Qiu Yan was still a little confused about the weird tension between the two of them, but she didn’t say anything about it.
After introducing each other’s names and classes, she continued to scream as she watched the game.


Ruan An’an didn’t expect that Xia Meng would be studying here, nor in the Department of Economics and Management for that matter.
It seems like Ruan Lin’s sister group finally consisted of someone who had good academic results.


But since she was a member of the Four Corners Iron Group, the other two hairy legs must have followed Ruan Lin to attend University F, whereas she was at University C— doesn’t that mean she was isolated? 


Ruan An’an lips curled upwards.


In Gu Jue’s eyes, she was probably a very pure and simple white flower.


She couldn’t let him know that there was actually a heap of piled up resentment, enmity and problems amidst the Ruan family.


However, even if Ruan Lin had attended this school, Ruan An’an would never have worried either.
After all, for so many years, she didn’t even have a chance to be recognized as the Miss of the Ruan Family, so how could Ruan Lin and her little gang reveal her identity?


Ruan Lin and her hypocritical mother were probably the only two people in the world who didn’t want her to excel.
Her mother has been on guard against her since she was a child and even warned Ruan Zheng to never let her know of her true identity.
Otherwise, she would file a divorce against him.


And what does Ruan An’an know? She didn’t even understand what a family was at that moment, let alone having a public identity.


All she knew back then, was that the girl who went out for dinner with her father and aunt while wearing beautiful princess dresses, was none other than her sister in name only.


She only knew that she too, had an entire closet of princess dresses, but she could only wear it to show herself at home.


So she asked her father if he could take her there too.


Thinking about it now, Ruan An’an realised that she actually had no intention to  go to the banquet, but it was just the intentions of a little girl who wanted to prove her position in her father’s heart.


The outer shell of that circle was bright and beautiful, but its core had long been dirty and rotten.
Regardless of the atmosphere or the surrounding environment, the thought of re-entering the circle never occurred to the mature and grown-up Ruan An’an.


She was not a child anymore, there was really no need to crave for any sort of parental love.




Since they didn’t provide the same love for her when she needed it most, she wouldn’t want it in the future either.


The episode with Xia Meng ended briefly.
By the time it was near the intermission, there was a large gap in between the scores, almost guaranteeing a surefire win for the team.


As Ruan An’an remembered that Gu Jue had asked her for water prior to the game, she immediately raised her head and looked into the court.
As expected, Gu Jue’s eyes also began to scan back and forth amongst the audience.


Ruan Anan suddenly heard the uncontrollably shrieking voices of the girls around her.


“Holy shit, that handsome guy named Gu looked over here!”


“Ah, ah, ah, the way he raised his head was so handsome!!”


“Number 7 is a real pro.
In 40 points worth of scores, he has probably accounted for 20 or 30 points by himself?…Hoo hoo hoo, who is he looking at?”


“My roommates went to watch their class’s game and they didn’t believe that there were handsome guys here…Holy crap, I have to take a picture.
Who told them to ignore my words?! They’ll regret it when I get back!!”

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