Chapter 22.2 (TL: Bara Chou)

Originally, Ruan An’an had wanted to celebrate her first night in a relationship with her still-single besties, but considering there was school the next day, she decided to postpone it to a better time.

Other than the winter and summer vacations, any breaks over 2 days were considered long.
So, there was inevitably a gloomy atmosphere once classes resumed.

However, no one expected the forums to boil with excitement starting from early in the morning.

  [Topic] #OMG! Dear sisters! RuanGu is official! I’ve only been on this ship for 4 days, what a Godspeed!!!#1F[OP]: This morning I got spammed by a friend from Finance Class 1 with several pictures and dozens of voice messages! This might be a bit late, but I really want to share it with all of you!!!
TL/N: posts in Chinese forums are numbered as “floors”; OP = original poster (used on Reddit and other forum sites)
Here’s the tl;dr!
Let’s call my friend A.
A is on chatting terms with Ruan An’an, and over the weekend had already told me so many stories about Ruan An’an and Gu Jue.
So, this morning when A got to the classroom, those two were already there.
She went to the back to grab some books from her locker.
So, on her way back, she was able to see Gu God napping on the desk and Ruan An’an playing on her phone.
Then, upon closer inspection, she noticed…
Gu God was cuddling Ruan An’an arm!
My god! Like, that half-cradling half-pillowing kind of pose that reminds you of a clingy kitten!
Look at these pictures!!!!!!! I’ve died over them so many times! These two godly beauties are too f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ well-suited, I’m crying qwq!
A said she was originally very sleepy, but the shock from the scene immediately invigorated her.
She went over to ask Ruan An’an quietly, why Gu God was napping on her arm.
But before Ruan An’an answered, Gu God lifted his head and replied to A in an obvious tone: “What’s wrong with sleeping on my girlfriend’s arm?”
Oh, A also told me to mention this: the candy that Ruan An’an is eating in the photos is from Gu God.
She never brings candy, but everyday Gu God gives her one, and the type changes every day too.

The story is done.
I am also done qwq.
2F: Damn, I’m done too… They’re official! RuanGu is real! My sisters, rejoice!!!!
3F: I was f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ running to my class… My roommate just asked me why I cursed so many times.
AHHHHH I can’t help it! I can’t find any other words to express my feelings rn!!
4F: AHHHH I screamed the moment I finished reading! I also knocked my roommate awake! Even if I knocked her into her grave, I still need to tell her! RuanGu is REAL!!!!

Ruan An’an only saw the posts after Qiu Yan mentioned them during class.

“RuanGu” is the combination of her and Gu Jue’s last names.
The meaning of “RuanGu is real” was apparent.

Other than the OP, there wasn’t much real content in the thread.
Everyone was just spamming some form of “RuanGu is real”.

Thus, Ruan An’an happily followed the trend and added an anonymous post.

Reading this story from an outside angle reminded her of the events earlier.

Today, Gu Jue’s sleepiness seemed to have reached a new height.

He had yawned 4 or 5 times before he even said anything, not that the sleepiness took away any of his beauty though.
Beauty Gu greeted her with teary eyes, “morning, girlfriend.”

His half-asleep nasally voice made her knees weak.

Ruan An’an’s heart was already pounding, but that didn’t stop her from asking “Why are you so tired? Didn’t get a good night’s sleep?”

“To be precise, I didn’t sleep much.”

“Huh, why?”

“Because, I was too excited to sleep after getting a girlfriend.”

Said girlfriend: …

Her boyfriend was too excited to sleep, what did that say about her when she slept soundly last night?

Gu Jue’s sleepiness was real, and before long, he couldn’t stay awake any longer.
After handing her candy, he held out a hand.
“Lend me your arm.” Then, without another word, he napped on the arm that Ruan An’an had offered.

He also… also rubbed his head against her!

Just as the forum had described, he was like a clingy kitten!

On the first day of dating, her boyfriend was already this clingy, what a sweet frustration.

By the time the photos were taken, Ruan An’an was no longer furiously blushing.
In the photos, she was in a normal state, on her phone with one hand.
You could only see a quarter of Gu Jue’s face – the long lashes and his tightly shut eyes – the rest were hidden by her sleeve that he was holding onto.

The scene looked incredibly cozy.

Ruan An’an hit the save button without a second thought and sent Gu Jue a copy over WeChat.

The instructor arrived and handed out some material.
It was one page and the stack got passed around the room.

When the stack got to Ruan An’an, she took a page for herself and another to put on Gu Jue’s desk.

Coincidentally, Gu Jue lifted his head from the table the moment she placed the paper down.

The paper grazed against his cheek.

At first, Ruan An’an didn’t notice anything wrong.
“You’re awake? The instructor just came too.
This is a handout.
We’re supposed to read it ourselves first.”

Something felt wrong to Gu Jue around where the paper had connected with his face.
It was a little itchy and a little painful.

It wasn’t too much of a bother though.
He touched it with his hand, and felt…

In his barely woken state, his groggy mind hadn’t figured out what happened yet.
“… Where did this blood come from?”

Ruan An’an did a double take.

Blood? What blood?

She quickly turned to look at him.
He was looking towards her too, so she saw a line of red on his face, contrasting greatly with his pale skin.
“Ah,” she made a small exclamation.

“Did the paper…” Ruan An’an realized, “I must have cut you when I was putting it down on your desk.
Sorry, I was careless… It must be that!”

Gu Jue looked so very alluring, with his sleepy eyes and a small red mark on his face.

“F̲u̲c̲k̲.” Ruan An’an couldn’t help exclaiming.

Gu Jue raises his eyes, “…what are you f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲?”

“I’m just surprised…” Ruan An’an caressed an unharmed part of his face.
As expected, it felt heavenly.
From the bottom of her heart, “why are you so soft??”


