In the bedroom.

Tang Yu straddled Yin Zhao-an, gently lowering her head to kiss her passionately.
It was a lingering and sentimental kiss devoid of lust.

After the kiss, their eyes were both glistening as they smiled at each other.
Tang Yu rested her head on Yin Zhao-an's shoulder and closed her eyes contentedly.

Yin Zhao-an caressed Tang Yu's hair and turned her head to kiss Tang Yu on the forehead.
Then, she softly whispered, “Happy New Year, Tang-Tang.”

Tang Yu giggled and returned the kiss, “You, too.
Happy New Year.”

Their time together was brief, but even just holding each other and feeling the warmth of each other's body was enough satisfaction.

After a while, Tang Yu heard Yin Changcheng calling for Yin Zhao-an from downstairs.
So, she got off Yin Zhao-an, sat on the bed, and patted her lover's shoulder, saying, “Go ahead.”

Yin Zhao-an smoothed out the wrinkles on her coat and stood up from the bed.
Then, she faced Tang Yu and reluctantly said, “I'll be going, then…”

Tang Yu sat with her legs crossed, resting her head on her knees, and silently nodded.
One downside of being in love was the person in love would become indecisive.

The person who had already said she would leave did not do so.
Instead, she stood still, looking like she was going through a mental struggle.

Ultimately, Yin Zhao-an made up her mind and walked up to Tang Yu.
Then, she gently held Tang Yu's face and kissed her lips.
As their lips parted, she gently bit down on Tang Yu's lower lip.
Then, she hoarsely said, “I'm leaving for real now, honey.”

Tang Yu's face instantly turned red, and she awkwardly turned her head away, “Hurry up and go.
They'll come up to check on us if you drag your feet any longer.”

“Okay.” Yin Zhao-an kissed Tang Yu's lips again and said, “I love you.”

Yin Zhao-an's footsteps gradually distanced.
Only after hearing the sound of the bedroom door slamming shut did Tang Yu dare to lift her face, her beating heart running amok.

What was up with that…calling me 'honey' and all… Tang Yu unconsciously bit her fingernail, not realizing her face had turned beet red.

When Yin Zhao-an returned downstairs, Tang Zhengyang anxiously searched for Tang Yu's figure, his heart sinking when he failed to spot his daughter.

It's over! Could it be…
This beast!

TL Notes:

I'll be skipping Chapters 132-134 since they are all yaoi.
These three chapters are basically the conclusion of Zhao Yu and Gao Rang's arc.

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