Chapter 127 – Open to Persuasion, but Not to Coercion

In the eyes of Tang Zhengyang and Yu Wanrou, Tang Yu had always been a well-behaved and sensible child.
Plus, both of them were either constantly traveling the world or conducting military operations in a remote mountain valley, so they felt they owed their child as parents and therefore showed excessive love mixed with strict discipline toward Tang Yu.

In contrast, Yin Zhao-an had been a little tyrant since childhood, causing trouble everywhere she went.
Yin Changcheng had also retired from the military early, while Wang Zhen would always be home looking after their child when she wasn't on duty at the hospital.
Hence, it wouldn't be wrong to say that Yin Zhao-an had never lacked parental love in her life.

Because of this, Yin Changcheng couldn't understand how his daughter had ended up going down the wrong path.

Although Yin Changcheng often appeared indifferent toward Yin Zhao-an, she was still his child.
As parents, who wouldn't want their children to have a happy and bright future? If he truly didn't care about his daughter's future, he wouldn't have bothered working late at the company and dealing with various administrative departments all day.
He might be making a lot of money from his company, but he did not enjoy the process one little bit.

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However, Yin Changcheng was willing to trust his daughter's decision, whether it was made on a whim or after a long struggle.
As long as she was happy, it was all that mattered.

Yin Zhao-an didn't expect to convince her father so easily.
She was so touched that she almost gave him a hug, but before she could do so, Yin Changcheng pushed her away mercilessly and repeated, “I'll say it again, but if your mother finds out, I'll be siding with her.
Don't even think about dragging me down with you.”

Yin Zhao-an had her own considerations.
She knew that her mother was someone who was open to persuasion but not coercion.
If she threw a tantrum and stubbornly tried to get her mother to accept her twisted love, things definitely wouldn't end well for her.
Therefore, a careful plan hatched in her mind.

On this day, Wang Zhen finished her early shift at the hospital and exchanged greetings with her colleagues before leaving with her shoulder bag.

It was already dark by the time she arrived home.
After parking her car in the garage, she tapped her access card on the scanner next to the door in the garage and entered the house.

The study's door was ajar, and Wang Zhen could hear faint whispers coming from inside, so she quickly concluded that her husband was probably having another online meeting.

Wang Zhen had already heard the news of her daughter returning home.
After washing some rice and putting it into the electric rice cooker, she dried her hands and went upstairs.
She needed to “knock some sense” into her daughter, who didn't regard their home as a home.

Upon arriving in front of Yin Zhao-an's room on the second floor, Wang Zhen knocked on the door a few times.
After a long wait, she heard some movement from inside the room, followed by the sound of the door opening.

Before Wang Zhen could activate her mouth's rapid-fire mode, she froze in shock when she saw her daughter's current state.
She had never seen her daughter in such a state before, so she couldn't help but lose her composure.

“What happened to you, An-An?” Wang Zhen asked, concerned.

Yin Zhao-an stood expressionless at the door.
There were obvious signs of crying on her face, her eyes looking red and swollen while her nose also looked red.
At first glance, it looked as if she had suffered a great injustice.

Mother and daughter entered the room together.
Yin Zhao-an sat down at the desk while Wang Zhen grabbed a rotating chair and sat in front of her.
At this time, Wang Zhen was so worried that tears were about to overflow from her eyes.

The two of them remained silent for several minutes before Yin Zhao-an, in a nasal voice, broke the silence, saying, “Mom, I might be a monster…”

“What are you saying?!” Wang Zhen exclaimed in a dialect she didn't even realize she knew.
After choking on her own words for a moment, she lowered her voice slightly and continued, “What nonsense are you thinking? You are the child I carried for ten months before giving birth.
How could you be a monster?”

Yin Zhao-an sniffled and choked on her words, “I…
I am a monster.” As she spoke, tears began to stream down her face again, falling onto her tightly clenched hands.

There was a saying that mother and daughter were connected at heart.
Meanwhile, it broke Wang Zhen's heart to see Yin Zhao-an in such a state, her delicately shaped eyebrows furrowed into an “八” as she said, “Then, explain everything to me properly.
Did you come across some problem?”

Yin Zhao-an sobbed for a moment before grabbing a piece of tissue paper from the desk to wipe away the tears staining her face.
Then, after taking a deep breath, she looked at Wang Zhen with her bloodshot eyes and said, “I think…I've fallen for someone.”

Wang Zhen was briefly surprised by her daughter's revelation.
Then, she inwardly sighed in relief.
Wasn't it only teenage love? It was normal for teenagers to have crushes.
There was no reason to be concerned over such a trivial matter.

Of course, it would be a different story if the target of her daughter's love was a significantly older man or, worse yet, a teacher.
However, if they were only talking about the feelings of adoration young girls had for the opposite sex, that was normal.
How could her daughter possibly be a monster for having such feelings?

“Then, who do you like?” Wang Zhen asked cautiously, “Is he much older than you? Or…?”

Yin Zhao-an looked up at her mother but didn't answer her question.
Instead, sadness and helplessness filled her eyes as she said, “You won't agree to it.
Nobody will agree…”

Don't tell me the other party is a delinquent?! Wang Zhen was startled by Yin Zhao-an's words, and she held her chest in a panic, her heart suddenly felt tight and constricted.
“Why don't you tell me who this person is first? How old is he? What's his personality like? What does he do for a living?”

Yin Zhao-an hesitated for a moment and bit her lip gently, making it look as if she was finding it difficult to speak.
Wang Zhen's heart ached even more when she saw this, and she wondered if the target of her daughter's affection was much worse than she had imagined.


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