This collection of pictures of Gu Jue made his debut directly on the C Forum, and his waist has almost the same amount of enthusiasts as his face.


Ruan An’an was a little dissatisfied with this.


For example, there is another hot post today—


[Theme] #The pictures are very good, all the fangirls are coming in, stop yapping ‘ahhhhh’, let’s make Gu God (and his waist) a poem#


(T/N: I tried my best to make accurate translations for the ‘poems’ to make them rhyme and stuff, but I do want to clarify that the Chinese ones sounds better)


Ruan An’an sat in the stands and clicked into it nonchalantly.


1[Floor Owner]: I will go first.


”After holding onto Gu God’s divine waist, the Emperor has not shown up for morning assemblies in haste”


Ahem, I’m a non-liberal arts student, so my use of Chinese literature has not been very good.
Let’s take a look, I’ll root for you guys.


2: It rhymes! FO (Floor Owner) is really great~ I can’t do anything,so I’ll just prepare for some good content without doing any.
[Rubbing hands]


3: “Dying under the ball-handling skills of Gu God, I find him admirable even if I become a ghost.”


4: Hahahahaha, how the heck did you die under Gu God’s handling of the ball.
Did you plan to be kicked by him or something?


5: Kicked to death, hahahaha! I’m dying of laughter! Don’t be a drag and just let other people compose their poems!



12: “If Gu God can play for me, Smart(1) will no longer perm their hair.”


(T/N: A loanword from Chinese subculture, referring to the young urban migrants with exaggerated hairstyles.
The phrase means something is impossible)


13[Smart]: …I feel offended by the above user 


14: ??? Holy crap, the comments of the two users above consecutively is just really funny.



40[==]: “Gu God doesn’t need a knife, he can kill with his sharp waist.”


41:  Ahhhh, this one is good!!!


42[==]: There is also an extended version.


——”Gu God doesn’t need a knife to kill, he can do so with just his waist.”



45: Holy crap, this one is better! 666(2) What kind of saint-like poem is this! What a treat!


(T/N: 666 means awesome)


46: I made a screenshot, this is really too much of a treasure chamber to miss.


47: It seems that everyone really thinks that Gu God’s waist is amazing! [Nosebleed]


48: Hahahaha, I just want to know if Gu God swipes through the forum? What do you think of him seeing these?


49: Don’t ask.
Whoever questions it is either a subway, an old man, or a cell phone.



The users below were still being refreshed in real time.


Ruan An’an was really dissatisfied.


There was this kind of unspeakable feeling that resonated within.
If she had to provide a description for it, she would say that she felt extremely dissatisfied.


She scrolled to the bottom and started typing in a flurry of movements.
Then, she confidently clicked the button to post——


56 [Anonymous]: Why are we talking about his waist? Can’t you see how curved his butt is???!


After sending this message, Ruan An’an scrolled back up to read a few more poems.
She felt that this group of people were actually very talented the more she looked at the poems, unable to hold back the urge to take a screenshot.


The vigorous basketball game ended, and today was the first day of the Sports Meet.


A series of opening speeches have just been conducted.
There was no important content and they could be summarised with three words: excruciatingly long and boring.

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