Chapter 19 – We Got Reincarnated Together?!

The head teacher was momentarily taken aback.
After looking back and forth between the two girls before him, he awkwardly smiled and said, “Okay, then.
You two head back to class first.
I'll take care of this matter.”

Thank you for the trouble.”

Tang Yu remained dazed even after she had walked out of the faculty office.
Even though Yin Zhao-an was only a child, the way she spoke and acted was so concise.

Could it be that…she too has…

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Tang Yu suddenly got goosebumps.
Hurriedly, she cut her thoughts short and took a few steps forward to calm her panicking heart.

How can there be such a coincidence? There's no way two people can get reincarnated together.
Not to mention, the Yin Zhao-an of that world…should be alive and healthy.

With a tentative heart, Tang Yu suddenly turned around and stared directly at Yin Zhao-an, who was silently following her from behind.

Sure enough…
An adult's eyes wouldn't be so pristine…

When Tang Yu looked into Yin Zhao-an's eyes, she saw her reflection in those dark yet pristine eyes.
It was akin to staring into a lake that had never been polluted.
This discovery made her feel relieved.
Though, at the same time, she also felt a little…disappointed.

A second after Tang Yu lowered her head dejectedly, she felt herself pulled into a warm embrace.
It was an “amateurish” embrace, and Tang Yu could feel the stiffness of the arms wrapped around her.

Frowning, Tang Yu gently pushed against Yin Zhao-an's shoulders and asked in a muffled voice, “What are you doing?”

“Weren't you hinting at me to console you, Tang-Tang? There, there.
With me around, they won't dare to bully you anymore!” Yin Zhao-an replied in her childish voice while gently patting Tang Yu's back like a mother consoling her child.

Who's hinting at anything?!

This little misunderstanding further reassured Tang Yu that her previous thoughts were nothing but nonsense.

When Tang Yu returned to her class, a teacher had already started teaching in the classroom, and her desk had returned to its original state.
Those revolting earthworms had also disappeared without a trace.
However, when Tang Yu recalled that scene, she still couldn't help but shudder a little.

After reporting her return to the teacher, Tang Yu was about to make her way back to her seat.
However, Yin Zhao-an held her back before she could do so.
When she turned to Yin Zhao-an with a puzzled look, she saw Yin Zhao-an gesturing for her to wait by the door before running off somewhere.

The teacher in the classroom was most likely aware of Tang Yu's situation.
When he saw Tang Yu standing by the door, he didn't say anything about her actions and simply continued his lecture.

After around five minutes had passed, Tang Yu started to think that maybe she should just return to her seat.
As luck would have it, Yin Zhao-an's silhouette appeared at the end of the corridor.

At this time, Yin Zhao-an appeared to be carrying a large object.
Confused, Tang Yu took a closer look and found that the object was…

A desk?

When Yin Zhao-an arrived back at Tang Yu's classroom, she beamed a soothing smile at Tang Yu before carrying the desk into the classroom.
Then, she swapped the desk in her hands with Tang Yu's desk, which had previously served as a temporary home for a bunch of earthworms.

After the replacement, Yin Zhao-an dragged Tang Yu's desk out of the classroom under the teacher's sullen gaze and the many students' astonished eyes.
Before she returned to her classroom, she smiled and whispered into Tang Yu's ear, saying, “That's my desk, so make sure to take good care of it.
If anyone touches it, tell me, and I'll beat them up.”

After saying so, Yin Zhao-an briefly glared at the students watching the excitement in the classroom.
Immediately, these students shrank their necks and lowered their heads to look at their respective books, none daring to meet her ferocious gaze.

Subsequently, Yin Zhao-an disappeared from the corridor while dragging her “new” desk, the sound of the desk rubbing against the floor moving farther and farther away.

Sure enough, people are much cuter when they are still children, Tang Yu thought, the corners of her mouth lifting slightly.
However, when she sensed the malicious gazes coming from a certain corner of the classroom, she silently clicked her tongue and changed her mind. Nevermind.
Not all children can be considered children.

All desks the school provided for its students were the same.
Although most students' desks would have traces of engravings or graffiti, the “new” desk she received was free of scratches and stains.
She could see just how much the desk's previous owner had taken care of it.

After returning to her seat, Tang Yu took out a textbook and earnestly listened to the teacher's lecture.
Although she already understood everything the teacher taught…she still had to put up an act.

Originally, Tang Yu thought Yin Zhao-an's actions would deter the little devils from taking further actions against her.
However, contrary to her assumptions, the little devils had come for her once again as soon as school was over.

The leader of the little devils was a little girl with a ponytail.
The ponytail wasn't a standard ponytail.
Instead, it was shifted closer to her ear.
Though, whether it was done intentionally was anyone's guess.

Tang Yu wasn't good at memorizing faces, so she wasn't sure if the ponytail girl was among the bunch who made a mess of her schoolbag.
However, since the girl looked like the little devils' leader, the girl most likely played a role.

After walking up to Tang Yu, the girl with the ponytail crossed her arms in front of her chest and condescendingly looked at Tang Yu's clean desk.
Then, she kicked the desk with her pink leather shoe and said in a childish but contemptuous tone, “Why are you such a coward? Can't even handle a few earthworms? Delicate much?”

Tang Yu frowned a little.
However, she remained silent as she continued packing her bag.

“Why aren't you talking? Are you mute?” The little girl kicked Tang Yu's desk again, causing it to wobble a little.

“What do you want her to say? I'll speak for her,” said a nonchalant voice coming from the side.

When Tang Yu and the group of little devils turned to the voice, they saw Yin Zhao-an leaning against the window and looking into the classroom with a smile on her face.


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