ao Yu asked, “Has the download finished?”

Yin Zhao-an quickly remembered what they were doing and looked at her laptop's screen.
Then, she found that not only had the game's download finished, but even the installation was completed already.
Currently, the game's client was flickering on the screen, waiting for a click from her cursor.

The game was called “Art of Freedom.” It was an adventurous-sounding name.
However, when Yin Zhao-an saw the game's light-blue icon, she felt a stinging pain in her eyes, as if needles were prickling them.
A feeling of disgust also welled up within her, causing her expression to turn ugly.

Zhao Yu quickly noticed the change in Yin Zhao-an's expression.
He originally thought something had gone wrong with the installation, but just as he was about to get up to take a look, Yin Zhao-an suddenly stopped him.

“It's nothing.
I just feel like I've seen this game before,” Yin Zhao-an said while pinching the bridge of her nose.
She felt as if something in her mind was clamoring to break loose.
However, the more she tried to think about it, the worse her headache got.

Having no interest in finding trouble for herself, Yin Zhao-an quickly decided to cast aside her confusion and concentrated on researching the game.

She had to admit that the game's opening scene was well-made.
The opening started by showing a peach blossom forest in full bloom.
Then, two shooting stars shot across the sky and arrived at a vast sea, the shockwaves they generated causing the sea to surge.
Even though every scene was made using CGI, it looked as if everything was shot in the real world.

Eventually, the two “shooting stars” stopped at the top of a misty mountain and revealed their true appearances—two individuals who looked at the world beneath them with disdain.

The first person to catch Yin Zhao-an's eye was a woman with a delicate face.
The woman's black hair was combed into a bun and held together by pink tassels, and she wore a pink dress that fluttered in the breeze.

Standing next to the woman was a man with a slender build.
The man had a sharp and handsome face and long hair that was tied into a ponytail.
Unlike the empty-handed woman, the man carried a longsword on his back.

Subsequently, an input box popped up on Yin Zhao-an's screen, prompting her to register an account.
Without much thought, Yin Zhao-an entered her email account, set a password, and clicked “Register.”

The next step was the most crucial one—choosing a role.

Characters in this game could choose between six classes, and these classes were split between offensive and supporting roles.

Yin Zhao-an's mind hovered between the Wanderer and Mystic classes, hesitant about which to choose.

When Zhao Yu saw Yin Zhao-an staring at the screen and doing nothing for a long time, he curiously snuck a look and decisively clicked on the next selection page for her, revealing a Bard holding a zither.

“?” Yin Zhao-an frowned when she saw the Bard class on the screen.
“But I want to be an attacker.”

In response, Zhao Yu shook his head and began to talk at length, “Based on my experience, the Bardis is the most well-rounded class.
The Mystic might be a stronger DPS, but the class's support skills focus only on raising Const and Speed.
So, Mystics are paper when it comes to taking hits.”

Although Yin Zhao-an didn't understand what Zhao Yu was saying, she refused to show weakness, so she pretended to understand and nodded.

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