If it hadn’t been for the forum’s post to relieve her boredom, Ruan An’an was almost going to fall asleep.


Not everyone from her class was present, as all the athletes were absent at this time.


Ruan An’an was slightly late today.
After she came, she listened to the words of the person who sat next to her.
Basically, the Sports Committee had suddenly expressed that something went wrong with the registration numbers.
Someone might have been registered incorrectly, so he had ushered all the athletes to gather round.


She guessed that Gu Jue probably followed him too.
Otherwise, she would have seen him here.


Ruan An’an was bored sitting in the stands and continued to scroll through her posts.


The reply from the anonymous forum will not be prompted.


After Ruan Anan’s post was completed, no one noticed it for a long time.
Everyone was still discussing his waist.
Most of them were talking about the earlier poem, “Gu God doesn’t need a knife to kill, he can do so with just his waist”.
This continued until the 80th comment mentioned something.


80: Hahahahaha! 56 has an important question.
‘You don’t pay attention to Gu God’s butt?’ This is too damn funny.
What kind of focal point of focus was this?


81: Sigh, of course I paid attention to it! Although this post is about praising his waist, there’s really no angle that Gu God doesn’t look good in, no? Let me ask then, which part of him is not good-looking?


82: His waist is killer and his butt is curvy…Tsk tsk, I wonder who gets that treat in the future?


83: Killer waist and curved butt! I can do it! I’m willing to do it!!! Gu God, I am willing!!!


Ruan An’an, “?”


Well, you’re willing but why don’t you ask him if he was willing to?


She was about to refute, but another comment appeared below.


84: Young lady in the comment above, please be a little more sober.
Even if you’re willing to, the other party has to agree as well… You also have to consider about who Gu God wants, haha~ [Nosebleed]


Ruan An’an gave this comment a thumbs-up with great approval. That’s right, that’s how it should be!!!




As for who Gu Shen wants…


Ruan An’an’s fingers were still on her keypads and she didn’t move them for a long time.
Instead, her face turned into a shade of red gradually.


After holding back for a while, she simply shattered her train of thought.
It was an anonymous forum anyways— no one would know of the identity behind, so she was preparing to nominate herself shamelessly.


“-what are you doing?”


A familiar voice of a male suddenly sounded from above.




This voice was highly recognizable for her no matter how drastically it would change, and that same voice surprised her tremendously.


Like a thief who had never committed thievery perform their first attempt at stealing but was unfortunately caught by the target, she locked the screen of her phone as a conditioned reflex.
Then, she raised her head swiftly and looked at the source of the sound.


Gu Jue was carrying a bag— this was the first time Ruan An’an had seen him with a backpack.


A black set of sportswear, paired with a school bag of black and white hues.
The zipper on his coat was not pulled to the top, revealing a pale neck and a small snippet of his collarbone.


He was standing at the edge of the stands, slightly bent over.
His entire frame was illuminated by the backlight, outlining his silhouette beautifully.


The unprepared Ruan An’an was taken aback.


She only let out a soft ‘ah’ two seconds later, “…nothing much.
I was just…playing with the phone.”


Gu Jue straightened up, raising his eyebrows with a smile, “Why do you blush when playing with your phone?”


Ruan An’an, “…It’s hot.
Today’s weather is a lot hotter.”

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