Why would someone with such bad handwriting write a love letter?


Ants soaked in ink crawling on a piece of paper will probably be better-looking than yours.


Gu Jue downed some water but was still inexplicably upset.


He thought for a while, then “accidentally” tilted his wrist that was holding the water bottle, spilling water onto the paper.


He did not just stop there.
His fingers moved to slightly rub the paper a few times, making sure that the handwriting was completely blurred and was unreadable.


After Ruan An’an came back from the washroom, she saw Gu Jue sitting in the seat, staring at something on the table.
From the side, he looked quiet and solemn, quite different from his usual demeanor.


But even such a stone cold icy facial expression did not negatively affect her appreciation of his beauty.
Ruan An’an trotted closer and saw the object that was on the table…


It seemed to be a piece of paper?


When Gu Jue heard her footsteps, he raised his head to look at her, then picked up the piece of paper and handed it over, “The guy in the next class who we just played basketball with asked me to give it to you.”


“Huh? For me?” Ruan An’an was stunned.
“But I don’t know anyone…”


She still took this inexplicably wet piece of paper, flipped it front and back over and over again but could not recognize anything.


Ruan An’an wondered, “But what is written here? The handwriting is all blurred…”


“Who knows,” Gu Jue replied blankly, “Maybe his hands were sweating too much.”




It was the afternoon, the sun was about to set, and the soft glow of the yellowish sunlight shone into the classroom.
There was an explicable gentle atmosphere of male and female protagonists dating in a classroom, just like in highschool romance drama.
It was exceptionally romantic.


But this was far from a romance drama.


Ruan An’an was in a state of daze.


What did he say? What the heck?? Hand sweat???




This thing I’m holding! It’s drenched! In someone else’s hand sweat?!!!


Ruan Anan’s brain ran over these thoughts, and immediately threw the piece of paper out as soon as she could react.


The “paper soaked in hand sweat” was tossed back to Gu Jue’s table again with a soft slap.


“…Oh my,” Ruan An’an could not help exclaiming, her eyes widened in disbelief, “What’s the matter with this classmate? How much sweat does he secrete to drench the paper?”


Still indifferent, Gu Jue explained, “If his sweat glands are more developed, theoretically, it is possible.”




Ruan An’an was neither interested in what message this person was trying to send her, nor did she doubt what Gu Jue had said.
All she could think of were the two words – hand sweat.


She glanced at her hand, “I just finished washing…”


“Then wash it again,” Gu Jue grabbed her schoolbag and stood up and spoke shortly, “You have to pass by the bathroom to go to the elevator anyway.”


Ruan An’an nodded and exited the classroom with him.


Ruan An’an did not think about anything else but pondered with amazement about human sweat glands.
Gu Jue’s mood improved immensely at her reaction.


She washed her hands in the washroom.
Gu Jue handed her the schoolbag when she came out and stated convincingly, “I’ll wash too.”


Ruan An’an immediately took her bag in realization, “Oh yes, you touched it too, go, go.”


Gu Jue went into the washroom without a trace of guilt, washed his hands, and even used some fragrant hand soap.


—As if he had really touched someone else’s hand sweat.


There were no more classes after that.
After leaving the teaching building, Gu Jue walked Ruan An’an to the entrance of the dormitory.

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