“Poor Mr.
Cheng, he’s still missing you after that one meal you had together,” Jiang Yi sighed.
“And now he has lost to a perky butt male college student who doesn’t even have money to repair his own broken phone screen.”


Unsatisfied with such a summary, Ruan An’an added with a provocative tone, “Don’t forget about his beauty.”


“Yes,” Yin Yuan sighed exaggeratedly, “After all, no one could imagine that someone who’s worth billions actually hates rich people.”


“Mr Cheng already lost at the starting line.” Jiang Yi clinked glasses with Yin Yuan, “Here’s one for poor Mr.


Ruan An’an could not turn a deaf ear to their teasing.


“I don’t hate rich people…” Ruan An’an chuckled softly.
“I just think that, even after twenty years, I haven’t seemed to escape the psychological trauma my dad brought me since I was a child.”


Although Cheng Yi was still missing her, she had only promised to meet the eldest son of the Cheng family to simply do her grandfather a favor.


Cheng Yi was not only Cheng Yi, but he also represented the entire Cheng family.


So whether it was Cheng Yi, Zhang Yi, or Wang Yi, they were the same for her.
They were all people from the same circle; these people represented not only themselves.


“Nobody knew my dad and my mom’s marriage would end so horribly… My mom was at fault too.
In the end, a marriage in this circle can never escape from the shackles of power and money.”


“So I refuse to be involved with people of this circle.
It’s not like that they are bad people, but I don’t want to try it after having heard, seen, and even experienced my parents’ marriage.”


“To be honest,” Ruan An’an ran her finger lightly over the crack on her cell phone.
“I’m just a coward, and I fear unknown variables.”


Fear of strong love that would eventually be subjected to reality.


Fear of having to accept a marriage tied by family business, that would always be linked to profits.


Others might be confused by her statements, but Yin Yuan and Jiang Yi understood the context to everything she said.
Ruan An’an trusted them enough to have confided in them about her past, and because they knew her well, she did not need to explain too much.


The two girls sighed and looked at each other, both agreeing to change the topic.


“D*mn, let’s stop talking about nonsense.
We’re just kidding.
” Yin Yuan said, “You don’t even need to give those people in the circle a try.
Look how great is Perky Butt from outside the circle? A pure college student who is great at flirting – even I would blush at a boy with such a contradictory character!”


“I know right?” Ruan An’an nodded with special consent.
“I thought I was afraid of marriage, but I dreamed that we had both registered and lived together! If it was with him, I would accept his marriage proposal!”


Jiang Yi filled her glass with wine, “Yes! Excellent! After everything you’ve told us today, I think Perky Butt is great! If all goes wrong, just buy him a house!”


Yin Yuan raised her glass, “To Perky Butt!”


Ruan An’an guffawed.
The short emotional moment was swept away, and she clinked glasses with her sisters, “To Perky Butt!”



Far away on the other side of the city, Perky Butt, who was playing cards, owned the entire table, and suddenly sneezed.


“Retribution! This is called retribution!!!” Xue Zhao, who lost the most, swore, “Even God is punishing you!”


Gu Jue looked over, “So my punishment is to sneeze?”


“…” D*mn you.


He knew he couldn’t beat Gu Dog in trash talking.
He decided to change the topic, “Hey, don’t you know? This ancient sago palm tree (a type of plant that usually never blooms ) bloomed just right after returning  home, Gu Dog is courting a little fairy sister.”

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