“Let’s celebrate it, Gu God, it’s our treat.
How about it, will you go or not?”




“No, but thank you for your kindness,” Gu Jue smiled, putting his hand on Ruan An’an’s shoulder and said, “Ruan An’an was willing to invite me in everyone’s stead, so I can just celebrate with her.”


The scene was silent for a moment.


In the next second, it became chaotic.
A very ambiguously loud “wo~~” resounded, almost overturning the roof.


Ruan An’an: “???”


Before she could say a word, she was taken out of the gymnasium by Gu Jue amidst the loud voice of the others.


Ruan An’an turned her head, “…what are you saying? When did I ever say that I would replace—”


“Just kidding,” Gu Jue smiled, “After all, I still want to eat alone with you rather than having a group dinner.”




Not long after going out, the pace of the two gradually slowed down, and Ruan An’an looked at his face.


The golden sunset light shone on him with golden rims.
Gu Jue’s pupils were lighter in color, which looked particularly clear, and it was almost unbearable when those intense eyes focused on a person.


Now he smiled even more.
His lips curled up, resembling an enchanting devil.


The devil asked, “All right?”




Damn, Yan dog(4) really couldn’t refuse this face.


(T/N: Refers to someone who couldn’t resist things of high value)


You look good, so you can have the final say.


Ruan An’an instantly abandoned her principle, “Fine.”


When Ruan An’an was humiliated for not having a talent to play basketball, she sarcastically retorted at Gu Jue, provocatively finding faults and saying that they might as well just go out for fish together. 


So this time the restaurant they chose was the “Built Bridge Delicious Fish” on campus.


(T/N: In Chinese, ‘built bridge’ and ‘Cambridge’ have the same pronunciation as Jian Jiao, but they were written differently.
So it’s a Chinese pun)


Although the name of this shop has been dedicated to Cambridge, there was quite a bit of a problem— it is indeed a small shop built near the bridge.


When the two arrived, it was still relatively early and there was nobody.
The lady, who was the owner, greeted them warmly to sit down.
It didn’t take long for them to order.


While waiting for their meal, Ruan An’an found that Gu Jue seemed to have some matters on his hands.
His phone vibrated frequently and he was chatting with someone.


Within a few minutes, Gu Jue raised his head and they locked eyes together.


He put down his cell phone and said casually: “I have a…brother,” Gu Jue looked helpless, “He is addicted to online games and stays up late every night.
Just now I was persuading him to adjust his schedule, but he just turned the entire conversation to rant about game bugs.”


Hearing his description, Ruan An’an felt this tone of his was inexplicably funny, “Is it so serious?”


“Yes…” Gu Jue really had a headache.
“He often goes to bed early in the morning, and only sleeps four hours a day.
My family is worried that he will die suddenly.”


Gu Qizhong had already given up.
If a terminal illness was caused because he stayed up late frequently, he would not give a penny and would freeze Gu Ming’s card.


So the Waterdrop Raiser(5) that he said last time was really not a joke.


(T/N: A chronic illness fundraising platform in China.
It’s pretty legit)


Ruan An’an remembered that she herself actually went through a period of sleeping three or four hours a day.
But instead of playing games, she was up all night writing reports.


Later, she pulled all-nighters after her graduation as well, but it was purely for fun.


Ruan An’an sighed and said, “Actually, I also like staying up late,” She paused, her melancholic expression was very vivid, and then said: “But, when I was looking up for some information that day, I came across a piece of news stating that, there is actually a cure for the youngsters who stay up late.”


“Huh?” Gu Jue raised his eyes, “What do you mean by ‘cure’?”

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