become extremely slow.
Anyone who managed to reach peak Major Primal Core Realm could be considered an expert in the entire Grave Sea Cluster.
After all, some Rank 3 sects’ Sect Masters outside the Grave Sea were at this cultivation realm.

Furthermore, there was still more to Shangguan Lei’s potential.
He was still young and had scope for growth.
In the future, he would definitely advance to the Cloud Sea Realm.

Shangguan Lei would surely become a Star Venerate or even higher!

Zhen De thought to himself, This Shangguan Lei’s aura seems even scarier than Senior Brother’s.
What exactly did he experience in the past few days? To think that his improvement is so terrifying!

Meng Qi had the same thought as well.
When he compared Shangguan Lei to Wang Yueming, he got the impression that the previous equality between those two was no more.

Shangguan Lei felt very satisfied with the crowd’s reaction.
His gaze never left the disciple who currently held the Tyrant Saber.

That was the strongest true inheritor of a Rank 3 sect in the Black Cave Mountain.
He felt a huge pressure from Shangguan Lei’s gaze.
Sweat continuously poured down his forehead.

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Shangguan Lei looked directly at this person and recognized him.
His eyes lit up.
Suddenly, he shouted, “Ma Tianliang, do you wish to die? Are you still not going to hand over the Dao Tool!”

Shangguan Lei’s voice was like thunder, shaking everyone’s heart and driving straight into this Ma Tianliang’s soul.
Ma Tianliang felt like a bolt of thunder suddenly appeared in his sea of consciousness.

Ma Tianliang’s entire body trembled, startled into shaking.
Then, the Tyrant Saber he held flew out of his hand without his volition.

The crowd parted.
No one dared to approach the Dao Tool lest Shangguan Lei target them.
As they moved away, the Dao Tool fell in a large, empty area.

Now, no one wanted the item that everyone fought over earlier.
They only watched in dissatisfaction.

“It turned out that it is a tyrannical saber.
With your weak appearance, do you think you are worthy of holding this saber?”

After Shangguan Lei saw that ancient word on the saber scabbard, mockery appeared on his face, making Ma Tianliang feel very embarrassed.

“Only I, Shangguan Lei, am worthy of possessing this saber!”

The word “tyrant” deeply impressed Shangguan Lei.
He showed a cold and stern face as he radiated strong confidence along with a tyrannical electric energy.

No one dared to block Shangguan Lei; they automatically opened a path for him.

“Perhaps not!”

Suddenly, a cool voice rang out.
Wang Yueming descended, holding a folding fan.
He had rushed over from the Ten Thousand Flower Garden.

“It’s Senior Brother Wang! Senior Brother Wang is finally here!”

The people of the Confucian sects immediately became excited.
The others all showed joyful expressions as well.
Finally, someone who could suppress Shangguan Lei’s limelight had arrived.

Killing Qi flared in Shangguan Lei’s eyes as he looked at the descending Wang Yueming and shouted coldly, “Wang Yueming, you dare to compete for the saber with me?”

Wang Yueming opened his folding fan and said indifferently, “Shangguan Lei, others might fear you, but would I, Wang Yueming, fear you?”

Shangguan Lei’s eyes flashed as he suddenly noticed that this Wang Yueming had actually also reached peak Major Primal Core Realm.

However, Shangguan Lei’s stance remained as overbearing as before.
“This saber perfectly matches my Dao.
It is made for me.
Wang Yueming, how are you going to use it?”

Wang Yueming retorted indifferently, “There is no need for you to worry about that.
I have my reasons for making a move.”

You really think that you can compete with me after advancing to peak Major Primal Core Realm using natural treasures.
Take a saber strike from me!”

A saber appeared in Shangguan Lei’s hand as he leaped into the air, sending out a saber light.

Wang Yueming saw a saber light flash, brightening half the sky as resplendent as day, passing in an instant.

“Propitious Omen!”

Wang Yueming pulled back his folding fan.
The righteous Qi he released turned into a sun rising in the east, sending out auspicious clouds.

He used his Veritable Essence Energy and righteous Qi to clash with this saber.


A crack appeared on Wang Yueming’s folding fan, and he staggered three steps back, his arm going numb.
He could not help changing his expression.

“How can it be?! My cultivation is the same as his.
Why do our strengths differ by so much?”

Shangguan Lei smiled coldly.
He had raised his cultivation through a mountain of Fiendish Demon Corpses and a sea of blood, slowly building it up.
Wang Yueming relied on external items to advance.
How could they be comparable?

“A loyal heart for all eternity like the moon of tomorrow; a body full of righteous Qi throughout the seasons!”

One exchange ended with Wang Yueming’s loss, so he hurriedly read out the two lines of poetry that his master left on his folding fan.

The crack on the folding fan mended, and a vast amount of righteous Qi surged out.
Wang Yueming’s cultivation soared again; he exploded forth with an aura equal to that of a Star Venerate.

Now, when Wang Yueming clashed with Shangguan Lei, he forced the other party back.

Shangguan Lei spun around in the air and landed on the ground, which immediately trembled.
He looked at Wang Yueming and said, “No wonder you have the confidence to fight with me.
However, let’s see how long this broken fan can help you.”

Shangguan Lei did not show any fear when facing Wang Yueming, whose aura soared to the level of a Star Venerate.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Just as the two confronted each other, a figure suddenly appeared, stepping on lotus flowers and looking illusory.
Then, this figure picked up the Tyrant Saber right under the noses of Shangguan Lei and Wang Yueming.

“Tyrant Saber?”

It was the strongest true inheritor of the three blessed lands, the Profound Light Temple’s Zhen Yuan.
As he held the Tyrant Saber, he showed a grave expression.

“This saber is an ominous item.
Although all its masters were powerful and ruled, they all ended up dying at the blade of their own saber.
Aside from Tyrant Saber, it has another name, the Saber of Misfortune.
This saber needs to be handed to the Buddhist sect for safekeeping,” Zhen Yuan said to Wang Yueming and Shangguan Lei as he held the Tyrant Saber.

Shangguan Lei mocked, “Do you think that I will believe what you said? You repulsive monk, cut the crap and hand over the saber.”

A vertical divine eye flew silently in the clouds.

Xiao Chen, who was in the valley, retracted the Heavenly Divine Flying Eye into his forehead.
Then, he revealed confusion in his eyes.
“Tyrant Saber? Saber of Misfortune?”


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