Chapter 122 – Rare Spirit Pet

Humans were realistic creatures.

Yin Zhao-an and Zhao Yu both occupied a place in the combat power ranking, while Gao Rang was like a fresh stream among the three, occupying a spot among the top ten of the “pay-to-win” ranking…

Yin Zhao-an still remembered Zhao Yu explaining to her the reason that caused Gao Rang to go down the pay-to-win route.
Gao Rang has been playing this game for nearly two years now.
Although his level was high, he didn't know how to play and had taken many wrong paths.
Moreover, because of work, he didn't have much time to browse online strategies.
So, paying to win became his only obsession with the game over time.

It wasn't that he wanted to keep paying to win, but the money he “invested” at the beginning made him reluctant to stop.
Ultimately, he chose to grit his teeth and play even though he didn't know how to play.

Currently, Yin Zhao-an was controlling her character to go to the Heavenly Star Pavilion, where many players have already gathered.
Every player had an ID floating above their heads.
Because of how crowded the place was, many player IDs overlapped with each other, creating a dizzying sight.

Most players came in full teams, and only a few solo players were present.
Meanwhile, Yin Zhao-an was one of these few solo players.

A minute ago, the system issued a notification on the game interface, stating that a rare spirit monster would appear in the Heavenly Star Pavilion.
Immediately, all players who received the notification began to gather at the pavilion.

Rare spirit monsters could be captured, but by defeating them, players could obtain a large amount of EXP tokens and soulstones.
Some lucky players might even get rare spirit pets.

Perhaps because the ID “Yuyi Chang'an” was too attention-drawing, but Yin Zhao-an actually received an invitation from the guild “Drunken Flower.”

“Drunken Flower” was the number one guild on the server, and it was a gathering of many veteran players and new players.
Three of the top ten players on the combat power ranking were members of this guild.
In addition, the leader of Drunken Flower was a capable person who treated new and old players equally and patiently, listing the enhancement and attack combinations of each profession in the guild announcement.
It was with this that they attracted countless female players to join the guild.

On the one hand, it was because the guild's name had a sense of ancient charm.
On the other hand, it was because of the guild leader's handsome appearance and his identity as the most eligible bachelor in the game.

Yin Zhao-an was not a person who liked to be in a group.
She preferred to be free rather than restricted, so she politely declined the invitation and provided her reason.

After Yin Zhao-an replied, the guild invitation disappeared, and a friend request appeared in its place.

However, before Yin Zhao-an could see who the friend request came from, she was struck by the rare spirit monster that had suddenly appeared, causing her green health bar in the upper right corner to immediately decrease by more than half.

Fortunately, half of the server's players were gathered here, and many started attacking the monster as soon as it appeared, successfully diverting its attention away from her direction.

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After a short while, Yin Zhao-an's character regained its health.
This was not only thanks to the healing from Heavenly Dancer behind her but also because of the players randomly using skills around her.

Not all players played games while relying on technical skills.
Some relied entirely on intuition and feeling.
In shooter games, this method of playing was called “shooting and praying.” This game was no different.
So long as their skills were off cooldown, these “intuition” players would simply use them without caring whether their skills were effective.

The rare monster is named “Crimson Flame Spirit,” a female humanoid monster with a dark red body and flaming hair.
The Crimson Flame Spirit had a stunning figure and dark red armguards that complemented her curvaceous body.
She also emanated a heroic presence.

The Crimson Flame Spirit was incredibly durable, having a total of eight health bars.
Every time a health bar was cleared, the Crimson Flame Spirit would drop a bunch of EXP tokens that would be directly stored in the player's inventory.

The final health bar was the most important.
Whoever could accurately time the final blow on a rare spirit monster would receive the rarest drops.

All the players were preparing for the final blow, and Yin Zhao-an was no different.
She had saved her strongest attack to secure the last hit.

However, just as the Crimson Flame Spirit was about to die, darkness suddenly enveloped Yin Zhao-an's eyes, and accompanying this darkness was the faint smell of tangerines.

Yin Zhao-an's hand on the keyboard paused for a moment, but she quickly followed her instincts and pressed the button to activate her character's strongest attack.
At the same time, she heard a slightly annoyed voice coming from above:

“You've been playing for three hours straight now.
It's time for a break.”

A pair of soft hands covered Yin Zhao-an's eyes, preventing her from seeing anything but darkness.
After she activated her character's strongest attack, she removed her hands from her mouse and keyboard, reached for her eyes, and removed Tang Yu's hand from her face.

Tang Yu was honestly a little scared right now.
After all, this was the first time she had disturbed Yin Zhao-an while the latter was gaming.
She was even prepared to receive an angry scolding for her actions.

However, the scolding she had expected didn't come.
Instead, she felt something soft touching her right palm.

It was a kiss from a pair of soft and warm lips.
The warmth from those lips spread from her palm and reached all the way to her heart, melting it.

At this moment, Yin Zhao-an's eyes were only on the anxiously blinking person in front of her.
She was so focused on this person that she had forgotten about her game and didn't even notice the world announcement broadcasting an envy-inducing notice.

Congratulations to player Yuyi Chang'an for delivering the final blow to the Crimson Flame Spirit and obtaining the rare drop “Dark-Eyed Abyssal Cat.”

Dark-Eyed Abyssal Cat!

It was a rare spirit pet that one couldn't buy even if one was wealthy!


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