Clearly unhappy about that phrase, Gu Jue expressionlessly asked, “I’m what?”

“I mean… your face is soft.” Ruan An’an drily explained.
Then, she started worrying about the wound.
“But what to do about this type of cut? It’s small but you’re bleeding… I have band-aids in my bag, do you want one?”

Out of habit, Gu Jue was about to decline.

However, the words of refusal took a turn in his mouth and became “yes.”

While Ruan An’an used one hand to scour her bag for a band-aid, her body leaned towards his face to take a better look.

“Doesn’t look like it’s bleeding anymore.
Wouldn’t putting on a band-aid slow down the healing process…”

“It won’t,” Gu Jue said quickly.

Ruan An’an wanted to ask something else too, but Gu Jue blinked his eye at her, “you did this, take responsibility.”

“…” She finally found a band-aid, and ripped off the packaging while mumbling, “when did I say I wasn’t going to take responsibility… oh, by the way, hope you don’t mind that my band-aids have little flower designs.”

Gu Jue watched her as she busied both her mouth and hands.
She cleanly took off the two flaps on the side and approached his face holding just the edges.

Then, he felt the cut being covered.
He could feel the warmth of her fingertips.

Getting hurt was a common thing during Gu Jue’s School Boss days.
Small wounds were left unattended, but he had to go to the hospital for large ones.
He would get annoyed every time they applied medicine to him or bandaged him.

But looking at this girl carefully attending his wound, and sensing the warmth of her fingertip and her scent, for the first time, Gu Jue felt that the papercut was worth it.

The little pink flower on the band-aid seemed extra cute on Gu Jue.
Before the end of the class, she even made him pose for a few pictures.
Gu Jue didn’t seem to mind.

After this class, Gu Jue accompanied her for an elective class, before sending her off to the dorms and driving home.

When he arrived home, he ignored the dumb cat who was waiting on food and went straight to the bathroom mirror.

The little pink flower was cartoonish.
No matter how pretty he was, it did not match his aesthetics.
But somehow, the more he looked at it, the more he liked it.

He walked to the living room and sat down.
Scrolling through his WeChat contact list, he decided to video call Xue Zhao first.

“Gu Dog, why did you…” At first, Xue Zhao was unamused, but then he saw Gu Jue’s face.
“F̲u̲c̲k̲, what happened to your face?”

Before Gu Jue could answer, Xue Zhao started his Gatling of words.
“Someone punched you? Who did god’s work? Who has the ability to leave a mark on you? Tell me so I can train under them! I—”

“Pause for a sec.”

Unlike Xue Zhao’s rowdiness, Gu Jue simply smiled lightly and stated, “it was an accident, a little papercut and a tiny bit of blood.”

Xue Zhao: ?

Xue Zhao was confused, “you have a band-aid on for that? Can you even see the cut? When did you get this high-maintenance?”

That was the question Gu Jue was hoping for.

“I didn’t put this on.
I thought it was fine.”

Gu Jue talked as if they were just exchanging pleasantries, “it was my girlfriend… she was worried that it might get infected, and insisted on the band-aid…”

After he finished, he didn’t care for Xue Zhao’s reaction and just ended the call.

One victim down, next was Zhou Chenchu.

“Nothing much, I’m video calling because I missed you… What, can’t I still miss you even if we went out drinking last night?

“Oh, I haven’t gone to the company much lately, I… wait, do you really not see the thing on my face or are you just pretending to not notice?”

“Why didn’t you ask if you’ve noticed? Oh… I wasn’t in a fight, it’s a papercut.”

“I’m not high-maintenance… My girlfriend insisted on the band-aid since there was blood.
What can I do when she cares about me so much… Hello?”

The other side was silent.

Gu Jue lowered his phone to check.

— The call has ended.

Gu Jue stared at those words as his smile widened.
He continued down his contact list and called the overseas Gu Ming.

This time, he had to wait for a bit.
Gu Ming only picked up seconds before the call defaulted to no answer.

“… Hello?” Sleepiness filled Gu Ming’s voice.
“What’s up? What’s with the video call?”

Gu Ming must’ve just gone to bed after staying up too late playing Six Realms.
Gu Jue had forgotten about the time zone difference.
He felt a little guilty for interrupting the game addict’s sleep and decided to not pester him today.

But before he could speak, the other person sat up.

The brothers stared at each other.
Gu Ming muttered a curse and widened his eyes, “who hit you, Ah Jue? Huh?? Have you lost your touch? Didn’t you use to fight one-on-dozen? What happened? When did you get this weak?”

Gu Ming’s voice got louder with each sentence.
“How bad is it? Is the band-aid enough???”

“… Don’t worry, it wasn’t a fight.
It’s a papercut.” Gu Jue explained.
“It’s really nothing, just a small cut from a sheet of paper.
It was fine after oozing a few drops of blood…”

Gu Ming: “… ha?”

Gu Jue had never liked having bandages or gauze on him.
Sometimes, he would take off the bindings himself after just two days.

He thought it looked uncool and was unnecessary.

Back then, it was Gu Ming who chased after him to make sure his wounds were properly dressed, so Gu Ming was well-aware of his personality.

Gu Ming was seriously confused.
He opened his mouth a few times before finally saying, “Wait, but why do you have a band-aid on? Wouldn’t the cut heal by itself after just a bit?”

Gu Jue nodded, “that’s what I said.”

“Sigh… I didn’t want to either, but see this band-aid? It’s got a flower on it too…” Gu Jue appeared resigned.
He spoke the next words very clearly.
“It was my girlfriend.
She got so worried and insisted on the band-aid… in fear of infection.”


Gu Jue is such a child wwww

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