt like it didn't belong to her anymore.

Meanwhile, Tang Yu struggled with her drowsiness for quite some time before finally getting a clear look at the person in front of her.
At this time, though, the other party was anxiously looking at her from the ground with both hands behind her back.

“What are you doing…”

A soft and hoarse voice came out of Tang Yu's mouth, the sound of it stunning both Yin Zhao-an and Tang Yu herself.
Immediately, Tang Yu covered her head with the quilt in embarrassment.

Yin Zhao-an also subconsciously covered her face with her hands, the tips of her ears reddening slightly and her heart beating wildly.
At the same time, her mind screamed:

This sound…is foul play!!

“Cough.” After faking a cough to alleviate the awkward situation, Yin Zhao-an took a proper sitting posture on the floor and softly asked, “Did I wake you up?”

The person on the bed shifted a little before slowly poking her head out from under the quilt, the static from the quilt causing her hair to become frizzy.

“Why are you in my home?” Tang Yu asked.

“I happened to pass by here while jogging,” Yin Zhao-an answered, giving Tang Yu the same excuse as she had given to Yu Wanrou.

Tang Yu inwardly rolled her eyes when she heard Yin Zhao-an's answer, but she did not expose the fact that Yin Zhao-an had taken a huge detour from her usual jogging route.
Instead, she sat on her bed and scanned her room.
Then, she got out of bed and headed straight for the bathroom.

Tang Yu wore soft nylon pajamas to sleep, the loose fabric vaguely outlining her budding figure.
The pajamas only reached down to her knees, so her legs became exposed when she got out from under the quilt.
When she walked on the white woolen carpet barefoot, the carpet served to make her pale red feet look even more delicate than usual.

After entering the bathroom, the first thing Tang Yu did was to keep her hair up with a hairband.
Then, she picked up her toothbrush and began brushing her teeth.

The mirror above the sink was very large, allowing Tang Yu to see everything happening in the bedroom, including the person who was intently staring at her.

Tang Yu was at a loss when she noticed Yin Zhao-an's behavior.
She couldn't help but feel as if Yin Zhao-an was becoming more and more blatant recently.
Was it really normal for a girl to stare at another girl's legs all the time?

Growing a little uncomfortable from being stared at, Tang Yu spat out the bubbles in her mouth and cleared her throat.
As expected, Yin Zhao-an's attention was drawn away from her legs, and the two of them met gazes in the mirror.

Seeing this, Tang Yu gave Yin Zhao-an a warning look, and the latter turned her head away guiltily while scratching her head in embarrassment.


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