Chapter 43 – Alienate

Tang Yu didn't know what Fang Ling was told by her elder brother, but the next time they met, the girl wore a dejected look on her face.

“Tang Yu…”

“Hm?” Tang Yu lifted her head and looked at Fang Ling.

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Weakly leaning onto Tang Yu's desk, Fang Ling asked, “Do you know about my elder brother?”

Fang Lang.
A rich and handsome young man who attended the school's middle school department.
He had a gentle and elegant personality and was among the top of his year in academic performance.
According to rumors, many female students often went out of their way to walk outside his classroom in the hopes of creating a “chance encounter.”

However, those were the middle school section's problems.
Tang Yu was still in the grade school section, so…

Tang Yu indifferently shook her head as she mentally chanted, “I don't know him, I don't know him, I don't know him.”

Fang Ling was unsurprised to see Tang Yu shaking her head.
Although the grade school and middle school sections were located on the same campus, their school buildings were several streets apart.
Not to mention, Tang Yu rarely wandered around during recess and usually headed home as soon as school was over.
So, there should be very few opportunities for Tang Yu to come across students of the middle school section, let alone her elder brother.

“My brother… He is also very rich like me…”

“Cough, cough, cough…” Tang Yu choked on her saliva and resisted the urge to laugh.
Then, she waved her hand in embarrassment and said, “I'm fine.
Please continue…”

Tang Yu's coughing briefly stunned Fang Ling, but she didn't think much about it and continued, “He is very handsome.
You saw him last week, right? He also does very well in school, and he is very gentle…”

Wait… Aren't things heading in a strange direction?

“What's your point?” Tang Yu hurriedly interrupted Fang Ling, hoping her friend wasn't trying to do what she thought she was trying to do.

“Oh, well… He told me not to alienate you from your friend…” Fang Ling said with a pitiful look on her face.
“Have I been alienating you two from each other?”

Tang Yu promptly shook her head, saying, “No.
You have been a very good friend to me.”

“See? I knew it!” Fang Ling indignantly shot up from her seat and smacked the desk when she heard Tang Yu's answer.
Then, her voice suddenly became louder as she said, “I'm going to go back and tell my brother! I told him I would never do something like that!”

The classroom suddenly fell silent as everyone turned to look at Tang Yu and Fang Ling.

Tang Yu quietly raised the book on her desk to cover her face.
Then, while desperately trying to calm the silly girl before her, she softly said, “Alright, alright, sit down for now.”


The sound of a sneer suddenly entered Tang Yu's ears.

Even without turning around, Tang Yu could tell who this sneer came from, so she sensibly ignored the other party.
After all, even if she turned to look at the other party, all she would get in return would be a look of contempt.

Fortunately, the current Du Yuqing still didn't dare to break the law…

After Fang Ling sat back down, the classroom's frozen atmosphere regained its liveliness, looking like nothing had just happened.

When Du Yuqing saw the two people talking happily to each other, the pencil in her hand formed a deep groove in the drawing paper on her desk, the pencil nearly cutting through the thin paper.

Nobody paid attention to what Du Yuqing was doing.
When break time was close to ending, several students returned to the classroom, and among them was Du Yuqing's deskmate.
When the girl returned to her seat, she saw Du Yuqing putting away a piece of paper with something drawn on it.
However, as Du Yuqing's actions were swift, the girl failed to see what was drawn on the paper.

“You know how to draw?”

A flash of coldness appeared in Du Yuqing's eyes.
The next second, she smiled warmly and said, “That's right.
I learned a little.”

“Wow~ Amazing.
Can I see what you drew?”

Du Yuqing lowered her head and went silent for a few seconds, a dark shadow cast over her lightless eyes.
Then, she said, “No can do.
It is very important to me.”

Even though Du Yuqing spoke in a calm tone, the deskmate inexplicably felt a chill crawling down her back.
Then, the girl turned to look at the nearby window and hurriedly walked over to close it.
While doing so, she cursed, “Who is it?! Who would keep the windows open in the middle of winter?! It's freezing here!”

Du family's mansion:

A luxurious crystal chandelier hung in the middle of the empty living room, the warm yellow light it radiated hitting the furniture in the room and creating a warm atmosphere.

Du Yuqing quietly opened the front door, a look of disgust appearing on her face when she saw the house's furnishings.
Walking from the front door to the stairwell, she did not spare any of the expensive furniture and decorations a single glance.
Then, as soon as she arrived before the stairwell, she could hear the sound of muffled moaning coming from upstairs.

Du Yuqing gradually clenched her fists, the darkness in her eyes growing.
Holding back her disgust, she went upstairs and walked past the room housing the source of her disgust.

After returning to her room, Du Yuqing casually grabbed a tear gas grenade from her bookshelf and walked back to the source of the moaning.
Then, she removed the grenade's safety pin, opened the door before her, threw the grenade into the room, and closed the door.

“Ah! Cough, cough… What the hell is this?!”

“Damned girl! You're making trouble again?! Just wait till I go out and take care of you!”

How repulsive.

Du Yuqing sneered.
Then, she calmly returned to her room and locked the door behind her.

The furnishings in the room were on the dark side, with dark red being the main color of this room.
At a glance, the room looked exceptionally depressing.

The curtains were also made of thick coral fleece.
When they were drawn, not a ray of light could come in through the windows.

Du Yuqing leaned against the headboard, the dim bedside lamp casting an uneven light on her face and giving her a frightening appearance.
Then, she reached for the schoolbag thrown on the bed and pulled out a thin sheet of paper, the neatly stacked books in the bag preserving the paper in pristine condition.

Du Yuqing became lost in her thoughts as she stared at the paper or, more specifically, the person drawn on the paper.
Even though the dim lighting only allowed her to see the outline of the drawn person, she could recognize this person at a glance.

The person in the drawing had soft hair cascading over her shoulders and a pair of lips slightly curled into a faint smile.
The person also had a pair of radiant eyes resembling stars, those eyes forming a smiling expression as they earnestly looked ahead.

Du Yuqing brushed her fingers across the drawing, looking mesmerized.
Then, she softly chuckled as she muttered, “Ahh… I want to break you…”

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Fyi, Yin Zhao-an's hair only reaches her ears. 


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