Chapter 115 – (No Title)

Yin Zhao-an certainly remembered the last time she met Li Beiyu.
Back then, Wen Tao had been complaining to her about how his hair was ruined by “Tony the Barber,” and he even swore a few times at Li Beiyu.

But what of their brief meeting? Yin Zhao-an pinched the bridge of her nose irritably.
She was greatly upset by Li Beiyu's pointless pestering.
So, even her tone had started to worsen as she said, “So what?”

Li Beiyu had long expected such a reaction, so she was unfazed by Yin Zhao-an's annoyed response.
Instead, she started to scrutinize Yin Zhao-an, her gaze ultimately settling on the other party's chest.

Noticing where Li Beiyu's gaze had stopped, Yin Zhao-an lifted her calm eyes slightly, her deep and unfathomable eye revealing a bone-chilling coldness as she asked, “Are you a pervert?”

The instant transformation of Yin Zhao-an's sunny aura into that of a cold and aloof queen sent shivers down Li Beiyu's back.
However, they weren't shivers of fear but excitement instead!

Faking a cough to hide her excitement, Li Beiyu hurriedly spoke up to clarify her position, “No, no, you misunderstand.
The truth is that…you're a lez, right?”

Before Li Beiyu could get an answer to her query, the person sitting next to her stood up and coldly warned her, “Don't challenge my tolerance.”

Yin Zhao-an had a significant height advantage over Li Beiyu, so when she stood up and spoke in such a threatening way, Li Beiyu couldn't help but feel pressured.

After wiping off a cold sweat and forcing herself to stay calm, Li Beiyu said with a wry smile, “No, no, you're really misunderstanding my point.
Actually, I'm also a les— Uh—”

Yin Zhao-an had already stormed away before Li Beiyu could finish speaking her mind, and all she got to see was a valiant back.

Damn, she's so cool…

Even after getting ignored, Li Beiyu had a mesmerized look on her face.
However, she quickly understood that her words had seemingly created a misunderstanding between her and Yin Zhao-an.

In reality, what Li Beiyu wanted to say was that she was an “eager comrade of homos.” Be it gay or lesbian relationships, she would do her best to support the homosexual couples within her line of sight.
Naturally, she also supported budding homosexuals.
Whether a person was having difficulty facing their sexuality or worried that they might face rejection from the target of their affection, so long as she stepped in to help, everything…should be fine…probably.

Based on her observation these past several days, Li Beiyu was certain that Tang Yu and Yin Zhao-an were budding lesbians lacking initiative.

Tang Yu was a taciturn person.
If she didn't receive any external stimulation, she would never understand that some opportunities needed to be seized.
With how popular Yin Zhao-an was with both genders, Tang Yu would only end up sad and miserable if she passively waited for things to happen.

Meanwhile, Yin Zhao-an lacked passion in life, the kind that made people unable to resist and pursue desperately.
Basically, she lacked lust.
And because of her lack of lust, she was quick to feel satisfaction and lacked the drive to take things a step further.
At this rate, if Yin Zhao-an didn't receive a rude awakening, she might end up letting the duckling that had already settled in her hand fly away.

Li Beiyu sat on the bench for a long time, letting her mind wander, and her imagination run wild.
Ultimately, the bell signaling the end of class brought her back to reality.

Upon snapping back to reality, Li Beiyu shook her head, her innocent face flushing slightly.
Then, she hurried to her classroom, her pace gradually increasing from a fast walk to a jog.

At a certain nightclub in the center of Z City:

Deafening people reverberated in the enclosed space as women dressed in alluring attire immersed themselves in revelry.
In the corners where the nightclub's dim lighting did not reach, faint moans could be heard occasionally.
On the dance floor, many women could be seen dancing wildly to the rock music, their bodies swaying to its rhythm.

The woman working the DJ booth also swayed slightly to the music she was playing for the nightclub's customers.
However, not all of her attention was on her job, as her eyes were locked on a girl in the center of the dance floor.

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The girl was a familiar sight in the nightclub.
She would always appear wearing exaggerated makeup and revealing clothing, and she would always dance on the dance floor in her small heels.
Once the girl immersed herself in her dance, she would dance as if she was the only person in the world.
When she smiled, her pearly whites would become exposed, revealing the childishness she had tried to conceal with her thick makeup.

After the girl danced to her heart's satisfaction, she squeezed her way out of the dance floor and sat at the bar, which was tended to by a female bartender with short ear-length hair and obsidian earrings.

“What would you like to drink?” Hua Qian asked while shaking the cocktail shaker in her hands, the ice and liquid inside colliding with the metal container to produce a clear yet muffled sound.

While wiping her sweaty nose with a tissue she had pulled from the bar counter, Li Beiyu said, “Just the usual cocktail.”

However, while Li Beiyu might have ordered a cocktail, Hua Qian didn't dare give the girl an alcoholic drink.
If her boss were to learn of it, her job would more than likely be in jeopardy.

Fortunately, Li Beiyu had never tried actual alcohol.
At most, she had tried pineapple beer[1].
After all, Li Beining had sheltered her well, and he had never let her touch any alcohol, even when attending cocktail parties.

The nightclub Li Beiyu visited was under Li Beining's ownership.
Although he wasn't the establishment's only shareholder, everyone working here knew that Li Beiyu was the daughter of the Li family.

Hence, the nightclub's employees, particularly the manager, always had a headache whenever Li Beiyu visited.
After all, aside from having to keep an eye on the young miss, they also needed to make sure none of the guests tried anything funny with the young miss.
Otherwise, if anything untoward ever happened to the young miss, all of them would be at risk of losing their jobs and their lives.

After receiving a colorful cocktail from Hua Qian and taking a sip, Li Beiyu exclaimed, “You make the best cocktails, Big Sis Qian! The ones I buy outside are so bitter that I'd rather have non-alcoholic drinks.”

“The ones outside probably have additives mixed in.
How can they compare to a professional's?” Hua Qian said with a kind smile.

“Good point.” Li Beiyu held the cocktail in one hand and propped up her chin with the other, savoring her “alcoholic” drink as she listlessly stared at the people on the dance floor.

TL Notes:

[1]pineapple beer: This isn't actual beer.
It's just a pineapple-flavored drink with no alcohol content.

Taken and translated from Baidu:

The most famous pineapple beer is Guangshi pineapple beer, which was first created in the late 1970s.
At that time, when people were drinking beer, they often mixed half of the beer with half of the soda to form a beer-flavored drink that was also sweet and delicious.
Therefore, relevant technical personnel were inspired by it and developed a pineapple-flavored drink based on beer.
It uses malt, rice, sugar, hops, etc.
The perfect combination of the aroma of the pineapple when it is ripe is cooked, saccharified, fermented, and refined by scientific methods.
As a result, it has formed a unique style with strong fruit aroma, moderate sweet and sour taste, rich nutrition, and fresh and refreshing taste.
Since then, the first fruity beer brand in China was born.

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