“It said, you can use a few Chinese medicines,” Ruan An’an stretched her fingers and began to crack them, “Tsaoko, Angelica dahurica, cinnamon, licorice.
Prepare 15 grams of each and ground into powder.
Simmer it with water and have it three times a day.
I’m already prepared to give it a try.”


“…?” After hearing these herbs, Gu Jue raised his eyebrows, completely unable to understand, “You actually believe it?”


“Yes,” Ruan An’an was certain that he didn’t surf the Internet too often.
Hence, she blinked and smiled slyly like a little fox, “After I drink it every day, my body will smell nicer when I’m dead and cremated.”




Gu Jue leaned back on his seat with a blank expression.


She rarely had the chance to fool him, so this very moment was rather precious.
Ruan An’an laughed while looking at his indifferently cold expression that said, ‘I can’t believe I trusted your blasphemy’.


After they had their ample share of laughter, the food that they had ordered was served.


This fish was actually pretty good, with good craftsmanship and taste.
But it is a campus restaurant after all so the ingredients were rather ordinary.


Ruan Anan likes to eat fish.
When she had returned to Lin’s household a few days ago, she had eaten a very delicious serving of sea bass soup.
The meat was scrumptious and she still has a vivid memory of it even now.
In contrast, the fish here tasted like firewood after a few bites.


Ruan An’an poked the fish on her plate, emotionally saying, “I still remember that when I was a child, the fish my family ate was given by a neighbor’s grandfather.
He especially liked fishing, and he would give it to us every time he fished for an afternoon.


In fact, she probably ate fish that was similar to this kind of flavor when she was a child, but she rarely ate it as she grew up.


Gu Jue halted the movements of his chopsticks when he heard her speak.


Although he didn’t know why Ruan An’an suddenly brought up such a topic, with a few words of hers, he suddenly thought of the small town Ruan An’an had mentioned when she was chatting with Qiu Yan.


Gu Jue thought for a while and said very cooperatively, “Me too.
But we didn’t need to use fishing rods over there.
The water was very shallow, so we just used our hands to catch them directly.”




Fine, you’re so awesome.


The basketball game has already come to an end.
But because of that game, Gu Jue had become the most popular King of Web-Traffic in the forum.


[Gu God’s Little Fangirl] [Gu God’s Jersey] [Gu God’s Leg Pendant] could be seen everywhere amongst anonymous IDs… Ruan An’an was not surprised at all by this.


What came to her as a surprise, was that the most discussed asset of Gu Jue this time was his face.
Of course, it was followed by his basketball skills and his waist.


She didn’t have to say much about his face and basketball skills; there are videos and photos of them after all, but about the waist…


It’s because there was a high-rise building.
She didn’t understand how the floor owner had a particularly high-definition camera lens that had somehow captured an entire picture of Gu Jue when he wiped his sweat.


She didn’t know if it was a custom to wipe sweat like this in basketball.
Gu Jue lifted his clothes almost every time, revealing his waist for a brief moment.


It would be very difficult to take a photo in such a dynamic state without the occasional blurring, but this poster turned out very awesome.
Amazingly high-definition, an amazing angle shot that was perfect, amazing… It made onlookers drool.


This collection of pictures of Gu Jue directly made its debut on the C Forum, and his waist has almost the same amount of enthusiasts as his face.

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