Chapter 104 – Making Things Difficult

When Tang Yu arrived downstairs, the first thing she did was search the fridge for some bread to eat.
She remembered the nanny stocking quite a lot of bread in there.

The young nanny was in the midst of washing rice when Tang Yu entered the kitchen.
When she saw Tang Yu opening the fridge and taking out a loaf of bread, she hurriedly stopped the other party.

“It's a cold day today, so you shouldn't be eating refrigerated bread for dinner,” the young nanny said as she wiped her hands on her apron and walked over to the nearby pressure cooker.
When she removed the pressure cooker's lid, an intense aroma instantly spread across the kitchen.

Pork rib soup? Tang Yu had done a lot of cooking in her previous life, so she instantly recognized the smell coming from the pressure cooker.

After tasting the soup to see if it was sufficiently salted, the young nanny filled a small bowl of pork rib soup for Tang Yu.
Apart from soup and large pieces of pork rib, the bowl also contained plump peanuts, wolfberries, and ginseng.

“It smells great,” Tang Yu complimented.
She was also a little surprised by the medicinal ingredients added to the soup.

The young nanny didn't hand the bowl of soup to Tang Yu right away.
Instead, she brought it to the dining table in the living room and smiled, saying, “It's a little hot, so be careful.”

“Thank you,” Tang Yu said as she accepted the chopsticks and porcelain spoon the young nanny offered her.
Then, she went straight to taking a sip of the cloudy soup, the warm and nutritious liquid soothing rapidly soothing her restless stomach.

When the young nanny saw Tang Yu revealing a satisfied expression, she secretly sighed in relief.
Then, she said, “Take your time drinking and come to the kitchen for a refill if you want more.
I'll be preparing dinner in the meantime.”

“Mhm!” Tang Yu beamed a sweet smile at the young nanny, shallow dimples appearing on her face.

Throughout the past few days of interacting with Tang Yu, the young nanny had never seen the younger girl smile so happily before, and she couldn't help but be affected by the younger girl's smile.
After revealing a faint smile of her own, the young nanny returned to the kitchen and resumed work with greater enthusiasm.

Halfway through her bowl of soup, Tang Yu suddenly remembered there was still a starving patient upstairs.
After uttering a quiet apology, she brought the remaining half of her soup upstairs.

Yin Zhao-an was leaning back against the headboard and resting her eyes when she heard the door opening.
When she opened her eyes, she saw Tang Yu walking over with a bowl of soup.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Tang Yu held up the bowl of soup and asked, “Do you want to drink some?”

In response, Yin Zhao-an blinked her eyes a few times before she smiled and said, “I'll drink it if you feed me.”

“Don't push your luck,” Tang Yu indifferently said before standing up, looking like she was about to leave.
Then, sure enough, she immediately heard a certain someone showing weakness.

“I was wrong, I was wrong.
I want to drink it, I want to drink it,” said a certain someone who had tried to push her luck as she hurriedly grabbed the edge of Tang Yu's shirt.
However, she dared not use too much force as she was afraid of causing Tang Yu to spill the hot soup.

At this point, it had already become a form of entertainment for Tang Yu to tease Yin Zhao-an.
She felt especially exhilarated whenever she saw Yin Zhao-an's pleading expression.

Ultimately, Tang Yu still went along with Yin Zhao-an's wishes and personally fed her.
Of course, she didn't do so because she had given in to Yin Zhao-an's adorable pleading look.
She simply didn't want to risk Yin Zhao-an spilling any of this delicious pork rib soup.
It'd be a huge waste of such a good soup.

Yin Zhao-an smacked her lips after drinking a few mouthfuls, looking like she was savoring the taste.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

“How is it?” Tang Yu asked when she saw Yin Zhao-an's behavior.

In response, Yin Zhao-an frowned and fell into thought.
Then, as if she was a professional food critic, she said, “It's good, but…it's lacking a bit of flavor.”

Tang Yu was momentarily stunned by Yin Zhao-an's comment.
Then, thinking that soup might have lost some of its flavors after it had cooled, she skeptically tried a spoonful herself.

“Really? I think the flavor's just right, though,” Tang Yu said after savoring the soup.
The soup was as rich as when she drank it downstairs.

Yin Zhao-an fell silent.
She could feel a familiar feeling at the bottom of her heart, but she couldn't quite grasp it clearly, and neither could she tell what caused this familiarity.

She just felt that…pork rib soup shouldn't taste this way.
It should have a different kind of flavor profile.
But what could it be?

Seeing Yin Zhao-an about to fall into a daze, Tang Yu got up from the bed and asked, “Do you want to go downstairs for a walk? It'll be good to go for a stroll in the living room once in a while.”

A stroll…in the living room? Yin Zhao-an was caught off guard by Tang Yu's suggestion.
This was the first time she had heard such a saying.
However, it was true that she had started to feel a little bored after sitting in her room all day, so she grabbed her crutches and followed Tang Yu out of the room.

Yin Zhao-an had spent all of her time in her room during the past few days.
Even her meals were brought upstairs for her.
So, when the young nanny saw Yin Zhao-an coming downstairs, she couldn't help but be stunned.

However, the young nanny quickly regained her composure and went into the kitchen to bring out the dishes she had cooked.
The dishes were still steaming, and they looked and smelled appetizing.

As soon as Yin Zhao-an sat down, something immediately caught her notice.
Every dish served on the table was prepared in two variations—spicy and non-spicy.
Moreover, the two variations were clearly distinguished from each other.

Yin Zhao-an normally liked to eat spicy food.
She knew Tang Yu liked it as well, so there was no reason to prepare two variations of the same dish.

When Tang Yu saw Yin Zhao-an showing no signs of touching her chopsticks, she put down her own chopsticks and softly asked, “Do you not like these dishes?”

Yin Zhao-an stayed silent.
How could she not like these dishes? These were all her favorites.

Tang Yu also knew about Yin Zhao-an's preferences; she even went out of her way to give the nanny a list of dishes and asked the nanny to prepare more of Yin Zhao-an's favorites.
But now, Yin Zhao-an's behavior made it look like she disliked these dishes.

“Why are these dishes so bland?” Yin Zhao-an suddenly turned to look at the nanny standing in the corner, her gaze sharp and harsh.

Yin Zhao-an's sudden question put the young nanny at a loss, and she couldn't help but look to Tang Yu for help.

Tang Yu also didn't understand why Yin Zhao-an was making things difficult for the nanny.
Reaching out and tugging at Yin Zhao-an's sleeve, Tang Yu frowned a little as she asked, “What's the matter?”


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