Chapter 136 – (No Title)

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It was as if a bomb had gone off in her head.
Tang Yu's mind blanked out momentarily as she stared at her mother's belly in confusion.

Inside that place existed a budding life.

After a brief shock, an untimely sense of relief rose in Tang Yu's heart.
At least it wasn't her and Yin Zhao-an's affair that had gotten exposed.

Tang Yu placed her dark green canvas bag on the sofa and sat across from her parents.
Then, after taking a moment to process the shocking revelation she had just received, she pursed her lips and asked, “Since when?”

Yu Wanrou lowered her gaze and softly said, “The doctor said it's been a month already.”

Following Yu Wanrou's words, the stiffness on Tang Zhengyang's face faded slightly as he said, “Your mother hasn't had much appetite recently.
She even fell ill because of it.
Only after going to the hospital for a check-up did we find out she was pregnant.”

Tang Yu nodded without saying anything more.

Now that Tang Yu had entered her third year of high school, she couldn't stay home as long as before.
After spending a night at home, she had to hurry back to school.
In contrast, Tang Zhengyang had applied for temporary leave from the special forces unit so that he could stay at home to accompany his pregnant wife.

After returning to school, Tang Yu shared the news of her mother's pregnancy with Yin Zhao-an.
In response, Yin Zhao-an jokingly said, “If Aunty gets a son, wouldn't it be easier for us to be together in the future?”

Although it was just a joke, Tang Yu actually gave it some serious thought and found it somewhat reasonable.

If she had a younger brother, her younger brother could take on the responsibility of continuing the family line and inheriting the family's assets in the future.
As for herself, she would eventually get married, and it didn't matter where or who she married.
Perhaps she would face fewer obstacles in pursuing her love.

However, it was still just a joke after all was said and done.
She still had no idea whether she would be getting a younger brother or a younger sister.
Not to mention, she still had her own responsibilities to shoulder.
If she wanted the future she desired, she would have to achieve it through her own efforts.

However, there was one thing that caught Tang Zhengyang and Yu Wanrou off guard.
When Yu Wanrou went to the hospital for a prenatal check-up during her sixth month of pregnancy, the doctor estimated that her due date would be during the period when Tang Yu would be taking her college entrance exams.

Tang Yu didn't think much of it when she heard the news.
It was just the college entrance exams.
She had taken the exams alone and returned home alone in her past life, so she was already used to it.
Not to mention, she wouldn't necessarily be returning home alone in this life.
Although Yin Zhao-an wouldn't be taking the exams this year, Tang Yu was confident Yin Zhao-an would come to pick her up.

Sure enough, after learning that Tang Yu's parents would be tied down at the hospital, Yin Zhao-an eagerly asked, “In that case, how about I wait for you at the school gate? I don't have classes throughout the exam period, anyway.”

“Sure,” Tang Yu said, her lips curving upward a little in response to Yin Zhao-an's excitement.

As fate would have it, Yu Wanrou suddenly felt abdominal pain three days before Tang Yu's exams began, and Tang Zhengyang rushed her to the hospital in the middle of the night.
Although Yu Wanrou didn't give birth right away, the doctor arranged for her to stay in the hospital as it was estimated that she would be due for delivery within the next two days.

On the day before the college entrance exams, the sky suddenly became overcast with dark clouds, and the air was heavy with a sense of foreboding.

Wang Zhen suggested taking care of Tang Yu throughout the exam period, and only after Tang Yu was done with her exams would they visit Yu Wanrou at the hospital.

Tang Yu stood on the balcony where the wind was howling, letting the wind blow her hair into a mess.
The newly planted trees in the courtyard swayed in the wind, their tender branches twisting as if they would snap at any moment.

Suddenly, a powerful hand grabbed her delicate wrist and pulled her into the house before shutting the glass sliding door behind them.
The next second, large raindrops began to pound against the balcony door, creating a “pitter-patter” sound.

The sky outside had turned gloomy because of the dark clouds, and the rain seemed like it wouldn't stop anytime soon, so Yin Zhao-an turned on the lights in the room after pulling Tang Yu inside.
Then, she draped a loose coat over Tang Yu, the frown on her face expressing her displeasure over her lover's lack of concern for herself:

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“It's so windy outside.
Aren't you afraid of catching a cold? What if you get sick and miss the exam? Huh?”

Tang Yu blinked and chuckled softly at Yin Zhao-an's motherly nagging.

Frustration filled Yin Zhao-an when she saw Tang Yu's reaction.
She got an urge to pinch Tang Yu's cheeks and ask if Tang Yu had listened to anything she just said, but she couldn't bring herself to hurt her beloved, even by a tiny bit.

Yin Zhao-an dressed very casually at home, wearing a solid color t-shirt and loose knee-length sports pants.
Her hair, which had grown past her waist, was tied in a high ponytail.

Tang Yu didn't want to study anymore.
Staying in a state of mental tension for a long time could easily lead to physical and mental exhaustion.
Besides, she was confident she would do well.

When she enrolled at the Communication University of China in her past life, her score was far above the cutoff line.
Even if some variables appeared in the exam in this life, it wouldn't impact her results much.

For some reason, she was deeply obsessed with the Communication University of China.
Maybe it was because the university was her mother's alma mater.
Her mother used to be a top student at that university and developed great language skills there.
Though, unlike her mother, she was more interested in pursuing a career in dubbing.

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