Chapter 27 – Loving Father, Filial Daughter

The sound of running water coming from the bathroom did not last very long.
When Tang Yu left the bathroom, she brought with her a cloud of steam.
After showering, her cheeks looked pinkish, and hints of laziness could be seen in her eyes.

“You can go to sleep first if you're tired, Tang-Tang.
I'm going to take my bath now,” Yin Zhao-an said as a reminder, afraid that her Tang-Tang would stand still without knowing what to do again.
Then, she grabbed a fresh set of clothes and walked into the bathroom.

The sound of running water flowed out of the bathroom again a moment later.
Tang Yu hesitated for a moment before sitting at the edge of Yin Zhao-an's bed.
Only after her body had cooled down sufficiently did she slowly crawl into the familiar bed.

The pillow was new, and the bedding was also new.
They gave off a faint smell of lavender, which reassured Tang Yu.

The bedroom was very quiet when Yin Zhao-an left the bathroom, so Yin Zhao-an guessed that Tang Yu must have fallen asleep already.

Yin Zhao-an's short hair was wet and stuck to her scalp, and water could still be seen dripping from the ends of her hair.
After wrapping a towel around her neck, she picked up her hairdryer and left the room.

Yin Changcheng took off his reading glasses and caressed his chin, a frown forming on his face as he pondered over the data displayed on the computer.


A noise came from outside the door, causing his chaotic thoughts to grow even more chaotic.
Eventually, his irritation caused him to leave the study to see what was going on outside.

Yin Zhao-an was standing next to the staircase on the first floor while drying her hair, the hairdryer she used plugged into a socket by the staircase.
Her short, smooth hair slowly fluffed up under the constant stream of hot air.
When she saw her father walking out of the study, she only glanced at him briefly before returning her attention to her hair.

“Hey, aren't you behaving less and less respectfully to me? Can't even bother to give your old man a greeting?” Yin Changchneg said, glaring at his daughter in dissatisfaction as he poured himself a glass of water and sat on a sofa in the living room.

Curling her lips, Yin Zhao-an refuted, “You've never greeted me when you beat me up, either.”

“Isn't that because you asked for it?”

“Yes, yes, yes, I asked for it.
So, care for a fight?”

Yin Changcheng got energized when he heard his daughter's suggestion.
Putting his cup down, he started to work his muscles as he said, “You best not complain that I'm not treating you like my daughter when you get beaten up later.”

Feeling that her hair was mostly dried, Yin Zhao-an grinned and said, “Don't say that I'm not treating you like my old man, then.”

Unfortunately, Yin Zhao-an had to admit that with age comes wisdom.
Even though she thought she had altered her moves sufficiently, her father still effortlessly dismantled her so-called “moves.” Not only that, but he even gave her a thorough beating.

Sensing the aching pain coming from her waist, Yin Zhao-an cursed under her breath and reluctantly yelled to stop the fight.
Then, she shouted at her father, “You're not treating me like your daughter!”


Yin Changcheng was rendered speechless as he looked at her daughter running away in a huff.
The girl was as unreasonable as her mother.

Having showered in vain, Yin Zhao-an threw her sweat-soaked clothes aside and took another shower.

After her evening exercise, a strong sense of exhaustion overwhelmed Yin Zhao-an.
This time, she took care not to get her hair wet, so she jumped straight onto the bed after coming out of the bathroom.

After nestling her head into her pillow, Yin Zhao-an flipped the light switch next to her bed.
Then, she closed her eyes and adjusted her body into a comfortable posture, her body subconsciously moving forward when it sensed a nearby heat source.

Sighing in satisfaction, Yin Zhao-an hugged the arm of the person sleeping next to her and gradually stabilized her breathing.

In the peaceful darkness, only the rhythmic sound of breathing could be heard.

When Yin Zhao-an fell asleep, Tang Yu opened her eyes and quietly pondered the possibility of holding up Yin Zhao-an and giving the girl a beating.
Unfortunately, the gap in combat power was too significant.
After racking her mind, she felt that she could only think of another way to free her arm from the devil's embrace.

Tang Yu tried to wiggle her arm out of the suffocating embrace.
However, as soon as she moved her arm, the lock around her arm tightened even more.

Sensing that she had worsened her situation, Tang Yu decided to stop moving completely and idly stared into the darkness.
Then, after finding a comfortable position in Yin Zhao-an's embrace, she gradually let herself fall asleep.

There was still school tomorrow, so she needed to rest well.

In a daze, Tang Yu tilted her head sideways, muttered something, and fell asleep.

If Yin Zhao-an was still awake right now, she would have definitely heard those words:

“How did they get so big…”

Morning, Yin Zhao-an woke up to a small movement.
Opening her eyes in a daze, she met eyes with the person in her arms, the other party similarly having just woken up.

It was early in the morning.
Tang Yu had yet to camouflage her expressions, so a dazed expression could be seen in her big, round eyes.

Tang Yu had always been calm and collected, so Yin Zhao-an couldn't help but find Tang Yu very cute to see a hint of childishness in her.

“Morning, Tang-Tang,” Yin Zhao-an said in a good mood.
Then, she switched to hugging Tang Yu's arm to Tang Yu's entire body.

However, the quilt was warm, and Tang Yu's body was also warm.
The warmth was so comfortable Yin Zhao-an did not wish to let go of Tang Yu at all.

“We're going to be late.
Let go…”

“An-An, what's wrong with you?! You're going to be late!” Wang Zhen suddenly thundered into the room.
When she saw a quilt on the floor, she was briefly stunned.
Then, when she saw her daughter confining Tang Yu in a tight embrace, she couldn't help but yell again, “You let go of Little Yu!”

Although a certain someone had made a mess of her hair, Tang Yu still politely greeted Wang Zhen, “Hello, Auntie.”

When Wang Zhen heard Tang Yu's voice, her anger instantly vanished, her expression mellowed, and her heart became a soft pile of push.
Even her voice had softened as she said, “Did you sleep well last night, Little Yu? Come, get up quickly.
Auntie will send you to school!”

Immediately after saying so, Wang Zhen snapped back to her daughter, gnashing her teeth as she said, “You're going to be late if you still don't get up!”

Tang Yu: “…”

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