Chapter 3 – Danger

This revelation shocked everyone, who then looked at Xiao Chen with expressions of incredulity.

Xiao Chen, the White Robed Bladesman with the unbroken winning streak in the Five Nation Youth Competition.
Back then, on the day of the final battle, he had set Dragon Veins everywhere trembling.
In the wake of the dissemination of the True Dragon Ranking, his name spread through the entire Tianwu Continent.
The Boundless Sea in all directions spoke of his story.

Xiao Chen, a person who came from the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, a weak sect, had managed to push all the way through, defeating all sorts of experts before finally climbing to the peak.

In less than three years, Xiao Chen actually returned from the Kunlun Realm.
Furthermore, he even advanced to Martial Sage.
He reached a height that had taken these old fellows one or two hundred years to achieve.

Sima Hong’s face paled. It actually is him! That fellow whom I once smashed half-dead is really back!

“If I do not die, I will definitely wash the Sima Clan in blood in the future!”

Back then, Sima Hong only treated these words as the words of a child throwing a tantrum.
However, seeing Xiao Chen’s cultivation now, he could not help but feel horror in his heart.
His body trembled slightly.
He hesitated for a moment before he prepared to turn around and leave.

“Sima Hong, if you have the guts, then take another step away,” Xiao Chen shouted coldly as he pointed at Sima Hong.
His eyes turned bright, showing off his sharpness.

Sima Hong stared blankly.
Feeling guilty, he braced himself and said, “Xiao Chen, don’t think that just because you advanced to Martial Sage, you can speak such arrogant words.
If you want to be so overbearing, to wash my Sima Clan in blood, given my Sima Clan’s resources, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion will not have any good days, either.”

The expressions of the other Martial Sages could not help but turn complicated.

Back then, Sima Hong had used his strength and ignored his status to cause trouble at the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, killing or heavily injuring many of Xiao Chen’s juniors.
In the end, he got sent back in embarrassment, creating a great stir everywhere.

However, Sima Hong simply could not imagine that the minor character that could barely last one move against him back then would become unfathomable to him in three years.

Xiao Chen’s lips curled up gently as he said, “There are no debts without creditors, no hatred without cause.
The creditor will collect only from the debtor, the hatred directed only at the one who caused it.
Back then, you killed a lot of my Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s juniors.
Don’t worry.
I will settle this account with only you alone.

“I may be cold-hearted, but I am not someone who would slay the innocent.
Back then, you left me half-dead with one sword strike.
Today, I shall ask you this: Do you dare to receive one finger strike from me and settle this grudge once and for all?”

Xiao Chen showed a boundless sharpness in his eyes.
However, his heart was as calm as still water.
He stared at Sima Hong, quietly waiting for his answer.

A storm is brewing.
Thunderclouds hang overhead.
Trouble is coming.
I only ask, do you dare to receive my finger strike!

One finger strike?

All the Sky Dome Realm Martial Sages could not help but mutter in their hearts, Just one finger strike? This Xiao Chen might be overestimating himself.

Could it be that Xiao Chen thinks that he can kill Sima Hong with one finger?

This is too ridiculous.
How old is Sima Hong, and how old is Xiao Chen? Even if we consider that Xiao Chen advanced to Martial Sage in the Kunlun Realm, making him much stronger than if he advanced in the Sky Dome Realm, how is this any different from a fantasy?

Sima Hong’s expression changed.
He said coldly, “Everyone, you all heard it.
This is what he said himself.
One finger strike to settle all grudges.”

All the Martial Sages here on good terms with Sima Hong all spoke up to support him.

“Xiao Chen, a gentleman keeps his word.
Since you said it, you cannot retract it anymore.”

“That’s right.
Otherwise, if you become a Martial Emperor someday, losing your trustworthiness will become the stain of your life.”

Xiao Chen’s delicate face remained as calm as the water in an ancient well.
He said serenely, “Since I said one finger, then it will be just one finger.
Sima Hong, all I ask is, do you dare or not?!”

“What a joke.
If I do not even dare to receive one finger strike from you, then I, Sima Hong, would have lived so long for nothing.” Sima Hong did not show any fear.
It was just one finger strike.
At most he would suffer from some light injury.
He, Sima Hong, was a peak Medial Grade Martial Sage.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly to himself. Even at his deathbed, he is still so arrogant.
He is truly a frog in a well, not knowing how vast the sky is outside.

Xiao Chen activated the sovereign overlord’s bloodline, and the three-hundred-odd Heavenly Sage Laws in his body flowed around like a river.

“Rumble…!” The surging energy in his body drew roars of thunder all around rumbling endlessly.

The purple lightning talisman in his sea of consciousness spun quickly.
The will of thunder infused into the Heavenly Sage Laws and surged towards his finger.

In the time it took for a spark to fly, Xiao Chen extended his hand and pointed with only one finger.
A strand of saber Qi shot out from his finger, and the rough shape of the ethereal saber soul in his sea of consciousness came out as well.

Glowing with a charming light, the purple saber Qi contained Xiao Chen’s will of thunder, ninety-percent-comprehended saber intent, and his three hundred Heavenly Sage Laws consisting of eighty percent lighting-attributed energy.

First, an extremely resplendent purple light lit up on Xiao Chen’s fingertip.
Then, the purple light flashed.
“Ka ca! Ka ca!” The space in front of it instantly shattered into several tens of thousands of pieces, like a broken mirror.

When Sima Hong saw that resplendent light, his heart immediately sank.
He knew that he had made a grievous mistake, and was frightened ashen.

Sima Hong’s Heavenly Sage Laws quickly emerged from his body, and he hastily flashed hand seals with his hands, forming rings of light barriers before him to block this finger strike.

