Chapter 128 – Tail

TL Notes:

In Chinese, “He(他-Tā)” and “She(她-Tā)” are pronounced similarly.

Yin Zhao-an uses “she” when she speaks about “the person she loves,” but Wang Zhen doesn't know that and simply assumes Yin Zhao-an is talking about a boy.

To avoid this confusion, I will translate the “she” Yin Zhao-an uses into “he” but italicized.

Yin Zhao-an cautiously looked up at her mother's expression.
Then, in a pained tone, she said, “He's… He's not very good-looking.”

Wang Zhen's heart sank suddenly.
She was obsessed with good looks.
In fact, if it weren't for the fact that Yin Changcheng was handsome and charming, she might have ended up with the cute guy from the inspection department instead.

Ignorant of her mother's concerns, Yin Zhao-an continued her explanation in an unhurried tone, “He's not good at studying, likes to fight, goes to nightclubs, and likes to wear makeup…”

“Stop, stop, stop!” Wang Zhen held her chest and blinked her eyes in disbelief as she interrupted her daughter's explanation.
“This person has nothing but flaws.
What do you see in him?”

However, Wang Zhen quickly stopped looking for an answer when she saw the lifeless expression on her daughter's face.
The fact that the person her daughter had fallen in love with was such a flawed person was most likely why her daughter was having such a difficult time breaking this news to her.

“He has flaws all over, but he likes me very much.
I… I can't reject him.” Yin Zhao-an's voice choked up as she spoke, and her eyes began to turn red.

If Tang Yu could see Yin Zhao-an's performance right now, she would surely be amazed.
Yin Zhao-an's acting skills could win her an Oscar!

Wang Zhen's brows furrowed tighter and tighter.
Only heavens knew how much she was against her daughter pursuing this relationship with such an…indescribable person.
It was no wonder her daughter would regard herself as a monster.

Ultimately, Wang Zhen sighed softly and placed her hand on her daughter's tightly clenched hand.
Then, she said, “Actually…it's not like I can't accept such a person…”

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Yin Zhao-an: What?! You can accept even something like this?!

“It's just that…you're still young.
You'll meet many people who will like you in the future, and you might also find yourself liking someone else.
So long as…
So long as you don't force yourself too much, I won't stop you.”

Yin Zhao-an didn't expect her mother to talk to her so seriously.
For a moment, she couldn't help but feel guilty, and her heart winced a little.

“Then…if I fall in love with someone of the same gender…would you also agree?” Yin Zhao-an tentatively asked after observing Wang Zhen's expression.

Wang Zhen remained silent for a long time, her eyes slowly turning red and her voice slightly hoarse.
“An-An, I have seen same-sex couples in the hospital before, but none have had a good ending.
Do you understand what I mean?”

Yin Zhao-an's throat constricted, and she was suddenly speechless.

“I'm not a closed-minded person, but I won't condone everything either.
If you happen to fall in love with someone of the same gender someday, don't tell me anything until you're sure you want to spend the rest of your life with them, okay?” Wang Zhen said, smiling as she gently patted the back of Yin Zhao-an's hand.
However, her face clearly looked more aged than when she first arrived in the room.
“I only have one child, so my only hope is you'll have a happy and peaceful life.”

Tears welled up in Yin Zhao-an's eyes again, but this time they were full of guilt and helplessness.
She leaned over and hugged her mother tightly, her voice choking, “Thank you, Mom… Thank you…”

After opening up to each other, the mother and daughter pair seemed to have grown even closer.

Of course, a few years later, when Yin Zhao-an stood in front of Wang Zhen with a gentle and beautiful girl by her side, Wang Zhen would actually breathe a sigh of relief.
Indeed, being obsessed with good looks could sometimes be a curse.

Tang Zhengyang wanted to keep an eye on his daughter at home, afraid that she might be taken away by the girl from the Yin family again, but his work simply didn't allow it.

A few days before Tang Yu returned to school, Tang Zhengyang received a phone call from his captain saying that a batch of new soldiers had arrived and they needed to go and pick out a few good recruits for their team.

Tang Zhengyang still didn't feel at ease leaving Tang Yu behind like this, so before leaving, he made a special phone call to his wife, who was working as an interpreter in Paris, emphasizing “early romance.” He felt relieved only when he heard the person on the other end of the line growing serious.
Then, he got into the military jeep that had come to pick him up and rushed to his special forces unit stationed in the countryside.

Yu Wanrou let out a helpless sigh as she concluded the call with her husband.
In the meantime, a group of foreigners with blonde hair and blue eyes were chatting and clinking glasses, having a great time outside.

At this moment, a well-proportioned foreign woman came over with two glasses of champagne.
After handing one of the glasses to Yu Wanrou, the woman spoke pure French, “You're the interpreter for today? Not bad, I couldn't tell you're Chinese at all.”

Yu Wanrou smiled gently and professionally, lightly clinking her glass with the other party's.
The thin glass made a crisp sound as they touched, and the liquid inside the glasses rippled in response.

“Thank you, but I'm pure Chinese.”

The words had a clear corrective meaning.
The foreign woman didn't deny it and tilted her head with a smile, shrugging slightly.
“Ok, I guess so.”

As the foreign woman walked away, Yu Wanrou's smile faded gradually.
She looked down at the diamond-studded wristwatch on her hand.
There were two more hours before she could leave this place.

Let's…find a stable job to settle down once I return to the country…

After concluding as such in her mind, Yu Wanrou quickly adjusted her mood.
When she lifted her head again, she wore the same gentle and professional smile as she did before.

Li Beiyu had started clinging to Yin Zhao-an.

Although Yin Zhao-an had tried her best to avoid the girl licking a popsicle behind her, the other party stuck to her tightly, showing no intention of being shaken off.

After buying drinks at the convenience store, Yin Zhao-an couldn't take it anymore as she turned around with furrowed brows.
Then, looking like she was about to hit Li Beiyu, she warned, “If you keep doing this, I can't guarantee that I won't hit you!”

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