Chapter 111 – Fingerprint Unlock

7-8 minutes 16.02.2023

Li Beining started to grow drowsy shortly after Gao Rang and Zhao Yu left.
Before he lost consciousness, he tugged at Wen Tao's arm, indicating for the other party to lower his head so that he could say something to him.

Wen Tao went along and put his ear near Li Beining's mouth.
Then, he heard Li Beining weakly saying, “Take my phone… Call Beiyu…”

After saying so, Li Beining furrowed his brow and fell unconscious, leaving Wen Tao to fret by himself.

Subsequently, Wen Tao searched Li Beining's pockets and pulled out a black phone, the device still carrying Li Beining's body temperature.
To Wen Tao's dismay, the phone required a password to unlock.
Out of anxiety, he urgently patted Li Beining's face and asked, “Hey! Don't sleep yet! What's the password?”

Unfortunately, no matter how many times Wen Tao patted Li Beining's face, the other party did not regain consciousness.
Just when Wen Tao was about to explode in frustration, Tang Yu reminded him, saying, “Try unlocking it with his fingerprint.”

“Oh, right!” Wen Tao exclaimed in realization.
Immediately, he grabbed Li Beining's hand and started to go through his fingers one after another.

However, even after trying all ten of Li Beining's fingers, Wen Tao failed to unlock the phone.

“Fuck! What is wrong with you, man!” Wen Tao cursed at the unconscious Li Beining out of frustration.
For a moment, he even had the urge to toss the phone aside.

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Suddenly, the sound of the phone unlocking rang out, stunning both Wen Tao and Tang Yu.

When Tang Yu turned toward the sound's origin, her mouth opened into an “O” when she saw that Wen Tao just so happened to have placed his thumb on the fingerprint sensor.

Although Wen Tao was similarly surprised by this situation, he wasn't in the mood to ponder over it right now.
Hurriedly, he opened Li Beining's contact list, searched for the name “Li Beiyu,” and called the number.

After two beeps, a deafening burst of music came from the other end of the phone.

“Hello? Big Brother? What's up?” the person on the other end said, her voice borderline yelling.

“Your brother's about to die, dammit!”

Roughly ten minutes after Wen Tao hung up the phone on Li Beiyu, a commotion occurred outside the apartment building where Li Beining was staying.
Apparently, several black Volkswagen sedans had driven up to the building in a hurry and parked at the entrance.
Then, a group of men in black stormed out of the vehicles and ran upstairs.

When the men in black arrived outside Li Beining's house, Wen Tao subconsciously hid Tang Yu behind him.
However, he quickly sighed in relief when he saw the first person to enter the house.

Currently, Li Beiyu was wearing thick smoky makeup, and her flaming red lips were particularly prominent.
Her short mink coat hung loosely on her body, revealing her slender waist and large rose tattoo.

“Big Brother!!” Li Beiyu rushed straight to the person on the sofa as soon as she entered the house, a look of worry on her face.
However, she quickly sighed in relief after inspecting Li Beining's injuries.
Then, she began directing the black-clad men standing outside, saying, “Carry my brother out and send him to Yujing Villa.
The people there will arrange for his treatment.
Be careful not to worsen his injuries.”

After seeing the black-clad men carrying Li Beining away, Li Beiyu nonchalantly sat down on the sofa and began curiously looking around the apartment like a guest.
Then, she sneered and revealed a disgusted look on her face, muttering to herself, “I really don't understand why you'd rather suffer in this tiny apartment than stay in any of your villas.”

When Li Beiyu noticed the confusion between the two other people in the house, she smiled and meaningfully said, “You two probably don't know what Big Brother Beining's family does for a living, do you? Well, you'll probably be scared to death if you find out, haha.”

However, Li Beiyu didn't bother to enlighten Wen Tao and Tang Yu.
Instead, she said, “Big Brother Beining will be fine.
Those minor injuries are nothing to him.
He's someone who often treads the line between life and death.
But thank you for taking care of him this time.”

After saying so, Li Beiyu walked out of the house in her high heels, the sound of her heels tapping against the concrete floor echoing in the hallway.
Despite how ridiculous she looked in her out-of-place makeup and her thin high heels that were thinner than her pinky, the innate sense of superiority she radiated could not be hidden.

This was the first time Tang Yu had seen Li Beiyu wearing such thick makeup.
For a time, she had difficulty forming a connection between the innocent-looking Li Beiyu at school and the delinquent-looking Li Beiyu.

Different from Tang Yu, Wen Tao's attention wasn't on Li Beiyu's appearance.
Now that he had time to think calmly, he couldn't help but be a little terrified when he recalled what had happened some minutes ago.

Wen Tao had no recollection of recording his fingerprint on Li Beining's phone, yet it was a fact that his fingerprint had unlocked the device.
In that case, when had his fingerprint been recorded? Why had it been recorded without his knowledge?

As far as Wen Tao could remember, most of the time he spent hanging out with Li Beining was when the latter was working in his barber shop.
During those times, he would sit on the corner sofa, using the shop's WiFi to play games.
Li Beining was afraid he would get bored, so he even bought a small refrigerator to store cold drinks and ice cream for him.

These were the memories Wen Tao had when he was clear-headed.
And although there were times when he wasn't clear-headed, that usually only happened when he was dozing off in the shop.
He had never stayed overnight at Li Beining's house…

The more Wen Tao tried to recall the past, the more frustrated he became.
Eventually, his eyebrows became so knitted that they could probably crush a mosquito.

“I'll send you back, Big Sis Tang,” Wen Tao said.
Annoyed or not, he had to make sure Tang Yu got back safely since he had troubled the other party to make a trip here.
And although he didn't have a car, he could still afford the taxi fare.

However, Tang Yu was more than capable of returning home by herself, so she turned down Wen Tao's offer, saying, “It's fine.
More importantly, what about you? You're injured, too.
Are you sure you don't need treatment?”

At Tang Yu's words, Wen Tao touched his forehead and grunted in pain.
“Doctor Gao said it's just a surface wound.
I'll put a bandage on it when I get home.”

Hearing this, Tang Yu didn't insist that Wen Tao visit the hospital.
Instead, she turned her attention to Wen Tao's right hand and pointed at it, saying, “By the way… Li Beining's phone is still with you.”

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