Chapter 50 – Learning How to Ride a Motorcycle

When the blond young man saw Yin Zhao-an, he threw his half-smoked cigarette and stomped out the embers.
Then, he cheerfully smiled and said, “Hey, Big Bro is here!”

Yin Zhao-an fearlessly smirked, a cold glint appearing in her narrowed eyes as she snorted and asked, “What? Did you invite me here for a fight?”

“No, no, no.
How would I dare to invite you for a fight?” the blond young man hurriedly denied.
“It's just that these brothers here aren't convinced of your strength.
If you let them get a glimpse of your moves, all of them will be obedient to you.
None of them will dare to go against you.”

Oh? Does that mean I'll meet with an unknown fate if I lose to them? And Tang Yu will also become their primary target of revenge?

Trying to corner me, huh?

Yin Zhao-an stuck her hands into her pockets and sneered.
Then, she raised her chin at the four other delinquents and asked, “How do you guys want to do it?”

“One-on-one, right?” one of the delinquents replied.

“No need.
All of you just come at me together,” Yin Zhao-an said in a cold and arrogant tone.
Even if she won against these delinquents one-on-one, some of them were bound to remain unconvinced.
So, she might as well crush any rebellious thoughts they had once and for all.

Yin Zhao-an's contemptuous words naturally angered the young delinquents, and they promptly went into action.
Unfortunately, anger was not enough to compensate for the delinquents' lack of skill.

Initially, the delinquents had tried to overwhelm Yin Zhao-an by charging at her together.
However, Yin Zhao-an easily defused their assault by sweeping her leg across their shins, causing all four of them to collapse on one another.

Theft is never good, try looking at

Not giving up, the delinquents tried to attack Yin Zhao-an from multiple directions, with one even trying to attack her from behind.
However, Yin Zhao-an simply stepped aside at the last second, letting the delinquents crash into one another.

At one point, a young man taller than Yin Zhao-an managed to grab her left arm.
Yin Zhao-an failed to struggle out of the young man's hold right away, so the other delinquents saw this as an opportunity to lunge at her.
However, before they could reach her, Yin Zhao-an suddenly grabbed the young man holding onto her arm and threw him over her shoulder, sending him crashing into the delinquents lunging at her.

After several more bouts, Yin Zhao-an patted the dust and dirt off her body and looked at the four delinquents sprawled on the ground before her.
Then, she coldly snorted and asked, “Convinced now?”

She had been training in military martial arts for so many years.
If she couldn't even beat a few wannabe gangsters, wouldn't she have taken all those beatings for nothing?

“We're convinced! We're convinced!”

“You're the Big Bro! You're the Big Bro!”

“Big Bro is awesome!”

The corner of Yin Zhao-an's eyes twitched a little as she looked at the group of fickle boys.

Meanwhile, when the blond young man got to see Yin Zhao-an's fighting skills once more, he couldn't help but be awed.
Back in the alley that day, he could only vaguely tell that Yin Zhao-an was skilled at fighting since the alley was dark, and he was on the receiving end of Yin Zhao-an's techniques.
However, now that he got to see her in action from a spectator's perspective in broad daylight, he had to admit that Yin Zhao-an was an incredible fighter.

Patting the seat of his motorcycle, the blond young man fawningly smiled at Yin Zhao-an and said, “Big Bro, please take a seat!”

Yin Zhao-an took the keys from the blond young man's hand and swung one leg over the motorcycle, easily getting onto the vehicle.
Although the delinquents here looked low quality, she had to admit that the blond delinquent owned a good bike.
This could be seen just by how smoothly the bike's body flowed.

Yin Zhao-an had never ridden a motorized vehicle before, not even the small electric bike her mother typically used to go to the market.
But she did know how to ride a bicycle.
After all, she used to be the military compound's child king.
It was a piece of cake for her to “borrow” someone's bicycle.

Upon seeing Yin Zhao-an get on the bike, the four delinquents who had just received a beating promptly fled out of the field.
They were well aware of how scary and dangerous an amateur motorcyclist could be.
It was especially so if the person was a complete amateur.

“Insert the key and turn on the ignition first, Big Bro,” the blond delinquent said.

Yin Zhao-an did as told and subconsciously proceeded to twist the throttle, only to receive no response from the motorcycle.

Seeing Yin Zhao-an's confusion, the blond delinquent explained, “You have to hold the clutch tight before starting the bike.
Then, slowly release the clutch once the bike starts to move forward.
After that, turn the throttle a little, but not too much.”

After holding down the clutch with her left hand, Yin Zhao-an began to rotate the throttle with her right hand.
Immediately, the bike's engine began to operate, emitting a “boom” sound.
Upon hearing this sound, joy appeared in Yin Zhao-an's eyes.

Meanwhile, the blond delinquent gradually stepped away from the bike.
Then, in a louder voice, he said, “Big Bro, slowly release the clutch and don't add too much throttle.
Otherwise, you're going to fly.”

Yin Zhao-an did as told, and the motorcycle started to move forward at a snail's pace.

The blond delinquent sighed in relief when he saw this.
He had originally been worried for his bike since most people would lose control over their bikes and zoom forward on their first try.
Fortunately, he didn't have to see his precious bike getting subjected to a crash.

Yin Zhao-an was deserving of her status as a top student.
Although she started slow, not once did she lose control of the motorcycle during her practice.
She also quickly got the hang of manipulating the throttle.
Of course, it also helped that she already knew how to ride a bicycle.
Once she got used to the motorcycle's weight, balancing it was not a problem.

Yin Zhao-an enjoyed the cool wind brushing against her face, a bright glow appearing in her eyes as her hair fluttered in the wind.

When Yin Zhao-an was about to turn a corner, she reduced her speed and turned the vehicle around while using her foot as a pivot.
Then, she drove back and stopped in front of the blond delinquent.

The blond delinquent saw what Yin Zhao-an did during the U-turn, so he gave her a thumbs-up and complimented, “As expected of you, Big Bro! Even the way you ride a bike looks cool!”

Yin Zhao-an ignored the blond delinquent's flattery.
Instead, while caressing the bike's metallic body, she asked, “This bike looks great.
How much did it cost?”

The blond delinquent grew even more spirited at the mention of price.
Tilting his head up proudly, he said, “This thing cost me nearly 30,000 yuan!” (~4.2k USD)

Ho? That is quite expensive.

“You're not the only one who paid for it, right?” Yin Zhao-an added.


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