Although Ruan An’an did not know much about basketball, she had a good friend in Harvard who talked about NBA stars all day long.
As a layman, she had learned a lot about basketball from watching countless games.

Gu Jue’s posture and movements were really beautiful – it was perfect and handsome, not to mention his bonus good looks.
That scene was like an advertisement for a sports brand.

He followed with nine more successful free throws, all of them went through the net in a perfect arc, and even some of them were splashes (Splash is a shot where the ball avoids the rim and touches nothing but the net).
He had successfully shown off.

Ruan An’an was eager to try, “I want to try too!”

She stood at the same spot as Gu Jue did, and threw ten shots passionately, and even jumped for some shots… But she only got one through the hoop.

A frustrated voice saying “you suck” echoed from the bottom of her heart.

He’s such a pro, yet look at you.

You suck.

Ruan An’an stopped shooting, and hugged the ball in her arms.
She looked up to speak but instead, she caught the smile on Gu Jue’s face.

Shame and anger bubbled inside her.

How can anyone be perfect! How can a single person have morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and strength at the same time?!

“What are you laughing at?” Ruan An’an threw the ball back to him, straightened her neck and said, “This is not my strongest subject!”

… He had never seen someone saying sports was not their “strongest subject”.

Gu Jue wanted to laugh even harder, but looking at the little girl’s wide eyes, he spun the basketball on his finger, nodding, “Sure.”

Ruan An’an rolled her eyes slightly.

He then added with a smile, “But I’ve never seen someone so lovely.”


The f̲u̲c̲k̲.

I can easily return insults, but I can’t return flirts.

Ruan An’an’s face was burning, and all the anger she had earlier was extinguished by his words.

She gritted her teeth and threw the ball away, “I don’t wanna shoot anymore, no talent.”

“It’s not because you have no talent,” Gu Jue said with a smile.
He hooked his foot under the ball and tossed it back into his hands, “It’s because you don’t have a good teacher like me.”

“No,” Ruan An’an did not believe, “You can’t be good at basketball by just learning…” Weren’t all the NBA star players talented?

“I’ll teach you,” Gu Jue beckoned to her, “Come here.”

Ruan An’an moved to him slowly and was about to speak but was caught off guard when he suddenly grabbed her wrist.
She stumbled a step forward, and was spun around with her back facing towards him.

In the next moment, a ball was placed in her hand.

He bent down slightly behind her because of her height, and could feel her own back almost touching his chest.

“Sorry, I forgot to say…” She heard the smile in his voice, “You might feel a little uncomfortable when I teach basketball.”


Ruan An’an could smell the light and clear sweetness of the peppermint with him shrouding so close to her.

Her face was so hot as if she had been steamed by his words.

He put his hands on hers, but only lightly.
He was raising her arms with the ball in her hands all the while giving her instructions, but her mind was so wild that she could barely concentrate.
She could only hear some lines vaguely – “bend to this degree”, “push your hands out”, “wrists should be flexible” and so on.

When she regained her senses, Gu Jue had already sent out the ball in her hand.

His sexy guiding voice sounded like a 360 degrees surround stereo, reverberating in her ear, “How is it? Have you learned?”

Ruan An’an clearly felt the palpitations of her heart.

This is not learning basketball.
This is killing me.

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