There were quite a lot of Heavenly Sage Laws densely packed together—at least five hundred of them.
However, none of them was even as thick as a pinky finger.

These Heavenly Sage Laws were far from comparable to those of Inferior Grade Martial Sages in the Kunlun Realm.

“Pu ci!”

The purple saber Qi flashed, and Sima Hong’s defense tore like paper, entirely ineffectual.

A flash of crimson spurted out.
The saber Qi pierced through Sima Hong’s body.
Then, his body burst into thousands of pieces, together with space.
He died without an intact corpse.

Xiao Chen shattered space with one finger strike.
Sima Hong did not have the chance to let out even a pained moan.

Xiao Chen drew back his hand.
The space of the area before him, where the strand of saber Qi passed, had already splintered.
Pieces of riven space scattered everywhere.

Cold sweat poured down the foreheads of the other Martial Sages.
Their eyes revealed indescribable horror.

What kind of horrifying strength is this? Even a Medial Grade Martial Sage of the Sky Dome Realm could not put up any resistance before Xiao Chen.

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In actual fact, it was not that Xiao Chen was too strong but that these Sky Dome Realm Martial Sages were too weak.
Compared to the Kunlun Realm’s Martial Sages, they were much weaker; it was like comparing mud and clouds.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen comprehended the will of thunder, and his saber intent reached peak ninety percent comprehension, even showing a rough image of a saber soul.

This finger strike might seem casual.
However, it actually used close to eighty percent of Xiao Chen’s strength.
He had never intended to let Sima Hong live in the first place.

More importantly, Xiao Chen used his finger strike as a threat to the other Martial Sages, deterring them from entertaining further thoughts about the Tianwu Emperor’s grave.

The scattered pieces of space started to mend themselves back slowly.
Xiao Chen’s aura dissipated as he said calmly, “Now that I’ve dealt with my private matters, let’s continue with the actual business.
It is not time for the Tianwu Emperor’s grave to be open yet.
Everyone, please return.”

Xiao Chen had said similar words earlier.
His tone and attitude had not changed at all.

However, the effect this time was immediate.
Most of them left shortly.
They knew they had no other choice.
This was obvious just by looking at the incomplete corpse of Sima Hong.

Haha! This old man congratulates Brother Xiao Chen on obtaining the Tianwu Emperor’s grave.
This old man will definitely come and pay a personal visit to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion soon.

A voice projection rang out in Xiao Chen’s mind.
It was from the Sect Master of the Sky Dome Realm’s Supreme Sky Sect branch.

Speechless, Xiao Chen smiled bitterly.
Probably most people had not believed him when he said that it was not time to open the Tianwu Emperor’s grave.

However, Xiao Chen did not feel like explaining.
He replied via voice projection, saying, Senior makes too much of it.

All the Martial Sages slowly left.
Soon, only Xiao Chen remained.
Then, he sighed wordlessly.
A round pearl emanating a piercing chill appeared in his hand; it was the dragon pearl that had been giving off light earlier.

Xiao Chen, are you really not going to take a look at what is in the first-generation Tianwu Emperor’s grave? This Tianwu Emperor is a very mysterious person.
It is not even certain that he is dead.
Once we open the grave, everything will be clear, Ao Jiao said softly from within Immortal Spirit Ring.

Xiao Chen glanced at the Tianwu Emperor’s grave in the thicket of plants.
Then he replied, “Forget it.
Since I already gave that old flood dragon my word, I should just help it fulfill its promise.”

Earlier, when the dragon pearl was on the verge of exploding, even the hidden Xiao Chen was startled.

Just as he prepared to use his full power to tear open space to escape, the dragon pearl flew over to his hand, surprising him tremendously.
It turned out that a remnant of the old flood dragon’s soul was still in the dragon pearl.

The old flood dragon implored him to continue guarding the Tianwu Emperor’s grave and not let anyone open it.

Xiao Chen could not agree to that completely.
He only could promise to do his best to protect the Tianwu Emperor’s grave while he was in the Sky Dome Realm.
After he left, he would be too far to help, unable to do anything.

Fortunately, the old flood dragon was very direct and open-minded.
If Xiao Chen did not have the time to protect the grave, then he just had to chop it apart and toss it into the void, completely destroying it.

It was a remnant soul in the first place.
So after it finished speaking, it ran out of energy and disappeared, leaving only this dragon pearl in Xiao Chen’s hand.

Xiao Chen stretched out his hand, and the Universe Flags appeared in his grasp.
Then, he waved his hand, and the seventy-two flags shot out.
He formed hand seals and prepared to set up a restriction to seal this place.

I did not expect that in the end, the Azure Emperor’s descendant would be the one to protect the first-generation Tianwu Emperor’s grave.
It seems like destiny truly exists.”

A carefree voice resounded.
Chu Chaoyun descended from the sky and arrived before Xiao Chen.

Chu Chaoyun wore the clothes of the ancient Tianwu Dynasty.
His expression today seemed extraordinarily solemn and respectful, entirely different from his usual carefree visage.

Xiao Chen felt somewhat surprised at Chu Chaoyun’s appearance.
However, that was just for a moment.
It was impossible that a descendant of the Tianwu Dynasty would not know about this.

“Do you want to open the Tianwu Emperor’s grave? If so, then you will not be getting what you want.” Xiao Chen flipped his hand, and the Lunar Shadow Saber appeared.

Chu Chaoyun’s lips curled up into a smile.
He stepped forward and said, “Don’t you wish to see if the first-generation Tianwu Emperor truly died? This is a secret that even I do not know.”

Xiao Chen stared at Chu Chaoyun.
The sharpness he unleashed formed a gentle wind, causing their clothes and hair to flutter.
The Sea Monarch Headscarf on his head helped him remain calm.


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