tried to glare at Yin Zhao-an, but the moisture in her eyes killed any intimidation her eyes had.

Yin Zhao-an kept her arm around Tang Yu's waist as she led Tang Yu to the obstetrics and gynecology department.
Then, another joke came to her mind as she said, “Let's go, Honey.
I'll take you for a checkup.”

When they arrived in front of the elevator, Yin Zhao-an paused and hesitantly looked at the buttons.

“What's wrong?” Tang Yu asked as she looked up at Yin Zhao-an in confusion.

A hint of helplessness flashed in Yin Zhao-an's eyes.
After pondering for a bit, she turned to Tang Yu and said, “The room's on the sixth floor.
Do you want to take the elevator or the stairs?”

Any normal person would probably choose to take the elevator.
However, Yin Zhao-an was concerned that Tang Yu might vomit if she took the elevator in her current condition.

Tang Yu understood Yin Zhao-an's hesitation.
So, she generously separated from Yin Zhao-an and made her way to the nearby stairwell, saying, “It's okay.
I'll climb the stairs alone.
Let's meet on the sixth floor.”

But before Tang Yu could reach the stairwell, Yin Zhao-an quickly caught up and said with a silly smile, “I'll take the stairs with you.”

The climb to the sixth floor concluded in the blink of an eye.
The two lovers chatted as they climbed, and the sign for “6F” appeared in front of them before they even realized it.

Of course, the climb was by no means effortless, as both girls were a little out of breath when they stepped out of the stairwell.
Fortunately, the bit of exercise had helped Tang Yu relax a lot, and her churning stomach had settled down significantly.

Yin Zhao-an led Tang Yu to Ward 612.
The ward had good lighting and was spotlessly clean, with a fresh bouquet of lilies in a transparent glass vase on the windowsill.

When the two girls arrived, Wang Zhen was chatting with Yu Wanrou, while Tang Zhengyang repeatedly sat down and got up from his seat, trying to distract himself from his current excitement.

Yu Wanrou's face was still a little pale.
When she saw Tang Yu come in, she revealed a guilty smile and apologized, “I'm sorry that I couldn't pick you up, Little Yu.”

Tang Yu naturally wouldn't get angry over such an inconsequential matter.
Quickly, she sat down by the bed, showing a sweet smile as she said, “You don't have to apologize for anything, Mommy.
It must have been very painful to give birth.
You're the one who's been suffering.”

Seeing the two girls arrive, Wang Zhen suggested taking them to see the little baby and asked Tang Zhengyang to take care of Yu Wanrou.

There were several incubators in the incubator room, and Wang Zhen pointed to the baby boy closest to the isolation window.

The baby boy was all red and hadn't even opened his eyes.
The fine hair on his head was extremely sparse, and his features were wrinkled, the sight causing Tang Yu's expression to also scrunch up.

The baby wasn't good-looking.
This was the first thought that came to Tang Yu's mind.

“He's so ugly!” A heartfelt complaint came from beside Tang Yu, but before the speaker could continue, Wang Zhen kicked them.

“Do you not know how to respect life? Do you not understand that all newborns look like this? Do you think you were beautiful when you were born?” Wang Zhen said with widened eyes, clearly enraged by Yin Zhao-an's casual complaint.

Wang Zhen's scolding gave Tang Yu a little scare, and she was secretly relieved that she hadn't said anything just now.

“We can't go in, so just look from here,” Wang Zhen said with her hands folded in front of her chest, her eyes shining in a different light.

Even with a glance, Yin Zhao-an could tell that her mother was having a sentimental moment.
However, she disliked such a sentimental atmosphere, so she spoke up again to destroy the mood, “Mom, are you thinking of me when I was a kid?”

Wang Zhen glared at her daughter with suppressed anger, almost grinding her teeth.
“I'd rather not.
When I was on the operating table, I thought that if I had a difficult childbirth, I would save myself rather than the baby.
You should be grateful everything went smoothly.
Otherwise, I was on the operating table at the time and was thinking that if I had a difficult childbirth, I would make sure to save the bigger one.
You should be grateful that you were born smoothly.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be here to anger me all the time.”

Yin Zhao-an sneered.
As expected, she was indeed an accident of their parents' love.

The baby was soon brought to the ward by the physician, wrapped tightly, and placed by the bedside so that Yu Wanrou could see her new son just by turning slightly.

The baby looked much cuter up close.
His tiny pink fists were clenched together, occasionally twitching, and his little feet kicked restlessly.

Tang Yu crouched by the baby's bed, hands gripping the edge of the bed, staring blankly at this strange little creature.

The baby was really small and looked very fragile.

Seeing Tang Yu's expression, Yu Wanrou couldn't help but smile.
Then, she exchanged a gentle look with her husband standing nearby.

“Little Yu, this is your little brother.”

Little brother…

Tang Yu held her breath.
She felt a strange feeling toward this new little brother of hers, and his arrival felt like a gift.

In her past life, her parents had left her when she was still an innocent child, so she never thought she would have a little brother in this life…

“Does he have a name?” Tang Yu looked toward her mother with bright and eager eyes.

Yu Wanrou nodded gently.
“Your father and I have discussed it, and we'll call him Le-Chen.”

“Le-Chen, Le-Chen, Le-Chen, Chen Chen…” Tang Yu murmured the name, slightly lowering her head to hide the tears in her eyes and upturned mouth.

Yin Zhao-an, who was standing beside Tang Yu, felt a strong sense of crisis suddenly arise from nowhere when she saw Tang Yu behaving like this.
Could it be that her Tang-Tang would only care about her little brother in the future and not her?

At the thought of this, Yin Zhao-an's eyes narrowed slightly, and she began to contemplate a plan to compete for attention.
No matter what, she must consolidate her position.

Perhaps, she should devour Tang-Tang first?

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