Chapter 11 – Stood Up

“That person is sick in the head, Tang-Tang.
Let's ignore him,” Yin Zhao-an said, huffing.
She huffed so strongly that even the soft bangs on her forehead were blown up slightly, her behavior not at all elegant.

Tang Yu was familiar with Zhao Yu's personality, so she didn't find the boy's behavior.
Instead, she walked straight toward the military compound.

“I didn't know that person was also living in the compound, Tang-Tang.
Why haven't I seen him before? I should visit him someday,” Yin Zhao-an said while walking next to Tang Yu, her mind coming up with ideas on how she should deal with the arrogant bastard.
“Let's make it this weekend, then.
I saw him going south, so he should be living in your area, Tang-Tang.
I'll also come to play with you.”

Noisy… Tang Yu hastened her footsteps.
However, Yin Zhao-an simply took this as Tang Yu wanting to return home sooner, so she similarly hastened her footsteps while prattling on about how she would prank the detestable boy named Zhao Yu.

Suddenly, Tang Yu felt her hand getting pulled.
The unexpected physical contact stunned her for a few seconds.
Then, she stopped walking, and the emotional fluctuations on her face instantly disappeared.

Yin Zhao-an scratched her hair in embarrassment when she saw Tang Yu turning to her, her cheeks becoming a little red.
Then, like a chirping bird, she hesitantly said, “That… My house is this way, Tang-Tang…”

Yin Zhao-an pointed north after saying so.
Tang Yu lightly nodded in response, indicating that she knew Yin Zhao-an's house was located on the opposite route from her house.

“Can… Can we go to school together tomorrow?” After asking this question, Yin Zhao-an immediately faked a casual laugh, “Ahahaha… Well, aren't we classmates? It'll be more convenient if we go to school together…right…” The more Yin Zhao-an spoke, the softer her voice became, and the weaker her confidence grew.
“…Can we?”

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Tang Yu's hands, hidden in her pockets, gradually balled up as she realized that things were developing in a direction outside of her control.
During her previous life, although Yin Zhao-an was protective of her, it wasn't to a point where they would go to and leave school together.
Things had only changed after that disastrous fire and when she moved in with the Yin family.


Yin Zhao-an's eyes gradually brightened when she heard Tang Yu's reply, very surprised that she didn't get rejected.
She also couldn't help but feel delighted with herself, her mind thinking, See how great I am? No matter how cold this little friend is, she still became my friend in the end.

If Wang Zhen knew about Yin Zhao-an's thoughts, she would definitely take out their family heirloom—the feather duster, and greet her daughter with it from all directions while saying: Little friend? Tang Yu is six months older than you! You should be calling her 'Big Sister!'

“You should hurry home, then, Tang-Tang.
It's going to get dark soon,” Yin Zhao-an said to Tang Yu with the look of a caring mother on her face.

“…” Tang Yu looked away uncomfortably.
Those eyes of Yin Zhao-an's were too pristine, never polluted by the world's taint.
She, on the other hand…was riddled with scars and bruises, and she had long since lost the qualifications for innocence.

Yin Zhao-an stood in place as she watched Tang Yu tread home, step after step, all the while the setting sun in the west cast its afterglow on Tang Yu's lonely back and stretched her shadow across the street.
Eventually, the street became empty as the solitary world devoured that little figure.

A gust of evening wind blew by, causing Yin Zhao-an to shudder and subconsciously bury her chin into the white fur collar of her jacket.
When her freezing cheeks regained a little warmth, she looked left and right, failing to see any other pedestrians around.
Tang Yu's figure had also long disappeared.

After making a few mental remarks about how she was able to fall into a daze while standing in the middle of a street, Yin Zhao-an wobbled home in an unladylike manner.

The next day.

Yin Zhao-an wiped her runny nose with a tissue, the top of her nose becoming bright red after being ravaged multiple times.
Mist that was just as white as the tissue would also come out of her mouth whenever she exhaled.

“S-So cold…
Why isn't Tang-Tang here yet?” Yin Zhao-an muttered to herself as she trotted in place.

Many children started to make their way to school at this time.
Some of these children snickered when they saw Yin Zhao-an standing in place like a fool, while some, who were Yin Zhao-an's playmates, greeted her enthusiastically and asked, “Why aren't you going to school, Yin Zhao-an?”

“I'm waiting for someone.”—was the reply Yin Zhao-an gave whenever someone asked her this question.
Unfortunately, the person she was waiting for refused to show up, and this situation led to a myriad of thoughts appearing in her mind.

Could she have fallen sick? Tang-Tang's body looks very weak.
she must have fallen sick…

Could…Tang-Tang have been kidnapped? No, no.
There's no way such a crazy incident would happen in the compound…

In that case…


This voice!

A chill crawled down Yin Zhao-an's back.
Before her brain could even think of a response, her body had already started to move in an attempt to flee from the voice.
Even then, Yin Zhao-an was too slow to make her escape as the voice's owner had already grabbed the back of her collar.

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