She didn’t know if he believed it or just didn’t want to expose her attempt at covering things up, but he didn’t speak any more.
He took his school bag from behind and sat down in the empty seat next to her.


Accompanied by the morning breeze, Ruan An’an smelled a scent of freshly done laundry on his body.


Suddenly, there was some hypocrisy and emotion.


This was college life.


During the three years of where she was at Harvard, there was no chance of falling in love as there were only a bunch of handsome foreigners.
It was also rather boring to go to the bar.
She just wanted to graduate and return to China as soon as possible.


Although her reasons were semi-formal and semi-personal for coming back, she had met Gu Jue, attended classes, basketball games and sports meets.
There were also very lively and lovely classmates, where she even had the chance to meet someone who was pure and ethereally beautiful.


It was like a form of compensation for the three years of darkness before.


Ruan An’an was thinking about it in a daze when a hand dangled in front of her eyes.
She turned her head and saw Gu Jue taking out a bottle of water from his bag, twisting the cap away.
He smiled at her, “What are you so entranced about this early in the morning?”


“…” Ruan An’an paused, before she opened her mouth, “I studied late last night.
In fact, you can’t tell, but I am reviewing the materials silently,” She pointed to her brain, “Contemplation.”


Gu Jue, “…”


He couldn’t give her an answer, so Gu Jue just turned his head silently and took a sip of water.


Ruan An’an waited for him to finish twisting the bottle cap, before she asked again, “Are you done with it?”


“…Done with what?”


“The registration book,” Ruan An’an blinked, “Didn’t the Sports Committee take the athletes to change something?” She looked around afterwards, “But why did you come back alone in advance? …There’s so many others who have yet to return.”


Gu Jue understood the situation after hearing her fragmented words.
He stretched one leg and leaned back, “Because I didn’t go at all, I just arrived.”


“…” Ruan An’an was taken aback, “Weren’t athletes required to gather round by seven?”


Gu Jue replied with a ‘mmhm’ before he spoke, “I didn’t wake up.
Overslept but I’ve talked to the Sports Committee on Wechat.”


After Gu Jue finished speaking, he saw Ruan An’an staring at him earnestly without blinking as he turned around.


He suddenly had some doubts, “…what’s the matter?”


Ruan An’an said rather abruptly, “Student Gu, you can’t do this.”


Student Gu, “?”


“It’s not right to wake up late for such a big event like a sports meet.
You must set your alarm clock in advance and arrive at school on time,” Ruan An’an said earnestly, “You have to have a sense of collective honor!”


At first glance, the girl’s serious expression had no faults, but after getting along with her for a long time, Gu Jue recognized at a glance that this was a chance to wait for her to drop her act.


On the surface, she appeared calm and serious, although she had probably begun to laugh wildly in her heart.


But Gu Jue’s mood that was ruined by him getting up early, has been slightly restored into a less displeased emotion after hearing such ideological education.


He watched Ruan An’an act in a serious manner, and suddenly thought of the moment when he started to like her.
That was when the little girl’s character had already emerged from the shadows.

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