[Fan Lin] had been in the industry for a long time and had successfully worked on a lot of projects.
At the moment, the large-scale cooperative project with University C was finally set in motion, but it still would take some time to complete.

Qing Cheng was a recognized commercial center, and many well-known companies across the country had roots here, such as the Gu and Lin family.
Netizens had always joked that this situation was like the establishment of two great forces.

Neither provoked the other and coexisted peacefully.
Both two were equal in strength and had a mutualistic relationship that was similar to “maybe you win a little this year and it will be me the next year”.

The competition between the Lin family and the Gu family had shown a slight deviation towards IT related fields.
The Gu family had better attainments in IT, with their online games and mobile games becoming increasingly popular—In fact, the high popularity of their games brought the most intuitive benefits to the enterprise.

According to some gossip Yin Yuan caught, the biggest contributor to that game was actually the second son of the Gu family.
Most of the production was done by the team, but the idea and components of the game were completely conceived by the second son of Gu.
Both Yin Yuan and Jiang Yi played the game, and for this reason, they were very impressed by this man.

Ruan An’an had never been in contact with online games and was not particularly interested in this area.
On the contrary, she was more interested in exploring the [Fan Lin] project that the Lin family had carefully researched over the years.

This was the first time Ruan An’an had come to the [Fan Lin] research base, or more appropriately, the [Fan Lin] studio.
It was on the top floor of a building owned by the Lin family.
The office was wide and each area was neatly divided by glass.

The one who attended her today was one of the engineers.
The name Xu Xi was written on his nameplate which was pinned on his white coat. His gold-rimmed glasses framed his pleasant-looking face, he appeared to be an easy-going middle-aged man.

Xu Xi asked, “Are you Miss Ruan?”

“I am,” Ruan An’an smiled at him, “Hello, Mr.

“I heard from President Lin.
Today, I will be showing you the whole concept of the project…” The two greeted each other, and Xu Xi led her inside, passing through door after door of security that needed to be unlocked with an ID card.
He turned around to explain, “Some procedures may be a little boring, but we can directly skip over it.
I will try to show you some of the results that you might like.”

Ruan An’an had always liked anything related to computer science.
Although there were related courses available at Harvard, she had never taken them.
If she wanted to graduate early, she would need to weigh between the time needed and the credits for each subject that allowed her to reap the most out of her time.

How could she skip this opportunity!

She immediately refused, “No, no, you don’t have to skip it, Mr Xu.
I enjoy them a lot.”

Xu Xi smiled,”Come with me then.”

So for the next two hours, Ruan An’an had a tour around the entire research base in detail.

After all, she had been a computer science college student for a year, recently continuing her studies in the selective course of university C.
Ruan An’an understood the professional terminology and was able to use them proficiently in all aspects.

The more she looked around, the more excited she became.
And with that growing excitement, her desire to personally try things out increased as well.

When Xu Xi put on the prototype Fan Lin VR glasses on her to let her experience it personally, Ruan An’an felt as if the pores all over her body had opened.
The sight in front of her eyes was simply incredible.

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