After teasing him by tugging his ears, she no longer felt as daring as before.


The players definitely would not leave as early as the spectators.
As soon as the game ended, Ruan An’an practically pulled Qiu Yan out of the gymnasium at a hurried pace.


Just now, Gu Jue scored a half-court three-pointer, a perfect  way to end the game with a finale.
Qiu Yan remained in a trance for a long time, “I really don’t understand why Gu God can play anything— he could play defense, attack and even shoot! Did you see his three-pointer? Goodness, the trajectory of the ball was way too beautiful! I…”


Ruan An’an was walking fast while listening to her idolising the god himself.
Her phone vibrated not long after.


GJ: [?]


GJ:[Leaving so soon?]


GJ:[I thought I was the one who was being flirted(2) with…So why are you leaving?]


(T/N: There’s no term I could sum it up with, but it’s between flirting, teasing and borderline harassing sometimes, so this can come off as slightly insulting to her)






You better explain what the hell you mean by-


Okay, let’s call it flirting for the time being.


Ruan An’an huffed and typed in a straightforward response, [I got shy, is that a problem?]


Gu Jue was silent.


She walked forward for a bit more before receiving a new message.
This time, a  voice message was sent over.


Ruan An’an clicked——


His voice came clearly from the other end, hinting a smile, “Well, how long are you going to be shy for?”


Ruan An’an, “…”


She didn’t answer, and she didn’t know how to answer.


Immediately afterwards, Gu Jue sent two more voice messages.
She could hear that it was a bit noisy in the background and his voice was slightly panting after exercise, but it was still very pleasant.


——”Remember to watch the game even if you’re shy.”


—— “I forgot to tell you…To be honest, the Sports Committee team definitely could have taken the opposing team on with their abilities; I was just joking before this.”


——”But as for the reason why the shrimp and crab soldiers(3) were also on the field…” Gu Jue paused.
His voice softened, as if he was whispering in her ear, “was to have you watch a few more games.”


(T/N: refers to incompetent soldiers or players who have absolutely no contribution towards the game)


The match lasted for three days, and Ruan An’an’s shyness remained on the second day.


The third day was the final.
Gu Jue didn’t mention anything about what happened that day, and her embarrassment had long since disappeared.
One day of being flustered was fine, but any more will make her appear hypocritical.


To be honest, the comparison of this game really resembled what Gu Jue said about annihilating shrimp and crab soldiers.
It wasn’t until the game with the  ever-victorious Class 3 of the National Trade Team that the game seemed slightly unfavorable to their side.


At the end of the game with the National Trade Team, the rest of the venue was left with the Class 1 of Finance.


The National Trade Team had also taken the loss respectfully.
Before leaving, he looked at Gu Jue with emotion and said, “Brother, don’t follow your intuition, follow mine.
Listen to me.
Hurry up and exchange quickly.” 


This unkind remark made people angry before Gu Jue was ushered away by everyone. 


“Gu God, Gu God, let’s go find a place to celebrate!”


“We have been oppressed for two years with our blood being abused.
Finally we managed to turn it around! I’m so happy!!!”


“Let’s celebrate it, Gu God, it’s our treat.
How about it, will you go or not?”

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