Gu Jue had already noticed her.


His gaze was so obvious that it was almost an indirect shout.


Ruan An’an tilted her head and said to Qiu Yan, “I’m going to give Gu Jue water, help me take care of my seat for me.”


Qiu Yan: “???”


Why do you need to give him water? The Sports Committee obviously had half a box filled.
Did you expect them to leave the water for a shower instead of drinking it?


But before she had time to say a word, Ruan An’an had already taken the water she had brought and exited the audience seats.


Up till now, boys were always the ones who confessed to Ruan An’an in crowded places.
She has never done this kind of thing, such as giving male classmates some water in front of so many people.


Her heartbeats thumped faster as she went down the stairs, but fortunately for her, it looked as if she was following a trail of people who were making their way to the bathroom.
Hence, she was not very conspicuous and did not attract too many people’s attention.


The audience seating area was separated from the court by a railing that was about half an average human height.
Ruan An’an walked over, stood in front of Gu Jue and passed him the bottle in her hand, “Hey, this is the water you want.”


Gu Jue smiled at her before reaching out to take it, “Thank you.”


“About that, because I have already drunk it, so don’t put your mouth-” Ruan An’an’s “against the bottle” was stuck in her throat before she finished speaking as she just watched Gu Jue twist open the bottle cover-


His lips are on the mouth of the bottle! He’s drinking it!


Ah ah ah ah ah ah, this is freaking sure an indirect kiss!!!


Her brain turned blank, and her gaze seemed to be stuck on him as she couldn’t move away.


The interior of the court was not considered warm in autumn, but as Gu Jue had just finished playing, his forehead was still clustered with sweat, his skin was smooth and pale, his face was slightly tilted sideways and his contour was elegant and beautiful.


The way he drank water was extraordinarily sexy as he tilted his slender neck slightly.
Not knowing whether it was sweat or the water that escaped from the corners of his lips, the droplets dripped down and trickled down passing his Adam’s apple before disappearing somewhere else.


Ruan An’an was standing very close to him, where she could hear the soft sounds of him drinking water.


Listening to the sounds, he gulped down the water as if he was very thirsty.


Gu Jue finished the water in less than ten seconds and smiled, “What did you just say?”


“…” Ruan An’an’s expression was a little gloomy, “Nothing.” No big deal, it was just an indirect kiss with you.


She thought the topic would end here.


Unexpectedly, Gu Jue continued with an added sentence and said, “You mind that I drank the water you drank?”


Ruan An’an was taken aback.


Then she immediately retorted, “No, I don’t mind.”


She already emphasized that at first, as it was to let him know that this was not an unopened bottle of water.


“…What is there to mind about?” Ruan An’an looked at Gu Jue’s playful eyes and said, “It’s not like everyone here has some kind of an infectious disease.
So what about drinking someone else’s water in an emergency situation or when just feeling extremely parched? Right?”


She didn’t know why, but after she said these words, she felt that the atmosphere between the two suddenly became so subtle.


A few seconds passed.


“Oh…” Gu Jue nodded as if he understood.


Ruan An’an thought that the case was closed, but she didn’t expect him to speak up again: “So you can drink the water that the Sport Committee member has drunk?”


“…” I do not want it.

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