Chapter 119 – Overprotective Lover

Tang Yu sat down on a nearby stone bench and—like an adult watching their own children play around—watched with great interest as Yin Zhao-an played with the children.

Suddenly, an unknown object hit Tang Yu, causing sand and rocks to scatter everywhere.
Although she had reflexively closed her eyes, her reaction still wasn't quick enough, and some of the finer particles still got into her eyes.

Her eyes began to tear up involuntarily.
Just when Tang Yu was about to rub her eyes, a strong hand caught her wrist.
Then, she heard a calm voice carrying a mild hint of anger coming from above, saying, “Don't touch it; let me blow it for you.
You might cause an infection if you use your hands.”

When Tang Yu heard this voice, her initially helpless heart suddenly calmed down.
Then, she obediently looked up and opened her teary eyes, her pupils reflecting the serious and cold face above her.

Yin Zhao-an did not expect such an incident to happen in the short time she was away.
She hadn't even moved out of Tang Yu's line of sight.
Yet, she couldn't really help Tang Yu take revenge since the perpetrator of this incident was only a child.

If this had happened when she was a child, she would have definitely beaten up the child who caused the incident.

A gentle breeze blew into Tang Yu's eyes, soothing the discomfort caused by the foreign object entering her eyes.
At the same time, tears began to flow out of her eyes, bringing out the dust that had gotten in bit by bit.

Tang Yu carefully blinked, her thick and long eyelashes dampened by her tears and her eyes reddening slightly from staying open for a long time.

Yin Zhao-an felt a pang in her heart when she saw Tang Yu's pitiful look, her eyebrows creasing tightly.
It wasn't until Tang Yu gently tugged at her clothes to tell her she was okay that she stopped blowing air into her eyes.

Although the culprit was a child, Yin Zhao-an did not plan to let him off so easily.
If mischievous children were not taught a lesson now, they were bound to grow up into delinquents.
At that time, someone was bound to teach them a lesson, and the consequences would definitely be more severe.

“I'm going to teach that little brat a lesson,” Yin Zhao-an said as she walked toward the little boy who was gloating over his “achievement.”

The little boy clearly did not realize he had done something wrong.
When he saw Yin Zhao-an, who was much taller than him, walking toward him, he felt a little scared.
But when he thought about his mother being nearby, his fear vanished.
If this person were to bully him, he would simply tell his mother.

“Hey, kid, come here for a sec.” Yin Zhao-an forced a fake smile and crouched down as she beckoned the little boy, creating a harmless look for herself.

The little boy was no fool.
There was no way he was going over there.
So, when he heard Yin Zhao-an beckoning him, he went straight to where the other children were playing without looking back at her even once.

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The other children were playing “car transport.” Basically, the children were playing with toy excavators and toy trucks.
The children operating the toy excavators would scoop sand into the toy trucks, while the children operating the toy trucks would manually push their trucks around the sand dune before offloading them at a predetermined location.

Tang Yu watched on in confusion as Yin Zhao-an mingled with the children.
She didn't know what Yin Zhao-an had said, but the children at the dune were all drawn to her, even forgetting to play with their toys.

Sometime later, Yin Zhao-an's expression changed, and she let out a strange scream, scaring a little boy so much that he fell on his back.
Then, he pouted in grievance and started crying the next moment.

Some of the more timid children started crying softly too, but the brave ones looked fascinated and wanted to hear more of what Yin Zhao-an just told them.

The little boy's parents rushed over when they heard the commotion.
They thought Yin Zhao-an had bullied their child and were about to yell at her but were stopped by the other children.
Then, the children spoke up in defense of Yin Zhao-an.

“Big Sister was just telling us an interesting story!”

“Yeah, yeah! It's his fault for being a scaredy-cat!”

“Big Sister wasn't bullying him.
She was just playing with us.”

Children's words are the most persuasive.
Since the children who played together with their son had already spoken as such, the boy's parents could only keep quiet as they pulled their cowardly son away.

Yin Zhao-an couldn't help but smile.
The children hadn't had enough and urged her to tell them another story.
However, she had already achieved her goal, so she dusted herself off and stood up.

“Big Sister doesn't have time to tell another story today.
Someone's waiting for Big Sister to go back.
I'll tell you more stories when I have time in the future, okay?” Yin Zhao-an said with a relaxed smile, her heart became exceptionally soft when facing the lively faces of these children.

The children were a bit disappointed that they couldn't hear more stories, but they still obediently agreed with Yin Zhao-an's arrangement.

At this time, a girl with butterfly braids held onto Yin Zhao-an's shirt and asked in a soft voice, “Who is waiting for you, Big Sister?”

Yin Zhao-an's eyes lit up with a gentle glow, the corners of her mouth raising as she patted the little girl's head and said, “It's Big Sister's lover.”

Tang Yu wasn't close enough to hear what Yin Zhao-an said to the little girl, but she felt something resonate with her heart, and she looked up toward the source of that feeling.
When she met Yin Zhao-an's gentle gaze, her heartbeat inexplicably sped up.
Then, the two of them tacitly smiled at each other.

On the way back, Tang Yu asked Yin Zhao-an how she disciplined the little boy, and she received an answer that was outside her expectations.

“I told them a horror story with a mischievous little boy for its main character,” Yin Zhao-an whispered, her mouth curving into a victorious grin.


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