The lecturer arrived punctually and Qiu Yan turned back in her seat to face the front.
Ruan An’an took out her barely written notebook and Gu God’s special pen, and heard a very light and subtle plop of an object hitting the desk.


She looked up in puzzlement and saw her daily candy on the desk.


She could not tell the flavour from today’s green coloured candy, because he had given her grape, kiwi and apple flavored candies that were all in green colour too. 


All of a sudden, Ruan An’an lost focus.


Ruan An’an was a candy addict as a child, so she suffered several more tooth cavities than other children of her age.


But after she left her mother, she somehow lost interest in candies as a child, and this habit persisted as she grew up.


In conclusion… She really had not eaten candy for a long time.


—Until she met Gu Jue.



As October approached, the Game Championship was temporarily overshadowed by the sports meet.


Because the basketball competition began before the opening of the sports meet, the forum was flooded with all kinds of bets.


Ah, Gu God, I am here! As someone who chose to watch the entire basketball game, I must say responsibly: Gu Jue’s basketball is really good! Believe me!!!


Haha! Our Class 1 of Finance will stand out this year! Hahahahahaha! International Trade Team can pack up and go home now!! [I’m just kidding.jpg]


International Trade Team: ?? Sorry, it’s impossible to go home.
This old witch wants to see what you little goblins are up to [Come to mama.



Class 3 of International Trade had several tall players who played very well together.
They have been the champions of the basketball game for many consecutive years, and the other classes from the Department of Economics and Management were not happy about it for a long time.
People had been boasting and exaggerating Gu Jue’s basketball skills, igniting everyone’s passion.
They began to blindly believe in the rumours and the title of Gu God had flourished in the campus forum.


Ruan An’an only knew about it when the competition was close by.


She did not have the habit of surfing the forums every day, and only checked the forums when she thought about it.
She did not expect that Gu Jue would be so popular.
Pictures from PE class in the past two weeks were leaked throughout the forums, and the response towards him was almost as if he was a celebrity.


She was also photographed in one of the posts – she and Gu Jue were walking side by side.
In this post, their attention had shifted from one person to two people – in which amazingly, a fairy tale love story was weaved.


Ruan An’an would have believed the story if she wasn’t one of the main characters.


After all, it was an annual big competition, and all the teams in the Department of Economics and Management had been abused by the International Trade team for two years.
All the girls and boys in the class were looking forward to this competition with the addition of Gu Jue.
The Sports Committee was extremely committed, and had been supervising the team’s training very tightly.


Gu Jue did not take part every time.
He only participated once out of the five practices, and would even leave after half-time.


Ruan An’an remembered the Sports Committee member pleading, “Gu God, you can’t do this.
We know that you are the Honoured King (MVP), so why don’t we practice cooperating with each other?” 


Gu Jue smiled casually, “I don’t need practices to cooperate with you.”


The Sports Committee member was very aggrieved, his face filled with bitterness.
Ruan An’an laughed and encouraged, “if you’re free, why don’t you play with them for a while?”


She did not really mean it, but she did not expect Gu Jue to listen to her.

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