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“No,” the two children answered simultaneously.


“Really.” The two children remained unfazed.

“Alright, then.
But do try to get along with each other,” the head teacher said as she nudged her glasses, the corners of her mouth curling up slightly.
Although she noticed the enmity between the two children, she pretended not to notice it.
Immediately afterward, she put on a serious look again and raised her voice as she said to everyone in the classroom, “If any of you have any conflicts you cannot solve, you can ask your teachers for help.
Do not fight in private, understood?”

“Understood,” the children in class responded lazily.

The head teacher sighed when she heard her students' disorganized response, but she didn't try to pursue this matter further.
After giving the table-staring trio a long look, she turned around and left the classroom.

When the other students saw nothing exciting happening, they scattered like birds and returned to their seats.
As for the boy who had excitedly brought the head teacher to the class, he had disappeared to who knows where.

Tang Yu pursed her lips, making it obvious that she didn't wish to talk.
Yin Zhao-an did not dare to disturb Tang Yu, either, so she silently lied on her desk and secretly observed Tang Yu.

I can still feel her gentle touch on my arm… Well, not really. Yin Zhao-an giggled quietly. Does this mean Tang-Tang is willing to be friends with me?

The sun was about to set when classes ended.
The world was shrouded in the light of dusk, stretching the shadows of three small figures who were making their way home.

“Why do you keep following us?!”

“Who do you think you are? Why would I follow you?”

“Then, stop taking the same road as us!”

“Your family doesn't own this road, so what if I walk on it?”

Tang Yu quietly walked in front with her backpack, cold sweat covering her forehead.
The two people behind her had not stopped taunting each other since classes ended.
She never knew children could bicker for so long.

The military compound was just ahead, yet the trio continued walking on the same path.
Noticing this, Yin Zhao-an's complexion changed time and again.
Eventually, she stopped Zhao Yu and reminded him, “Hey, the military compound is just ahead.
Are you sure you want to keep following us?”

However, Zhao Yu simply smirked and elegantly rolled his eyes at Yin Zhao-an.
Then, he strode forward before greeting the soldier on duty at the guard post.
After the soldier greeted him back, he turned around and grinned at Yin Zhao-an, only to wear an expression of indifference a second later.

Yin Zhao-an's eyelids twitched at this sight.

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