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She was like a curious child who saw a car model for the first time as she had too many questions.
In the end, Xu Xi was no longer talking about the basic models and was answering her questions instead.


Xu,” Ruan An’an took off the glasses, “Which industries will be using the products we develop in the future?”


“At present, it was mainly at the display level. There are many industries such as designing—especially catering three-dimensional designs, there is also medical treatment such as remote surgery.
In addition, it could operate in experience of scenic areas, education, movie theatres and so on.” 


Xu Xi casually added, “But that’s just in theory.
Due to various factors such as funding, other conditions and equipment limitations, VR is currently limited to specific professional fields and is barely involved in the entertainment niche.”


Ruan An’an was taken aback.


Barely involved in entertainment? But the entertainment industry is a big market.


Not everyone had a profession that was related to designing or medical care; entertainment however, is something that the public was invested in at any time of the day.


A rather unrealistic thought flashed in the mind of Ruan An’an.


——In other words, it was something that was merely a dream when she was a child, but now it seems that it was not far from being a reality…


Finally, Mr.
Xu sent her to the entrance of the elevator and Ruan An’an did not hold back, “…Mr.
Xu, I have one last question.”


Xu Xi understood the character of this curious child and smiled helplessly, ” Go ahead then.”


“You mentioned that this technology was not yet fully developed, as the ones you showed me just now are all exclusively owned by us and have not yet been released to the market.” 


Ruan An’an looked at him seriously: “Then, has anyone proposed to combine this technology with online gaming?”


Before leaving the studio that day, Xu Xi said that he would consider the feasibility of the proposal before contacting her.


As for Ruan An’an, it was as if she was a martial artist who had opened the channels of her Ren and Du arteries.
She returned home and wrote a three-thousand character report in an hour, which not only fulfilled but also exceeded her task requirements.


(E/N: Opening of Ren and Du arteries – invigorated)


She outlined her thoughts after the visit and how she felt during the experience.
The shortcomings were not mentioned much as the pen and ink mainly consumed her following suggestions.


Finally, the document was sent to President Lin’s mailbox.
She suddenly felt confident that she would see through the day that her dream would finally come true.



Two days later, the basketball game officially kicked off.


The Sports Committee member was babbling and even went the extra mile of having someone calculate the Feng Shui, saying that the team uniform must be remade.
In the end, they replaced the uniform with a red number overlaid on a white background.


(T/N: Feng Shui is a superstitious kind of fortune-telling, but using geographical means.
The Master would determine a specific area or direction that was most in favour of an event or occasion and the do’s and don’ts to ensure optimal luck.)


After all, the one burdened with the hopes of the students was none other than the great god of the class, Gu God.
In the process of making the new uniforms, the Sports Committee member asked for Gu Jue’s measurements first.
He even asked him to pick the number he wanted, saying that the team had given their unanimous consent of letting him choose what he wanted.


Gu Jue didn’t beat around the bush and directly replied, “Number 7.”

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