Gu Jue found that every time a friend from home or abroad asked him such a question, the other party would always be very surprised after he answered it, a reaction similar to Ruan An’an’s.


He remembered that he was pursued by a girl with a very outgoing personality in high school for a long time, but his attitude remained firm and unhinged.
The group of people around him were shocked, saying, ” Master Gu, you don’t even like the School Flower? Why don’t you just go ahead and look for a fairy?”


Gu Jue smiled at the time, and said in his heart, perhaps what I adored were really fairies all this time.


Gu Jue has been the boss of the group for a long time.
At that time, he was not willing to talk to others about things such as ‘I fell in love with a little girl a long time ago, you know’.
Should he share his thoughts on matters like this back then, he wouldn’t be considered the ‘boss’ anymore.


As a result, a group of people who got acquainted with him later guessed that it was not because of him being emotionally scarred after a failed relationship in elementary school.


There was also a joke that Zhou Chenchu ​​just made in the group.
Gu Jue’s sexuality seems to be fine, but it was very problematic for such a person not to fall in love, which led to his sexuality being suspected.


In fact, there were so many reasons not to fall in love.


Wasn’t he too young at the time? Did his heart even know who it belonged to?


He straightened up, walked two steps forward and stood still in front of her, “Well, I really haven’t,” All because of you.


Ruan An’an couldn’t say that she didn’t believe it.
After all, Gu Jue was probably someone who would not lie about this kind of thing as he would probably answer it directly if he had a history of relationships.


It’s just that she has a huge doubt in her heart— if you hadn’t been in a relationship before, how are you pulling onto my heartstrings so well?


Could it be that I am the faulty one?


Was it because I have never really seen the world?


Ruan An’an thought for a while, but she was happy to hear him say this answer from his mouth.


She ran a long errand early in the morning, and she even stood there with him the entire time.
Ruan An’an let out a sigh of relief, “Pant…I’m exhausted, I’ll squat for a while…” She lowered her head and stomped her feet, “Keep track of the time, don’t miss it.”


She then squatted down after speaking.


The result was still unsuccessful.
Her arm was bent tightly as she was grasped by another hand that pulled her to stand up straight again.


Ruan An’an raised her head in astonishment  just to connect with Gu Jue’s line of sight.


“It’s wrong to squat down right after running.”


His tone of voice was flat, as if he was a teacher who was educating his students without any sense of splendor.


——If it wasn’t for the next second as he grabbed her arm again and pushed her back to make her lean against the wall.


Gu Jue continued in this position, “If you feel uncomfortable now, squatting will make it even more uncomfortable.
If you don’t want to walk, just stand like this for a moment.”


Ruan An’an blinked and accepted his ways of teaching wordlessly.


 At this moment, there was an unfamiliar march that was very exciting.
It was a song that basically represented the feeling of a sports meet upon the first time listening to it.
However, it didn’t match the current atmosphere.


But Ruan An’an was inexplicably impacted by this action.


It is said that when you like someone, the brain secretes a substance called dopamine.
However, some studies have shown that if it is subdivided, dopamine was actually found in the peak of the love period.
But in the initial relationship between men and women, the substance that will be secreted is called phenylethylamine during the period of affection.


——Now, Ruan An’an feels that the secretion rate of phenylethylamine in her thalamus must be measured by the N to the power of 2, which was constantly released strongly and turbulently, agitating her entire being.


The action of being lifted up against the wall by him.


Was really arousing.


Goodness, it was an explosion of arousal!!!!


Even the education behind it has been very pleasant!

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