She initially wanted to say “xx for Ruan and xx’s for An”.
But as a science student, her vocabulary bank was quite limited.
For a while, she could not think of any beautiful phrases to represent her surname.

In the end, she had no choice, “Ruan… as in the family name…and safety (An’an) for first name.”

She suddenly realised what she had said.

Damn, what kind of cringy introduction is this?

In front of her was Perky Butt.

Was she trying to chase him away with her awkwardness?

The person she was interacting with held special meaning to her, so she was being extra self-conscious.

Ruan An’an deeply regretted what she just said.

Just as she desperately tried to think of a new topic, the person in front of her suddenly smiled.

“Ruan An’an, the name sounds good.”

Ruan An’an was dazzled.

Her face blushed uncontrollably at the sight of his light smile and his clear and gentle presence.

Ruan An’an did not have much interaction with him during these two meetings, but she had a strong impression.

Although he did not speak too fast or too slow, and his intonation did not fluctuate too much, she took much pleasure listening to his captivating voice.

Especially when he said her name, it was like…

She was still relishing in the sound of his voice speaking her name, she heard it again.
“Ruan An’an.”

Before she could lift her head to respond, a hand suddenly appeared in front of her.

The palm lines were light, and the fingers were slender and long.
It was a beautiful hand.

She looked at the owner of the hand in bewilderment.

Gu Jue rested his hand on the table and said naturally, “Can you lend me a pen?”

“Who are the two people sitting on the last row?” 

“I haven’t seen them before.
Is this one of their elective courses?”

“Are you stupid? This class is a major course in the Department of Economics and Management.
It’s not an elective course!”

“That’s strange… Even if they’re not from our department, with a face like that, they should be popular in the entire university.
Could they be exchange students?”

Ruan An’an was so focused on talking to Gu Jue, completely oblivious to the situation around her, and did not turn her head until the teacher started speaking.

She was neither aware that they were the topic of the classroom, nor did she know that after half an hour, they would be trending on the University C forum:

Title: Located in the Economics and Management Department of Finance Class, came two super damn good-looking third-year exchange students! They are simply the face of University C!!!

When the class had started, the Powerpoint was projected on the big screen.

Ruan An’an took a look at the syllabus projected on the screen.
She had learned the syllabus for the semester two years ago.

The only difference was that she studied the English version two years ago, and this time was the Chinese translated version.

The teacher had a very stern teaching style that did not involve much interaction with the students.
The first class was the usual dull introduction of the course, mainly to outline and organize the syllabus for the semester, and the classroom was filled with chatter, not paying much attention.

Ruan An’an originally thought that Gu Jue would pay attention in class since he had borrowed her pen.
Gu Jue did not carry a bag, he neither had a pen, nor a notebook.
She thought that Gu Jue would ask for a notebook soon.

But half an hour passed.

Never did she expect that… He borrowed the pen just for pen spinning…

Ruan An’an opened her mouth to speak several times but stopped, and Gu Jue probably noticed it, and explained with a smile, “When I was in high school, I was always impatient in class, and since I don’t know when, spinning pens became a habit.”

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