Chapter 137 – National College Entrance Examination

6-8 minutes 13.03.2023

It was raining heavily when Wang Zhen accompanied Tang Yu to the exam venue, the irritable raindrops hitting the car's windows and creating a depressing atmosphere.

Wang Zhen stopped the car at an intersection.
The rest of the way leading to the exam venue had already been cordoned off, so she could not drive her car any closer.

Seeing this, Tang Yu packed her student ID and admission ticket, along with the necessary items, into a waterproof transparent bag and got out of the car with an umbrella.

Yin Zhao-an sat in the passenger seat.
When Tang Yu exited the car, Yin Zhao-an rolled down the window despite the pouring rain and shouted, “Tang Tang, you can do it! Don't be nervous in the exam; you'll definitely make it!”

While Wang Zhen urged her daughter to quickly close the car window, Tang Yu smiled at Yin Zhao-an and said, “I'll be fine.
You two be careful on the way back.”

Tang Yu didn't wait around.
She needed to get to the exam venue early to prepare.
Even though she wasn't under much pressure, she still wished to avoid making any unnecessary mistakes.

After taking a glance at the rearview mirror, Wang Zhen turned to her daughter, who was still staring at the figure walking in the rain outside and said, “Stop staring.
It'll be your turn next year.”

“I want to get into the same school as Tang Yu,” Yin Zhao-an calmly stated, her gaze still fixated on Tang Yu's figure.

“Oh? What are your plans for the future?” Wang Zhen was not concerned about her daughter's future career, as their family had the financial means to support Yin Zhao-an regardless of what she wanted to do.
It wouldn't matter much, even if the girl failed.
Her husband's company had great prospects, so even if their daughter couldn't succeed in her desired career, the girl could just find a job there.
Though, whether the girl wanted a leisurely position or a challenging one was up to her.

However, Yin Zhao-an had long thought about what she wanted to do with her future, so she quickly answered, “I want to study computer science and establish a video game company.”

“You want to make games?” Wang Zhen did not expect such an answer.

Yin Zhao-an nodded.
She felt that Art of Freedom, the game she was playing now, still had many aspects that could use improvement.
She also had some understanding of the current situation regarding the company behind Art of Freedom.
The game company was still in its infancy stages, and its potential was getting stifled due to its lack of funding.
If the company had more funding, it could quickly rely on Art of Freedom to occupy a place in the world of online gaming.

Particularly, they need to fix the despicable clause that allows only opposite sexes to enter into a relationship, Yin Zhao-an thought angrily.

After entering the exam venue, the examinees consciously kept silent.
For a while, only the sound of metal detectors beeping and candidates handling their belongings could be heard in the spacious classroom.

Tang Yu wore a calm expression as she sat in the familiar exam venue.
When she sat in this classroom in her past life, it was also raining outside, interspersed with the occasional thunder.

When the exam was about to begin, the invigilator picked up the sealed bag holding the exam papers for all candidates to check.
Then, he used a small knife to open the bag in front of everyone before distributing the exam papers one after another.

When Tang Yu received the exam paper and looked at the questions, she couldn't help but raise her eyebrows.
It wasn't because she was feeling delighted, but because she had actually done all of these questions before.

Having already completed these questions once before, Tang Yu could complete them with little effort.

The sound of pen tips scratching white paper and the hurried flipping of papers surrounded her.
Paired with the echoes of the roaring wind and rain outside, it sounded as if a youth concerto was being played.

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Tang Yu wrote her answers neatly on the paper.
Her handwriting was elegant and refined.
It was neither too stiff nor too loose.

After writing all her answers, Tang Yu sighed and looked at the gloomy sky outside the window.

To be honest, she didn't like rainy days very much.
Yet, she couldn't help but be obsessed with them.

She vaguely remembered that it was also raining on the day she died.
As for the day she was abducted, she couldn't really remember whether it rained that day.
However, she did remember the pair of reflective high-heeled shoes Du Yuqing wore when visiting her in that dark basement.
The shoes were covered in mud at the time, so it was probably raining that day as well.

Tang Yu was brought back to reality by the commotion happening around her.
Upon looking, she saw that some people had chosen to turn in their papers early.

It was common for some people to hand in their papers early during school-wide exams or school exams.
However, it was a different story for an exam as important as the National College Entrance Examination.
Only two types of people would be so bold as to do so.

The first type was individuals who were very confident in their abilities and didn't need more time inspecting their answers.
The second type was individuals who didn't care about their grades and felt they wouldn't do any better even if they checked their answers.
So, rather than waste time creating more anxiety for themselves, they might as well turn in their papers early and relieve themselves.

Tang Yu looked down at her neatly filled answer sheet and hesitated momentarily.
She disliked the feeling of being watched by others, and she was bound to attract attention if she turned in her papers early.
Of course, every student here was racing against time, so not many would care about what others were doing.

Ultimately, Tang Yu chose to wait until the time was up before leaving the classroom.
Then, once all examinees had vacated the classroom, the invigilator promptly began collecting the exam papers and draft papers on the tables.

When the invigilator left the classroom with the exam papers, Tang Yu returned to the classroom and quickly packed her belongings.

The hallway outside the classroom was already crowded with people by the time Tang Yu was done packing.
Seeing this, Tang Yu wisely chose to wait in the classroom until the crowd dispersed.

Raindrops drifted in through the open window, and it was then that Tang Yu realized that the rain was subsiding.

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