“So don’t try to educate me on the sense of collective honor.
Why did I sign up? What is the reason that I came to this sports meet at eight o’clock in the morning…” Gu Jue leaned his upper body slightly and slowly approached her with a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth, “Have you not realised?”


Eight thirty.


 In ten minutes, there will be the 100m men’s preliminaries.


Gu Jue has been away for a while.


Ruan An’an didn’t want to educate him in the first place as she just wanted to mess with him a bit.
In the end, she was the one blushing red and her heart palpitated quickly, unable to slow down for a long time.


Her classmates were not aware of the situation.
Hence, when they passed by, they would say “Ruan An’an, are you okay? Your face is so red”, “Goddess Ruan, do you have a fever?”


Ruan An’an closed her eyes, holding her face with both hands in a desperate attempt to cool herself.
Within a few seconds, however, she was patted on her shoulder.


She raised her head and saw the Sports Committee standing next to her.


“Goddess Ruan, please help me! Go and give some water to Gu God!”


“Me?” Ruan An’an was stunned, “Why me?”


“How do I know? He told me that he would only drink the water given by you!” After the Sports Committee finished speaking, he said in a low voice, “Actually, I guess it’s because he wants you to cheer for him,” The Sports Committee coughed, “Yeah, sorry about that.
Only you can… you know what I mean!”


Ruan An’an, … I was roasted by him just a while ago, so I don’t really want to know what you meant.


But alas, the arms could never win the thighs(2).
In the end, Ruan An’an was begged by the Sports Committee to rush off the stands as she held two bottles of water in her arms.
His instructions were, ” He’s over there! Goddess Ruan, please make a run for it.
You won’t make it if you just walk to cover the distance of such a big area.
And if you don’t run, he won’t be able to even drink a sip of water before the competition starts! Can you really bear him to do so?”


(T/N: It means weaker forces can’t overpower stronger forces)


Ruan An’an, “…” I think I can.



At this moment, Gu Jue lined up at the inspection desk and everybody around him were looking over this way.


He was a little annoyed, so he took out his mobile phone.
After replying to the Sports Committee on Wechat to have Ruan An’an send over some water, he opened the WeChat group again.


Gu Jue only had two group chats on Wechat— one for the Game Championship group and the other was with his group of brothers.


The group chat with his friends changed their group name all day long, so at some point, unbeknownst to him, it had now become the name ‘Whoever Falls In Love First Is A Dog’.


However, they were very much used to joking.
At any given time of the day, whoever had a sudden idea could just change the name of the group out of humour.
The last group name was ‘Idiot Xue is dense and stupid, his Feng Shui would not be good’.
Even so, no one really minded.


After reading the old messages, Gu Jue manually sent a message to everybody in the group.
[ @Everyone, I have something to say.]


Although Xue Zhao had removed the plaster, his legs have not functioned very well so far.
This meant that he stayed at home every day and kept his mobile phone in his hands constantly.
Hence, he was the first to respond.


Xue Zhao Is Not A Dog: [? Gu Gou is alive?]


Before Gu Jue could type, Xue Zhao had sent a long message.


Xue Zhao Is Not A Dog: [@Zhou Chenchu Is Human, @Ji Qian Is Also A Human! Damn it! When I went to rant about being cheated on last time, I forgot to tell you both! Gu Dog has a situation recently!!!]

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